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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump is meeting with the Saudi Arabian government & allowing the sale of billions worth of weapons & flip-flops on Saudi Arabia & Islam; does Trump have any real philosophy or principles? Why is Trump doing this? Is he quietly working for anyone? If so, who? Why is the media talking about Russia? Plus information about the Safari Club.

In late May of 2017, President Donald John Trump had an international trip, which included a stop in Israel, in which he prays at the Wailing Wall, making him the first American president known to do so, & another stop in Saudi Arabia, in which he hangs out with ruling class Saudis, accepts a medal, & even allows a MULTI-BILLION dollar arms deal.

This is shocking considering how Trump's past anti-Islam rhetoric, claimed that Muslims celebrated 9/11 (for this, skip to 19:32 in the video below) & said that the Saudis had something to do with 9/11 (the last of which, rightfully so, as explained in the documentary "War By Deception").

Here's an article to read just about this case:
Trump’s Saudi/Israeli First Foreign Policy.

I'll talk about the American left's hatred for Russia & why many people are so scared to seriously talk about Israel & Saudi Arabia later.

If you're paying attention, then you would know that Trump supported Israel from the beginning.
From Trump's rhetoric & public image, I find it shocking that he would actually openly interact with the Saudis the way he did.

I'm also surprised that Trump has softened up his rhetoric on his opinion about Islam.
Personally, while I am very outspoken against anti-Muslim hate (& collectivist hatred in general) & support freedom of religion, I will not defend Islam as a religion due to the dogma, violence & authoritarianism in it like all major religions.

It seems that Trump's anti-Islam rhetoric from the past was not sincere, but rather, to gain support from NeoConservative Evangelicals who see all Muslims as being the same & see Islam as a rival tribe that the Evangelicons want destroyed.

For more information, listen to these podcasts;
How American Evangelicals are being manipulated.

The effects of evangelicalism in the United States armed forces:

What Became of Conservatives?

Telling from his flip-flopping & policy changes, I no longer belive that he really cares about America.
Ron Paul on the RonPaulLibertyReport has already mentioned that Trump operates from no real philosophy, so flip-flopping is to be expected anyways.

Another thing that I find hypocritical is that, while he'll approve the selling of a mind-blowing amount of weapons to one country that is CONFIRMED to support terrorism, he'll punish another country that is known to combat terrorists.
I do NOT like Iran's domestic policy of theocracy & authoritarianism in general. I'm just talking about foreign policy here.

This video explains how modern terrorism works:

These videos go deeper into the history of modern terrorism;
Note that the governments of both Israel and Saudi Arabia were both members of the Safari Club, & they both hate Iran.

Too bad that Trump did NOT mention Operation Talpiot:

I'd also like to note that it seems like Trump cares nothing for Christians in Israel;

Jewish Extremists Set Fire To Historic Church In Israel:

As for how I see the right-wing media reports on their comparison to Obama's & Trump's interactions with the Saudis, I feel that they're making too big of a deal out of their posturing.
Obama's intended public image is intended to appeal to typical Americans who identify with the socio-political left, while in contrast, Trump's intended public image is intended to appeal to Americans who identify with the socio-political right.

But body language does not matter nearly as much as policies, becuase it is policies that actually affects people's lives.

As for why Trump is doing all of this, I'll reccomend watching the two videos below.
Note that I do NOT endorse &/or share their views about all Jews as people. I'll get to the issue of collectivism after them.

Becuase of the media & the attention drawn by real anti-Jewish people, lot of people assume that you're anti-semitic if you have a disagreement with the Israeli government, & for much of the same latter reason, that you're Islamophobic if you criticise Islam (even if you do not hate muslims). I myself am outspoken against collectivist hatred in general.

This can be a contributing factor as to why people are so scared to seriously talk about Israel (& to a far lesser extent, Saudi Arabia) in a negative light becuase they don't want to be associated with timid zealots. 

