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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why electronic gun safes may be a bad idea: the risk of electromagnetic pulse/EMP.

At least some of you have heard of gun safes that have electronic locking mechanisms. While this may be a good idea, however, you should ask yourself; will it still open when an electromagnetic pulse strikes? 

If you don't think that this can happen, I recommend watching the video below, and looking at and

And please don't ever think that this can not happen; it is not a guarantee that it will happen, but remember, it CAN happen. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trivia post: What if story (for a teacher of mine's); The security screw up, the kid who went bad & trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras

(Disclaimer: this is all COMPLETE FICTION. None of the characters or events are truly real, and this is NOT intended to be a threat.)

I made these stories for my nitwit personal management teacher who doesn't teach her kids to be reliable enough.

(I'd like to use the image on, or if you're unable to find it, to represent this. I didn't use the image itself becuase, for one, I didn't get permission to place it here, and two, Google image search can't find a match for it. Thys, if someone finds it via a search engine, and this blog is deleted for some reason, they wouldn't find the picture's source.)

At school, I have a bratty kid (who we'll call "Rowley") who keeps screwing up and does not put as much effort into things as he should. My teacher (let's call her "Ms. Heffley") And thus, I created a "What if" scenario just for my teacher.

Let's say that it was 2025, and Ms. Heffley was at a bank when she noticed a man dressed in tank top, ripped up jeans, and a belt with a machine pistol and extended magazines on it (she said if she saw that, she'd call law enforcement). Thenm his head turns around where everyone can see that the torn cap he was wearing said "security".
Holly, the manager, said that her company required that every bank had a minimum wage security guard. Since she had a hard time finding a security guard willing to work for bare-minimum wage, she finally met Rowley, who gave into the offer even though he was unlicensed to work in security. Thus, that's why he was hired.

Then, an individual in a tank-top, torn jeans, and a "Prozac the killer clown" mask runs into the bank with a plastic knife. He threatens Rowley with the knife, takes off his belt, and Rowley gets on his knees with his hands on his head, and the robber subsequently handcuffs Rowley, gets up and says "Who's the manager!? If I don't find her, I'll slaughter you all!!!". He finds Holly in her office, grabs her by her hair, and forces her to open the safe at gunpoint, while motioning the machine pistol up and down and saying "Tick tock, tick tock. If the coppers get here before I get out, you're all gunman insurance!".

Holly opens the safe, and starts packing valuables into the large bags that the robber has brought. Soon the bags and packed, and just as the robber steps out of the safe, he sees Federal Security Police SWAT vehicles barreling down the road. Angered, he jumps onto a table and attempts to shoot Holly, but just in the nick of time, Holly was able to close the vault door, saving her life.
After emptying the magazine, the robber runs out the the building, steals Ms. Heffley's car, and a chase ensues. He is later caught.

Meanwhile, back at the bank, Holly slaps Rowley so hard that she leaves a handprint on his face and yells at him for his idiocy until his ears start ringing.

The next month, Ms. Heffley comes back to the same bank, and there, a security officer is decked out in SWAT gear meets her at the door, and lets her in. Inside, there are several more just like him, and when Ms. Heffley talks to Holly, Holly tells her that she obtained a Level 3 Concealed Weapons Permit. Like all citizens of the universe who didn't commit a serious crime, in this alternate timeline, she already has a license to own practically all non-explosive weapons (which require extra training for a shall-issue upgraded license), but not really to carry them (Level 1 is non-lethal, such as batons, irritant/inflammatory sprays, and stun-guns/tasers. Level 2 is for lethal melee weapons and non-fully-automatic handguns. And Level 3 is for the rest, such as sawn-off shotguns and compact assault rifles). Thus, she upgraded to Level 3.

Just after the robbery, law enforcement got information about the robber, who's also a kid who was taught by Ms. Heffley. He was tracked down to a safehouse. In the middle of the night, a SWAT team drove up to the house he was in, threw in flashbanks to stun the suspects, and after they went off, stormed the house. The suspect was ordered onto the floor and cuffed. When he was questioned about weapons, he denied having any, but when the SWAT officers pulled the cushion off the couch, they found a select-fire battle rifle with the safety "off". The suspect was asked if it was loaded or had a round in the chamber, and said "No". But, when a SWAT officer took the magazine out, the magazine was loaded, and when he racked the bolt, a live round came out. The suspect was then taken out and hauled off to a maximum security prison.

Starting at daybreak, detectives and investigators swept the home, and found lots of contraband, such as stolen weapons, ammunition, restricted drugs, and so on and so forth. Talk about a criminal!

