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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The politicisation of originally non-political internet vids, articles & websites

For centuries, many people have not only topics, but objects, of interest. And often, you may not think very much about the politics related to it. But of course, expect the politicisation of objects of interest that can even be related to politics.

To get an example, go to YouTube and find a video about Israeli/Palestinian firearms. Look in the comments section for 15 minutes, and you'll get what I mean; people talking about politics on what was originally a non-political topic.

Now, why am I writing about this? Because I am bugged by trying to put my mind in "Neutral" and relax and, out of the blue, politically charged topics pop up. Same for sites for pretty pictures (I prefer that they stay politically neutral. By the way, I wonder if people who are like this brought into the notion that you have to be liberal or conservative on EVERYTHING, which is an enormous problem in American culture.). I just do not see a necessity in this type of phenomenon.

I'd also like to add websites that sound like they're for a good cause but in reality, are not, and in fact, are just politically charged websites made to look like it's for good deeds. Let's take websites for persecuted Christian assistance programs. The 3 examples I've came across are, Open Doors USA and Release International. Do you know why I trust the latter 2? Does the latter 2 talk politics, demonize a group of people as a whole or an ideology (I have a problem with the former), try to sell political content, or things in that nature? Not as from what I have seen. Then again, the individual who created has been known for questionable honesty. You can also look up how he could be a Zionist agent, though you would end up seeing content that I may not endorse.
An identical case is seen with vs Stop Honor Killing and Stop Honour Killings in India.

Perhaps the worst case would be the Holocaust. It seems that there are 2 mainstream sides: people who dogmatically belive that 6 million Jews being killed is the correct number, and those who absolutely deny it happening simply becuase they are anti-Jewish Neo-Nazi white supremacists.
No matter who you belive, I think that this false paradigm is wrong. People who question the numbers are not always even hyper political. Examples of this could be seen on Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, which, from what I've heard, is not hyper-political.
To me, people who want to suppress questioning history are about as bad as those who deny history becuase one side denys something happening and the other wants to suppress talk about a serious topic, especially one that is used in examples of agendas.

This type of attitude and way of thinking makes me want to start something like a forum that's maybe called "History, not politics", which people talk about historical events without any political spin on agenda attached to it. It's my bear bones opinion that history should be seen purely as is, and not some political issue that people should fight, get harmed or even be so much as impolite over.

However, I will admit that I have a few exceptions to this. For example, if there is a Muslim cartoon promoting Sharia law, I would perfectly approve criticism of it becuase of the history behind fundamentalism in general. Look up how bad it really was.

By the way, Rod Giltaca/Civil Advantage handled cases like these well, as you can see in Tavor (TAR-21) Firearm Review. Way to go, Rod! I wish everyone else handled that like you did.
Also, as seen on, a forum poster mentioned real life situations, but was mature enough to not get into it.


  1. I understand what you are saying here. If I may offer a different perspective, I think part of the reason why everything gets politicized is because of the depravation of political discussion in recent history in America. For quite some time, it was considered taboo (and still is to some extent) to talk politics in public.

    1. Though it wasn't really a response that I expected, thanks for adding your $0.02!


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