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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An old film that is still outstanding today: Our Friend, Martin

I remember watching this from elementary school, and I believe that is is still good to show to the world's people today, even if things have gotten a little more complicated than simply black and white.

Istanbul Bombing - Who's At Fault?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Should you join the Facebook group "Worldwide false flags" or follow Amber Amy, along with division in the truth movement, distrust of blogs, comedy & humor replacing reason & respect, American stereotypes, & Facebook alternatives

On June 18th, as you can see in, I posted a link to my "article" (more like a video list with a link to a couple of other articles) Orlando Shooter and the predictable partisan reactions (ANC report, shared video), Orlando: Was It LGBT, Radical Islam, Guns...Or Something Else? (also a shared video), & more on the Facebook group Worldwide False Flags (I'll give it the acronym "WFF"), & I got the exact response shown in the image.

So as you can see, I don't recommend joining WFF unless you're both willing to post information directly on there & you're popular, & I do not recommend interacting with Amber Amy at all unless you want to get through what I have went through.

I don't know why this induvidual treated me like she did. However, some theories that I have are that she may simply dislike newcomes, doesn't want me to present information as if it contradicted the information they wanted to see, & there is the possibility that they're jelous that I have a blog with all the information I have on it. I'll talk about the distrust of blogs later, and why I use blogspot.

Some people would say that this is an isolated case of someone who was stupid, a bully, or more than likely, both. However, I see it as an example of a problem that we have within the truth movement; people who don't want to accept help, people who bully those trying to help, & overall division within the truth movement. This seems worse than interservice rivalry, & almost seems like people are competing for views.

I'd like to include a comment made by Ben Hassid from the video We We Change starring Ripoffski and Hilldawg"You making fun  of him seems childish, and unproductive. The in fighting in this movement is unnecessary, and make the efforts of all look bad.
Luke reminds the people in power that there is an opposition of scrutiny. He is a fairly young dude so he makes mistakes, but he is getting better at what he does. Regardless, I don't see anyone else doing it...Give the kid a break. If you disagree with him, have a dialogue. It's far more effective than doing s***ty character assassination videos... Seriously bro".

I've also read about how Ryan Dawson & Brendon O'Connell attack each other (mainly from people talking into the comments about the situation between the two).

When it comes to people like those who attack me when I'm trying to help, I guess the deputy said it right at 0:23 to 0:35, when he said "So when you go in here, realise, that they don't give a f*** about putting their hands on ya'll.", & Don't talk back to the f***ers, don't get into it with them, becuase they can throw s*** at you, they can do whatever they want to." I know that I am not dealing with criminals, but you get the idea.

The truth movement is MORE diverse than what the mainstream media wants us to think, often insanely delusional right-wing Ultraconvervative Christian fundamentalists who are anti government or blind Hitler worshippers (Neo-Nazis).

There are many different parts of the truth movement, & though it is diverse, some members are indirectly connected, as explained in How truth people are indirectly connected, starring Ron Paul, SyrianGirl, Adam Kokesh & Ron Gibson

There the libertarians like myself, Ryan DawsonStormCloudsGathering/Aaron Hawkins, and We Are Change/Luke Rudkowski, along with anarchists such as James CorbettAdam Kokesh & Christopher Cantwell.

There are Paleoconservatives like Alex Jones, and, despite heavy differences, possibly David DukeNathaniel Kapner and Michael Collins Piper (I mention the last 3 becuase they hold many socially conservative views while disagreeing with Neoconservatives on issues such as what to do with Israel, war, and the American empire, and all associate with the white nationalist movement). Jeff Rense could also possibly be a Paleoconservative. I disagree with many of their social views (I even criticized David Duke before) and I especially do not hate on the entire Jewish people, but we do have the common ground of opposing the current Israeli government

I've seen quite a few Muslims in the movement, a strong majority of them being in the Palestine supporting movement, exposing the Israeli government and the 9/11 (and other incidents blamed on Muslims) truth movement, pretty much in that order.

And I've definitely also seen lots of politically Conservative-Christians in the truth movement circles, such as David Horowitz, Bill Whittle, Wild Bill for America, the guys from PJ media, and to an extent, Bobby Powell
I consider this last group to all be sellouts and controlled opposition, because all of them collectively bash Muslims, talk about divisive and what should be low-priority issues such as sex, marriage & abortion (& pornography, at least to an extent), at least Wild Bill has been known to support using the government to force people to follow religious rules &, above all, they support the current Israeli government. People who are definitely related to these circles would be Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin, who also alienate non-conservatives from the truth movement, and has even hijacked the Tea Party movement.
Similarly, I've also seen people who talk about Biblical prophecies, such as Jason A.