Now I wonder what Ms. Heffley is going to be thinking about the way she taught Rowley when he was a brat.

Trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the person who won't listen.

I've been thinking about a scenario to show times when even an older person should listen. Thus, this one.

The Controlled Opposition Parrot (a nickname for someone I know, who's real name not necessary) is a resident on the ship, "Human freedom" (which is an ultra large crude carrier, an enormous oil tanker ship, now converted into a floating city and registered to Uruguay), and during its worldwide tour, dropped anchor 12 miles off the coast of Honduras and people who wanted to visit were taken over there by helicopter. After getting into the heart of San Pedro Sula, the visitors were advised to stay out of dangerous areas, only be out during sunlight areas and get back to their hotels before sundown, and advised that everyone get Level 3 concealed carry licenses and carry their weapons and equipment for personal protection.

But the Controlled Opposition Parrot doesn't want to listen, believing that she is perfectly safe.
Later on, it is way past midnight, the Controlled Opposition Parrot walked in the streets alone, by herself, and in dangerous areas. Now just starting to regret her decision, the Controlled Opposition Parrot gets surrounded by gang members and has guns drawn at her, with the gang members demanding money. The Controlled Opposition Parrot then threw her wallet, and was lucky enough to have the gang members leave her alone from that point on. 

When she got back to the hotel, she had to explain to Captain Ite what she lost with the wallet, being most of the money the brought with her, her I.D., and so on and so forth.

Trivia post: What-if stories: the sadistic, baton-wielding security guard, & the suspicious case of censorship

Earlier in my 1st half of 8th grade in the 2nd half of 2015, I got into an argument with my social studies teacher; we were talking about powerful countries, and I threw in Israel is a suggestion. Long story short, I wanted to explain why, but my teacher didn't want me to. During our argument, she crossed her arms, and my paraprofessional teacher allegedly did a "cut it out" gesture, but I didn't see it. Then, right when I was about to be thrown out, I stopped.
 During personal management, my main personal management teacher got onto me about this, and so did my classmates. Thus, I came up with this story, "The Sadistic, baton-wielding security guard" (or "Sadistic guard problem" for short):

Let's say that you were employed somewhere, and before you entered the door, you have to go through a sadistic, baton-wielding security guard, or the SBWSG for short. On pay day every month, before you come out, you must go through the SBWSG, who demands that you pay a "Troll"  "Toll" to leave the building. If you pay, you'll be fine. If you don't, you'll be beaten up until you pay up. The answers to my question are, 1, you accept this treatment, or 2, do something about it (maybe bring something like a baseball bat to defend yourself or fellow workers).

But guess what my friends responses were? They were mainly "It's not the same", which disappointed me.

I also made another story, called "The suspicious case of censorship" (Disclaimer: I do NOT own any rights to "The Giver" franchise. All copyrights go to its rightful owners. This is somewhat of a parody. No copyright infringement intended.):

Let's say that you lived in "The community of sameness" (which is based off of "The community" depicted in both the Novel and movie versions of "The Giver"), and like everyone else, you had your memory erased within the first 5 minutes of entering. The Giver wanted to change this, and each day, held "The release in memories", where participants got together in a circle, and he shared all the memories from history that was forbidden for the average people to know. The government didn't like this event, but The Giver held it anyway.

On the last day, The Giver gave a speech, and just after he started, a bunch of punk bounty hunters that had shirts with satanic imagery, skin completely covered in tattoos, nose piercings and so on and so forth, come in, and tackle The Giver. The punks claimed that The Giver forgot to take his medication and that they were just taking The Giver to a mental hospital.
Now, would you really believe that? Or do you think that the government hired the punks to kidnap The Giver? You tell me.

Now, onto a Star Wars based story that I've thought of but haven't given a name yet...

Let's say that is is 141 years after the Battle of Yavin, a couple of padawans, Kriss and Holly, has went out on a mission to find some historical artifacts. Since the former has been specially qualified early, which gives him more freedom to take action on their own.

Their search the Darksaber and Kylo Ren's lightsaber leads them to the Controlled Opposition Parrot's warehouse, where they are met with a pair of unqualified, bare-minimum wage security guards. While in the building, Kriss meets Ms. Heffley, the teacher of the security guards, and talk for a short while. Then, Kriss asks the security guards to open a door. But instead, they turn the lights off. Once the lights get turned back on, a pair of Terminators activate and grab Holley. Holley yells at Kriss for help, and Kriss and Holly fight the Terminators like so;

After the fight is finished, Kriss said to the security guards "as for you two, you make a poor excuse for a light switch". Holly says "I'm sure they did their best". Kriss replied with "Their best to get us killed? Only an idiot would do that! These morons can't even get the door open".

