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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Minor news: Blocking roads could lead to terrorism charges under new plan - a cause for concern, or am I just paranoid?

Today, I've read the article Blocking roads could lead to terrorism charges under new plan, and I found the title itself to sound interesting.

But, something that does make me concerned is the part of the article that said 
"Part of the bill would also crack down on protests for a particular ideology, labeling some activity as terroristic in nature".

That "particular ideology" part rang a bell in me, and so far, I don't know what "particular ideology" is being talked about, or if this bill targets any specific ideology whatsoever.

I personally do not expect much to come out of this, but I would never suggest that anyone "let their guard down" at any time.

Friday, March 10, 2017

This is a kind've concern that I had about Trump all along, & why I (& Ryan Dawson) said to hold his feet to the fire

As explained in the article
Bomb the Sh*t Out of Them!’ – Trump Drones Yemen More in One Week Than Obama in a Year, one of Trump's BAD positions on foreign policy is showing. This is exactly why I am so against blind loyalty and so questioning of Trump.

I'm not so sure if Trump is working for the system (specifically, the military industrial complex, Saudi royals, Qatari royals, etc), and I feel that he is probably doing this becuase he is kind've an idiot  and not well informed (not that most of the candidates were any better anyway).

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Trump review: week 3 & beyond; sources to listen to, why I didn't post in such long time, me moving on in life, & slowing down blog operations

Becuase there is too much content to go over, instead of going over everything related to Trump, I'll list some sources to get started on looking at:

Ryan Dawson
Anti NeoCon Report
BlackListed News

Why I didn't post in such long time, me moving on in life, & slowing down blog operations:

I usually don't mix my personal life into posts like this, but I'll explain why.

On the week that I was supposed to do the 3rd article of The Trump Review, I had a great granduncle die, and my family had to attend his funeral out of town.

Because my family stayed at a hotel, not only was the environment not the best for my relaxing with the uncertainty of when I had to leave the hotel and me being reluctant to access accounts on public wifi (I've heard that it's a bad idea to login to any accounts of importance on public wifi).

This is combined with the stress of going through high school, moving on to other things in life, and me having little to blog about since I explain most of my stances on social and issues.

Not to mention how I have interests outside of politics:
On my channel, there's a section called "Not-so-important & misc. playlist hodgepodge", where I put my less important playlists. It contains everything from the truth about school and modesty to gun recommendations to music.
As for trivial interests, Styxhexenhammer666 into Minecraft. Ryan Dawson (my favourite political commentator, documentary maker, online activist and author) is into Superhero comics and martial arts. BlameTheFirst is a brony.
So, of course, even political truth tellers, libertarians and activists have their own personal lives.
As for people's opinions that I disagree with, I see exactly what Styx means. I might disagree with Ryan Dawson on what he thinks about cops, but that doesn't discredit everything else he says. I might disagree with Bill Still on what he thinks about Israel, but that doesn't discredit his documentary "The Money Masters". And I may disagree with Think Like A Cop - The Rest Of The Story thinks about Muslims or think that his criticism of Obama is cliche and alienating, and even think that he sounds whiny about those topics, but I still support him for helping the public see what cops see, and understand why law enforcement agents do what they do.

Back to doing things other than pure politics, I created a new blog,
SayNoToDemocide trivia. This is so my trivial posts and, even more, storytelling, will not bother my main blog's listeners and so people who want to be involved in my storytelling or whose content I'm sharing won't have to be associated with my explicitly political content as much.

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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