Now why does the American left hate Russia so much? Here's my theory;

1: Russia has been demonised in culture as being "the bad guys" since the end of World War two, even though things have gotten better since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

To see what part the media plays in this, watch the videos below:
2: Even though the middle east & much of post-colonialist Africa with heavy Christian influences have this case worse, Russia doesn't treat homosexuals particularly well. But, the difference is, that American neoliberals see Russia as a purely white nation, & won't get paranoia of being called "racist" for hating Russia.

My personal opinion:

If Trump's approval rating is low, then good. We as Americans must get rid of the bandwagon & herd mentality if we want any real change for the better. I also hope that more people find out how the governments of Israel & Saudi Arabia are buddy-bro's, despite what the mainstream media wants you to believe.

But the catch is that a lot of people hate Trump for the wrong reasons, so it's not like that their dislike for Trump would get serious & go anywhere.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why do Muslims hate us, the west? What can we do to fight Islamic terrorism, extremism & the radicalisation of Muslims & militant Islam? What the mainstream media isn't telling us. Plus videos to watch, articles to read & podcasts to listen to.

The Muslim world (for page thumbnail), credit of
File:Muslim Percent Population v2.svg
Why does it seem like so many Muslims have a dislike for "the west"? Are there any factors other than pure religion & culture? If so, how did things get like this?

Before foreign governments meddled in the middle east, the middle east was doing fine and didn't have war and religious fanatics quite like what they do now. In fact, at least some places were more secular pre-Cold War than now.
For a small example, as shown at 7:29 of the video below, there were women in the middle east who dress up in a way that religious fanatics wouldn't allow.

Or, for much better examples, not only did Muslims, Jews, & Christians live in the middle east lived in relative peace thousands of years before the Cold War (the situation isn't as good as, say, in the U.S.A., but better than now), but also, even today, there are a number of Muslims who are sensible enough to coexist, & sometimes, even unite with their Christian neighbors as shown in the videos below;
(Skip to 5:25 for the video below)

But in which ways have governments been meddling in the middle east?
Modern-day Islamic terrorism really started during back during the cold war when the USA's government, alongside some powerful Saudis, tried to radicalise the muslim world against the atheist communist-bloc countries.
But, after the Soviet Union collapsed, militant Islam did not. It not only survived, but, among uneducated people who were desensitised to violence, thrived.

The 1st 2 video here about modern-day terrorism are the most important. The others are just more in-depth.

Podcasts and articles for more information:

This is an excerpt from the PrisonPlanet article "Muslims Are Good Folks" (though I have no intention of protecting ideology: only stopping hate from turning violent);

"[Sunni] Islam is not a religion with a hierarchy such as the Roman Catholic Church. In that respect, Muslims are much like Southern Baptists, only more so. Any group of Muslims can build a mosque and hire themselves an imam, or teacher. They are independent. There is no Muslim pope or College of Cardinals. There are no bishops. When an imam somewhere issues a fatwa, which is a sort of formal opinion on a subject, it is not binding. Like Protestant Christians, Muslims interpret their holy writings themselves and consider themselves answerable directly to God – or, to use the Arabic word, Allah.Most of the disputes in the Middle East are secular and political. Hamas’ quarrel with Israelis is not about the fact that they are Jews but about the fact that they occupy Palestine. The objections some Muslims have to Western culture are the same as those some Christians have. They don’t like the violence, the immorality, the pornography and the greed. The conflict one sees between the religious and the secular in some Muslim countries is similar to the conflict in this country between religious and secular folks.There are 6 million or 7 million American citizens who are Muslims. Muslims have been in this country since the late 19th century. If you don’t already, you should make an effort to get to know Muslims. You’ll find that they don’t fit the stereotypes created by mean-spirited propaganda or superficial news coverage."

Can Islamic militant groups take over the west?