And this is only the major parts of the truth movement that I have seen for myself and remember well enough to put into the article. You can find even wore for yourself if you cruize around the internet & also search sites such as Vimeo & my list of YouTube chanels to support (

The point of the matter is that the truth movement is extremely diverse, & unfortunately, to an extent, divided.
A similar problem can be seen in the gun community not only in the U.S., but also, in Australia and perhaps other places as well with fudds (casual gun owners) or apathetic shooters (as known in Australia) and gun owners with different interests and intentions.

The video below gets into even more detail about different sectors of the (Australian) firearms & shooting community not caring for each other.

Perhaps the best common ground I could think of for the truth movement overall is to oppose the power of the current Israeli government, end all of the wars, do what we can to prevent war, & reduce the power of the governments of the world (to prevent them from taking power like Israel's), & to crack down on powerful financial institutions and corporations so the world's currency is only issued by governments just to name a few. Also let's be sure to have a revolution in education so this wouldn't happen again.

Distrust of blogs; several times in the span of less than year, when I try to get people to read my content, they have refused and used the fact that I use blogspot as an excuse to not read my content. 
My response to those kind of people is; I know that many people distrust blogs, but what is the best way for me to spread information? I am unwilling to pay money to get my own domain name, and I already setup my blog as is and I'm not willing to put a lot of effort for a website redesign. If someone is already unwilling to read a website simply becuase it's labeled as a blog, I predict they they aren't willing to accept the information provided. What difference does it make that the word "Blogspot" is used in a domain name?

Onto how comedy & humor seemingly replaced reason & respect in American culture, & stereotypes of Americans.

As explained in the video above, especially after 3:57, thanks to political comedians, in American political discussion, reason & respect has seemingly been replaced by the video above. I am so sick and tired of this type of behaviour not only becuase it is irritating in the 1st place, but also, it is damaging America as in people not talking about real issues.

One of the things that bother me is that, in the past, in the sense of how people talk about politics, we were probably better off than we are today. In, say, the 1960's and before, did we have hardcore racists? Yes. Did we have unsavory characters? Yes. Did we have bad people in general? Of course, yes! But did we try harder at maintaining a respectable public image? YES!

Back in the 1960's, of course we had the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, and of course, other racial supremacist groups and extremists galore, but at least we had more class back then and tried to maintain a respectable image.

But now, after MTV, Crossfire, political comedians, & perhaps some other things, now we end up with stuff like what's described in the following video and the 2 videos after it;

And now, we get one of either one of 2 extremely partisan & stupid stereotypes;

A, most common; ultra-patriotic Bible-thumping (not that I hate all Christians) "National greatness" conservative conspiracy-theorists who dress up like what you would see on, except in cowboy boots, and leather belt, open carries an antique revolver (or a Colt M1911A1 pistol), and drives an old, straight piped monster truck that is painted in red, white and blue and looks something like what you would see on while leaning out the window and flipping the bird

As for their views, they are obsessed with the 20th century (especially World War 2), are homophobic, undersexed, believe in an Evangelical theocracy, want to arrest and enslave all Muslims, wish to keep guns to themselves, and are overall socially ultraconservative (even if they have tattoos, eat pork, and have clothes made out of multiple materials, all of which are prohibited in Christianity). They also love and worship George Walker Bush and Donald John Trump, the former for being a republican and they way he retaliated after 9/11, and the latter for giving the world 2 middle fingers and wanting to deport Muslims.

Or B, we end up with leftist communist millennial social justice warriors who don't have a clue about the world they live in, drive white Toyota Prius C's, live with their parents, go to ultra politically correct colleges/universities, want to ban guns and repeal the 2nd amendment, hate history, are more anti-Republican than anti-war, love Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and look like the guy on the right below (I am not endorsing the cartoon):
What do we do to solve this? The best way I can think of is to call up political comedians and to tell them to shut up and get out of politics if they are not going to be dead serious about it, and perhaps more importantly, just boycott them and start listening to the alternate media. I know that these more serious alternate media outlets and people are not nearly as funny as comedians or The Daily Show, but the information provided is a whole lot more important and accurate.

As for Facebook alternatives, I recommend using social media such as and

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Susan Hughes-Michaels to the woodshed

On June the 23rd, on a community on Google+, there is an induvidual by the name of "Susan Hughes-Michaels" who went on and pretty much trolled then blocked everyone. Here's the links to the Google+ posts (I have screenshots at backups so there is no point in deleting the comments);,,, and as evidence that they had a chance to rationally debate;

I'm not going to make a comment here; I'll let you look at the evidence and come to your own conclusion.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Shooter and the predictable partisan reactions (ANC report, shared video), Orlando: Was It LGBT, Radical Islam, Guns...Or Something Else? (also a shared video), & more

Open message to Muslims in America: should we trust the Democrats & join the liberals? What other movements, ideas & parties should we trust, support &/or join?

