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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why I may not post or reply for the next few days

Thanks to my poorly motivated bratty little sister, my father may shut down the internet for the next few days. This means that I may not be able to reply up to within the coming week.

So, if you comment on my content and/or respond/reply to me and I don't respond within 12 hours, I'm probably NOT dead or kidnapped or anything like that.

But remember what Abraham Lincoln once said, "I long ago made up my mind that if anybody wants to kill me, he will do it. If I wore a shirt of mail and kept myself surrounded by a body-guard, it would be all the same. There are a thousand ways to getting at a man if it is desired that he should be killed", credit of

Even IF I am no longer able to be involved in the truth movement, the rest of the truth movement will keep going without me.

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