I highly doubt it. They would cause some damage and have their 15 minutes under the sun, but look at the numbers. 
ISIL/al-Qaeda, & the Taliban, the  most militarily powerful groups. There's quite a few others, but they're smaller & probably aren't as capable of taking over the west, let alone the world. Now, let's add up the numbers of some of the bigger ones (credit of Wikipedia), ISIL (257,900 tops), al-Qaeda (27,315+), Taliban (60,000, 2014 estimate), Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (25,000), Haqqani network (15,000 tops), Islamic Front (Syria) (70,000), Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union (15,00), Army of Mujahedeen (about 12,000), Alwiya al-Furqan (2,000). 

The grand number is: 396,900. Is it a buff number? Yes.

But, there's a catch: not only are some fighting each other (the Taliban is being attacked by ISIS & ISIS is fighting its own parent, al-Qaeda), but also, they are badly outnumbered by Western gun owners. 
According to GunPolicy, as of 2014, there are 1,989,181 LICENCED firearm owners in Canada, more than 3 times times the number of the members of groups I described. 
In Germany, there are 2,000,000. 
Even in the United Kingdom, with very strict weapon laws against civilians, there are 842,665 licenced firearm owners. 
U.S.A.? Whoo wee, we got firepower!!! And this goes on, & on. 
Now, this is not counting unlicensed or illegal firearm owners, or those who own exempted weapons such as antiques.

I'd also like to mention that Germany has more military personell than ISIS/Al-Qaeda, and Greece alone has more military personnel than every one of the listed Islamist groups combined, according to

Can Muslims take over the west with their birthrate?

Islam is a dying religion, and for the most part, Muslim immigrents (and immigrents in general) tend to have less babies in the countries that they immigrate to than people who still live in the countries that they came from. I've created an entire playlist just about this.
So the answer is a pretty clear "NO!".

But still, what can we do to combat Islamic terrorism?

Do 4 things.

. 1: stop supporting militant groups in the middle east and stop with the wars in the middle east. Using people's hard-earned tax dollars to kill people and blow things up on behalf of foreign governments and privately owned central banks does not help with anything positive.
(Skip to 21:11 for the video below.)

. 2: If diplomacy and trade doesn't work, tell theocracies, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar since they are big sponsors of terrorism, to stop what they're doing or they will face sanctions and the have the outside world buy oil from places other than the middle east. Definitely take away their support by the U.S. government (and by extension, NATO).

. 3: End imperialism, neocolonialism, predatory loans from the IMF, privately owned central banks and start to support countries that need help and encourage economic freedom so those countries can rebuild themselves.

. 4: Change immigration policies to filter out troublemakers. Do not be afraid to deport immigrents who cause serious trouble, as they they cause problems for everyone anyway. Also try to reduce brain drain from places that are in dire need more educated & smart people in them.


What about Muslim attacks on Christians worldwide, and why do Muslims seem like the most violent religious group while Jews treat Christians well? Is it justified to hate Muslims?

Actually, there are quite a few cases where Jews have mistreated Christians &/or have raped people (including kids). So ask yourself; do these Jews rightfully represent all Christians?

Jewish Defense League violence

And most of these articles come straight from Israeli media.

Jewish Extremists Set Fire To Historic Church In Israel:

Similarity, do uneducated, superstitious, & violent Christians living in poor, developing parts of the world rightfully represent all Christians?

Or do gun owners who use their weapons to unjustifiably harm others rightfully represent all gun owners?

On certain sites, especially BareNakedIslam or Walid Shoebat's sites, a lot of the information posted there are actually proven to be part-truths at best, and often outright lies.
A friend of mine, Allyson (formerly Allyson Abu-Hajar) created a Pinterest board dedicated to debunking lies spread by these sites; .

Also, BareNakedIslam and Walid Shoebat are both openly pro-Israel & seemingly have an agenda to divide Christians & Muslims.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment & share this article.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Enemy Of The Week: US To Slap Iran With New Sanctions

The video is in a new playlist I've made about Iran and especially, the Iran nuclear deal. You can see the whole playist by clocking the title part of the video.

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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