Using his lightsabers, Kriss cuts open the door, and inside, the Controlled Opposition Parrot (who looks somewhat like Jocasta Nu, but has a different personality) is meditating. Just before 2 terminators open fire, holly uses the force to cut them down and destroys them with lightsabers.
After Holly destroys the terminators, she pulls back both the Darksaber and Kylo Ren's lightsaber from the Controlled Opposition Parrot's belt and Kriss points his lightsabers at the Controlled Opposition Parrot.

Kriss: What is going on here? Did you program the droids to kill us?

Parrot: Yes, I did. 

Kriss: What!?

Parrot: how else am I going to keep my warehouse safe? A couple of rent-a-cops won't cut it. And give me back my lightsabers and get out of my warehouse now!

Kriss: fine.

Later, after Kriss and Holly get back to the Jedi temple, the Jedi and new republic are notified about the Parrot's stash but decide not to raid her due to restrictions on eminent domain and constitutional property rights.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This blog & the YouTube channel may be deleted on May 26th; demand that Google+ lets us keep our names

Watch the video below. It would also be good to watch the entire playlist, but it's not required to do so. My problem and story are described in the video below (sorry, no audio).

What can we do about this? First, demand that Google lets us keep our original names, which is helped by the hashtag #nonamechange, or at least let people who are unable to change their names change their names, and second, save a link to the archived version of this blog and my YouTube channel;*/ ,*/

So far, the message has disappeared from my Google+ feed when I'm on Google+, but I'm still worried until I either get a response from someone from Google or it's May the 27th and my profiles aren't deleted.

Also be sure to check out my alternate account,

Not sure what else to say.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why I may not post or reply for the next few days

Thanks to my poorly motivated bratty little sister, my father may shut down the internet for the next few days. This means that I may not be able to reply up to within the coming week.

So, if you comment on my content and/or respond/reply to me and I don't respond within 12 hours, I'm probably NOT dead or kidnapped or anything like that.

But remember what Abraham Lincoln once said, "I long ago made up my mind that if anybody wants to kill me, he will do it. If I wore a shirt of mail and kept myself surrounded by a body-guard, it would be all the same. There are a thousand ways to getting at a man if it is desired that he should be killed", credit of

Even IF I am no longer able to be involved in the truth movement, the rest of the truth movement will keep going without me.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

What happened to the Bounty Boys? Personal investigation underway.

Sometime in February of 2016, the YouTube channel, "The Bounty Boys" (not to be confused with a channel with the same name, in which the avatar is identical to the thumbnail of Oklahoma's own Bounty Boys Catching the Bad Guys!), has been deleted, and caused me quite a bit of irritation since I watched them all the time. 

There is proof of the channel's existence, mainly being and Oklahoma's own Bounty Boys Catching the Bad Guys!. I swear that, the last time I checked back when the channel was up, the channel had well over 1,000,000 views! But why would such successful and online history making (as in broadcasting online fugitive recovery pickups and perhaps even a reality TV show) people just dump everything like whoever deleted the channel did!?

I remember looking at the channel, and seeing in a comments section about the infrequency of videos being post, "The Bounty Boys" said something about the cable company that they worked with receiving much of the content generated by the Bounty Boys, which may be why there aren't too many videos coming out too fast.

I wonder if a lot of the post-2009 or post-2010 videos are releases of older footage, becuase I saw a short 2 second or so clip here that looked a lot like as if it was from the episode "You just woke me up!", which, respectively, was released in 2013 or 2014, though I'm not so sure becuase from what I remembered from the episode, both Chris and Les were wearing a "BOUNTY BOYS" patch on the back of their vests instead of "FUGITIVE ENFORCEMENT" (you're just going to have to take my word for it).

Now, the Bounty Boys used to maintain a website, But, it looks like it's down. Fortinately, there is an archived version (

So far, my only theory about why the Bounty Boys stopped putting out content was that they resighned after an incident in 2009 in which they busted into a family's house and got into trouble for it ( As far as I know, the Bounty Boys were not placed in jail/prison, even though they had to pay like $10,000 for the incident, probably in a civil case.

But, a video released in 2014 that talks about going after deadbeat parents pretty much contradicts this, and in the same video, Chris Black said "I'm a bounty hunter for life".

So far, I can not find any no longer existing content about the bounty boys released after 2014, or any existing content after 2009, 2010 or, counting the archived YouTube channel, 2012.

