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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Chattanooga killings; we need to talk

BEFORE YOU REPLY, READ THE ENTIRE POST. WHEN YOU DO COMMENT, THINK YOUR COMMENT OVER MULTIPLE TIMES BEFORE YOU DROP A COMMENT. And if you wonder why I used this video, though not related to the topic, I just thought it fit in the best for the kind of issue I’m talking about, along with a video called “Motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris”, which I’m going to refer to later. And no, I am NOT a Muslim, or middle eastern person (I am religiously atheist-agnostic (in simple terms, means that while I don’t believe in a higher being, that belief is not particularly strong) and half Asian, half Caucasian. Though both are trivial, and the only reason for mentioning this is to cut down the people throwing around accusations and stuff in that matter. And NO, I am not trying to say that Muslims or Islam are a race; it is asinine and outright untrue). I also know that people are going to get mad at me for doing this. If you disagree, state your REASON(S) in the comments (accusations or directly attacking me won't cut it). And no, I will NOT defend Islam or any other belief system as a religion, nor will I object to criticism of people as long as that criticism is backed with solid facts (I won't object to criticism of ideologies). But direct hate against people is a problem.
Some recommended (but not required) reading (not that I will perfectly agree with it);

Recently, a Florida man has banned Muslims from gun shop. This would not be too big of an issue... if the media did not cover it. You see, we are advocates of self defense/right to keep and bear arms have been demonized by the mainstream media, and discriminating against a broad group of people will not help our image. As explained on and (watch videos from #6 to #14 (and, if you, say, consider yourself a Christian, this will also ruin your image).
Now, let’s look at the moral and ethical considerations of this. So, those 4 unarmed Marines plus an also unarmed Navy Sailor getting MURDERED in cold blood in Chattanooga when they have done little to nothing wrong, was probably a big punch in the gut or kick in the teeth, and pretty much definitely will piss you off. You are angry. You want to do something. But what?
Some ways to handle his which I support and agree with is to do things like guard recruiting offices, having people such the Patriot Guard Riders protect funerals for the fallen, and maybe fly American flags while they’re at it.
But, at the very least, it is ethically/morally questionable to enforce collective punishment. Yes, I said it; collective punishment.
(Don't forget violating the 1st and 4th amendments.)

Do you think collective punishment is morally/ethically sound, or even effective?
Let’s put this in perspective; it is the mid to late 1930’s, and maybe there are a bunch of bigshots around who just happened to be Jewish, say, take a monopoly on things like media and business. Then, toothbrush mustache slips into power (you know who he is), and wants to end that monopoly. Okay, not bad… until he acts like everyone who practices the same religion as those bigshots and/or are genetically or otherwise too closely related is guilty and deserve to be punished. As a result of this, this starts with people mistreating you in the streets, yelling $__- like “F__- off u dirty Jew!”, not wanting to otherwise interact with you, or cut you off often in line or push or shove you in line. Then, you go down to the drugstore to buy medicine for your kids, and a rent a cop (no offense to real life security guards/officers) shoves a gun in your face with his finger etching on the trigger before you even get into the store and shouts “Show yo face again and I’ll blow your $__-head you you F__ing Jew!”. Worse, the rest starts to unravel, and you know what happens next (though in today’s western world, while I won’t say it will be as bad as some other genocides going on right now like what is happening in Darfur, Burma or Gaza, still, I am concerned. While this may be an extreme example, hopefully you will get the idea).
In short, I am just unwilling to punish everyone for the actions of a few. For example, I will NOT bust down the door of a home that, say, belongs to an average Jewish family when there is not enough evidence to link them to banking and/or foreign lobby bigshots or the Israeli government or something like that. Same goes for Chinese people, and so on and so forth. See what I mean?

So… you still want collective punishment and believe that it can still work? Actually, you might be doing the terrorist's dirty work. As explained in the video above, while terrorism may seem counterproductive at first, in reality, the long term, indirect psychological effects are more important than the immediate direct consequences. Basically, tensions between Muslim minorities and Europeans is what they require (and probably want). Soon after a group gets persecuted, that group would be isolated from the rest of society. Over time, isolation will force that group over time to unite among their own kind, which is the opposite of (voluntary) integration into the rest of  society. Over time, this isolated group will radicalize, as their ideology would become the pillar of strength and unity. Historically, this is how persecuted and oppressed groups radicalize. So basically, this will bring more sympathisers, and think of this as the terrorist's long term recruitment program. 
And do not forget to watch the above video to learn how hate can get out of hand.

And if you really think that ALL Muslims are hostile people who really want to harm non believers, then do some research. While I will not deny cases where Muslims have used violence unnecessarily, just go look up terms like "Muslims who saved Jews" or "Muslims who protected Jews", along with "Muslims who saved Christians" or "Muslims who protected Christians", and so on and so forth.

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  1. Violence or any other behavior of human has nothing to do with their community. It is not necessary that all the people of a community will be killers or cruel. There are many instances where people of one community had saved people belonging to some other community or religion. And the laws that were made for punishment must have been suitable at that time but the present scenario could be different, similarly guns were meant for safety device, it is we the human that are trying to make it a killing machine.
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    1. I feel identically! Glad to find someone else who I really agree with.


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