Also be sure to read the article Should American Muslims Reconsider the Liberal [Democrat] Alliance? since it goes well with this.
To clear everything in advance, as you can probably tell, this article is directed towards Muslims living in the Corporate United States of America/U.S.S.A., though others are more than welcome to read.

To get the audience's reading motivation up, watch the video below.

And to understand what I'm really talking about, watch the videos and follow the links as shown.

Many Muslims in America today have identified and/or supported the American socio-political left, and often, the Democratic party as well. There are a few reasons, such as the way many liberals who are tolerant towards Muslims, and the Democratic party's self-proclaimed ideas of tolerance and openness towards Muslims, along with another reason (which I'll get to later in this article). I'll address which other political ideas to support, movements to join and rather or not we should support any political parties, and how to bring REAL change.

If you support and/or identify with the Democratic party, you should be asking yourself the stance on the issues. The one you should care about the most is war and human rights in Israel/Palestine; is the Democratic party anti-war and do they support Palestine?

The answer is, HECK NO!!! They are just about as pro-war and supportive of the Israeli government as the Republican party is, they are just not as open about it. And they are every bit as brought out as the Republicans with differences on only minor issues.

Along with this, they are probably only acting tolerant to be popular and to get more votes for themselves, while still getting money from the Zionist lobby (I do NOT have a problem with the entire Jewish people, and they are not all that different to me).

While I do NOT agree with all of the opinions or social views of the author of the video below, the video below shows just a mere sample of how Zionists and Jewish supremacists (not, it is not all Jews) are messing with Muslim-majority countries. I'll get back to how the powers that be are forcing refugees from Africa and the middle east out of their homes in search of better places to live.

Also not to mention other issues; the war on drugs, the rights of whistleblowers (people who speak the truth), the North American Free Trade Agreement (which hurts Mexico's economy and forces people from Mexico to come to the U.S.), the Trans Pacific Partnership (follow the link to see why it's bad) the "Patriot" act (which infringes on our right to privacy and actually does not keep us safe), the National Defense Authorization Act (which literally gives the military the power to detain, arrest, kill, or even hold someone indefinitely without trial for something as easy as an accusation of belligerent activities), bank bailouts (which props up financial institutions that should've failed and billionaires), the Federal reserve (which is actually privately owned), and the 2nd amendment (follow the link for details).

Continued, if the Democrats really wanted to help you (or at least parts of your families suck overseas), they would also do things such as working toward ending the Neocolonialism in Africa and, pretty much as I said before, creating wars in the middle east. Both of which are forcing refugees like you or people you know out of their home countries and into better intact and developed western countries while at the same time the media is promoting collectivism and spreading hate about you with sensationalism, part truths, and even outright lies (look at to see what I mean).

And if these politicians were honest, they (especially Hillary Clinton) would be talking to you like Deputy Carr in the video below (not that I am anti peace officer). 0:34 onwards represents politicians when they're running for office, and 0:45 onwards can represent what they become when they start receiving big campaign contributions from special interest groups and people, and IF they were honest about things.

And Mr. Rose explains outstandingly how politicians see us (I don't identify as an anarchist, but I agree with much of what he says);

Should we trust the political left either? NO!!! Their hearts may be in the right place on domestic policy, but many of them are apathetic to entirely messed up on foreign policy, especially with acting anti-war when a non-left-wing president is in office then quiet down about war when a left-wing president is in office, revealing that they are actually only anti-Republican and not truly anti-war.

And not to mention their stance of issues, like gun control,

, which is often based off of the views of the politicians, celebrities or the left-wing mainstream media (yes, this includes the internet for those of you who don't watch the news but use the internet instead). I'll let Massad Ayoob (no, he's not a right-wing yacker) explain what I mean, from 5:50 to 7:41;

And, some liberals are ignorant about the importance of freedom of speech as well.

And many are also ignorant about economics as well.

I'd also like to talk about welfare. Some of you are honest enough to not believe in free welfare, some of you don't, and so on and so forth.
Why does welfare matter? Let's begin with practicality.
As explained in the video above from 5:25 to 7:00, becuase welfare incentivises failure, and when people, say, decide to have a bunch of kids to get welfare, not only are they draining money out of the government's budget, which could be used to do other things,
but also, the parents who do this often only have kids to get welfare, and often, the kids are raised poorly, which hurts society, especially in the long term;

If you're still apathetic, then let's talk about public image. When immigrants go on welfare and give little to nothing back, often, it will make their public image look even worse. A good example of this can be seen on
I should not link to such a website to explain this! I can also take DuckDuckGo (it doesn't work on Ixquick/Startpage), put in "" into the search bar, put in the domain name of, say, a white supremacist website, and put the word "welfare" in front of "", and see what those characters think of immigrants on welfare. They'll be even angrier at people like you and are more likely to stereotype you as being welfare hogs, even if, of course, it is not true for everyone.

