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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Open message to anonymous: please do something about anti-Muslim hate!

Anonymous, I hope you remember awhile back when you did Operation Blitzkrieg ( and fought against hate-extremists. I would personally give you two big thumb's up just for that! However, while it was a good move, by no means are our mission complete. Now, anyone who has been paying attention since 9/11 has seen all Muslims being scapegoated even though many have done little to nothing wrong . It has been now on the rise again, with anti-Muslim hate sites who often use ignorance, lies and perhaps sensationalism much like the mainstream media uses negative acts commited with firearms by civilians to justify more weapon laws while ignoring positive acts and, worse, never realizing the consequences of disarming civilians before disarming governments. Recently, with the rise of ISIS, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Chattooga killings, Paris attacks and so on and so forth, anti-Muslim sentiment is sharply on the rise. I'm sure some people, especially those who are ignorant, dumb, or both will be asking "So what? How is hate dangerous?". Have you not learnt from history? Look at the holocaust, where Jews, Gypsies, Roma, homosexuals, and so on and so forth were blamed for so many problems to the extent that the death penalty was justified. Now, now only are people blaming all Muslims (and gun owners) for the actions of some, but also, are CALLING FOR VIOLENCE, and even GENOCIDE (, and little is being done about it (though civilian weapon owners are put in a bad light, at least there are fewer people calling for violence but still a significant amount of varying degrees of collective punishment and talk as if the word "restrict" is hardly in their vocabulary). At the same time, there are tighter protections for Jewish people (as you would lookup for yourself), though unfortunately in some cases all Jews are being blamed for the New World Order and the actions of Israel's current government and international bankers.
Interestingly enough, you can look up how Zionists are helping create anti-Muslim sentiment, and it really helps them along. I am not asking to defend an ideology at all, but we must do something to combat hatred before it's too late.

Or, we could ignore this and at, best, risk history repeating itself.

(Only read if you consider yourself a "White nationalist" or something in that manner)
I'm sure some audience members would be asking "How do we secure the future of European culture and the Caucasian race?". While I, of course, am not anywhere near a race/ethnic nationalist, I see their concern perfectly (just becuase we may be enemies doesn't mean that we can't see the same information). I have a plan to secure humanity's future, protect but I know that it's going to be controversial, and understandably so even though I'm quite careful:

Though this is probably still going to get me flagged by race nationalist/supremacist people, like this person (not that I currently support them): If that was the case, then I would remove information about my places of education and some social media friends from school becuase I am unwilling to endanger other civilians because of my actions in my line of duty.

If you wish to respond, please post your comment below.


  1. Very bold and clear cut. I'll go look at the links, then if I personally think I have an answer that might help, 1'll be back to make a second comment.

    1. Thanks for posting the comment. Sorry that I didn't respond; I didn't notice it until today.


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