After this post is released, I will be sending a e-mails to a 43 year old male named "David Dewitt (Shad)" (, and videovigilanteokc, and Tuffy Productions.
I've already Tweeted to their Twitter profile, but I did not get a response, and there appears to be no activity since 2011.

I'll make a new post if I get a reply unless requested otherwise.

If you know the Bounty Boys or a pair of men by the name of "David Shad Dewitt (AKA Chris Black)" and "Lawrence Earl Sanders (AKA Les Sanders and Les Riggs)" personally, or know their family or friends, or know people who know their friends and/or family, please ask them what's going on if they're comfortable. Remember, this is NOT an murder, kidnapping or missing person case or anything like that so, if they don't want to talk, it's fine.

You you have any information, hints, clues, tips or whatever relating to this, please say so in the comments below.

Once I get new information, I'll make a new post about this.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weapons: custom firearm build ideas; the ultimate AR-15, ARAK-21, ARAK 31, & Glock 20

For those of you who have seen my Pinterest board, "Custom weapon ideas" (, I had ideas for custom weapons for awhile. Now, they're going to be shown on my blog, particulary by some of the basic parts they're going to be made out of. You can find these parts with a simple internet search (preferably with DuckDuckGo or Ixquick/Startpage to protect your privacy).
Now, while I have an at least somewhat deep interest in weapons, please bear with me that I'm getting almost of my information from the internet, and I'm not yet physically experienced with firearms.

This article does not cover the accessories for these firearms. 

Custom AR-15 with Shrike upper receiver; polymer lower receiver, Fostech Echo trigger, stainless steel threaded bull barrel (preferably fluted), free float quad rail, "bad lever", magazine storing stock, storage pistol grip, and mil-spec buffer tube. For the best upper receiver, it would have an ambidextrous charging handle, titanium bolt carrier (or if not available, stainless steel), Head Down upper receiver, and short stroke gas piston. Send to to ARES to convert it to the shrike, attach the lower and upper receivers, and you have quite a bit of firepower!

ARAK-21; the regular ARAK-21 right-side eject only upper receiver with heavy stainless steel barrel on a Windham Weaponry RMCS-4 lower receiver. Use with Magpul 40 round PMAG's with 5-round extensions. 

ARAK-31: ARAK-31 upper receiver with heavy stainless steel barrel and ambidextrous ejection put on an Head Down AR-10 lower receiver, folding stock, and perhaps a 3-pound trigger.

Glock 20 Gen 4: the original Glock 20 Gen 4 but with as many parts replaced by titanium or stainless steel parts as possible (so it will last a LONG time), TRUGLO night sights, and caliber conversions, particularly 9x25mm Dillon and .460 Rowland with 30+ round magazines.

Juggernaut M1A: Fulton Armory M25 Peerless Sniper Rifle Barreled Action, heavy contour stainless steel barrel, stabilizing receiver bolt, and 30 round magazine or 50 round drum.

So what would you build, assuming that you had the time, money, resources, and skill to do it? Feel free to say in the comments below.

Why the "Who should America vote for president in 2016, & Selected candidates by position on important issues" video has not been released yet, plus planned mega rant about Islam

Some you might've read about the "Who should we be voting for 2016?" project from awhile ago, and might've wondered why I haven't made other updates about it.

For reasons explained in the video below and all the videos after it (plus some other videos in the playlist). The system is rigged, and I'm not so sure how effective our vote is. But we can still try, which is better than not trying at all.

Allso, in my personal life, I don't manage time as well as I should, which does not help when I'm trying to enjoy life after going to school and do my homework, which may not be exactly light considering that it's near the end of the school year and I'm getting ready to go from middle school to high school. 

By the way, since last month, I've been planning and thinking about a mega rant about Islam, kind've like my cultural rant. I feel like that I've criticised Christianity enough, Ryan Dawson, and while I do NOT agree with the social views of the rest, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper (probably, haven't checked), Nathaniel Kepner, and some other truth people have criticised Judaism enough, and while I criticised Islam before (search up the terms "Islam" and "Muslim" on this blog to get started if you're interested), I feel like I haven't done so enough.

In my rant, I plan to address what I believe to be contradictions, excessive limits of freedom (anyone who really knows about Islam knows that it isn't exactly a libertarian-friendly ideology), sexual repression, and some of the dogma in Muslim culture, starring some of the videos of IntrovertedSmiles. However, I'll still fight hate and collectivism against people as a whole (not so much induviduals who DID do wrong), and leave up my anti-hate posts up (most notably

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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