Now, onto solutions, which parties and people should we trust and support and which media should we listen to.

First, we should NEVER accept big-government into our lives.

Second, I believe in doing away with parties in politics and go for a non-partisan Republic. You can start by becoming an independent. 
Simply put, parties are too easy to manipulate as a whole by special interests, and when people join them to get better chances of winning their campaign, the party would create what's called the "Ron Paul rule", which I'll describe as a rule made by a party to keep a disliked member of the party from winning political office, most notably in the case of Ron Paul, and while I don't like the next guys, Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders.

Third, we need to listen to the alternative media and to use fact-checking sites, becuase before we look at the information, we must be mature and strong enough to be ready to see it, process it, and determine what to do with it becuase a lot of the people I see (especially liberals) reject the truth for simply being too hot.
I created an entire article about alternate media sites to listen to:
Don't like the mainstream media? Here's some alternate media sites that I would reccomend.
As for the people we should start listening to, they are (with information about them in their names, shown as links), Ryan DawsonStormCloudsGathering/Aaron Hawkins, and Ron Paul.

And fourth, finally we can bring real change while avoiding violence. Instructions for this are in the playlist that includes the 1st video seen in this article.

As for disagreeing with libertarians on things like the privatization of government agencies, it's okay by me; not all libertarians are for privatizing or eliminating government agencies, nor are all libertarians for total deregulation of everything.

And besides, just as Malala Yousafzai is a different type of Muslim than, say, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, or Ron Paul or Aaron Hawkins/StormCloudsGathering are different types of Christians than, say, Fred Phelps, or that Ryan Dawson or myself are different types of atheists than, say, Joseph Stalin or worse, Mao Zedong, there are also different types of libertarians, albeit not so extreme.

I also reccomend watching the video below, NOT becuase I am I'm perfect agreement with everything that the author says, but becuase of the behavior of Muslims in the west that leads to anti-Muslim collectivism & people not caring for Muslim issues.

If you have any questions or even if you disagree with me, please comment below and I'll be more than happy to talk with you!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Shame on you, Gwinnett County Public Schools; a little complaint about Gwinnett county schools' summer programs

During the school year, I've heard that, after finishing 8th grade and transitioning to 9th grade, you're supposed to take either Health or Physical Education over the summer if you have not taken either over the school year. Well, I haven't, and here's some information about these programs;,,

My main complaints are that we have not received letters, E-mails, or even had the kids bring home papers about this related to this. And since we have to Register by may the 26th, and get with the program on June the 2nd, it is too late for me to join. Along with the fact that we have to pay $250 for the course. I'm not sure what costs that covers, but there's a feeling that it is excessive.

If I have a problem related to my summer activities, I'll share the blame with my bad being not being vigilant enough and their bad not reminding us. Don't give me B.S. about "You're supposed to remember" or something like that.

Besides, as for mandatory P.E., there is something poking at me about implying that the government owns our bodies as if making us be up to a certain bodily standard. Sure, I can understand restricting the possession and use of drugs by non-adults, and having kids get checkups with reasonable examinations and so on and so forth, but I'm not exactly sure if having mandatory P.E., especially when it comes to kids who are physically fit, is compliant with the libertarian philosophy.

If you know what's going to happen if I don't take P.E. over the summer (and this is strictly in Gwinnett county), please let me know in the comments below.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Is Barack Obama really a Muslim? Pus criticizing people on policy & actions rather than on character.

Before we start, just to let everyone know, I do NOT identify as liberal and I am definitely not a social justice warrior. For more information, go read Opening a can of bloodworms: In case you're making assumptions about me, read this before debating me on social media, plus my political identity & religious views. An open message to liberals & conservatives.

And I have criticised Islam before (, and I promise to come out with rant about Muslim culture and the Koran in the next few months.

If Obama is Muslim, then why does he;

-Support the Israeli government (especially with increasing the aid to Israel's government from 3 billion to 4.9 billion),
-Bomb Muslim-majority countries,
-And is, overall, pro-war?

(The video author was almost definitely speaking out of anger towards the end, becuase he openly denounces anti-Jewish hate and collectivism, like on Israel vs Jews Learn the difference and Maidhc Ó Cathail the disinformation of guilt by association tactics for example, and also denounces Neo-Nazis, like as said on The Empire Unmasked interview and 2 cents on the 911 truth vs kook movement until 10:00.)

I know that many of you will ask "Then why is he bringing in Muslim rapefugees?" (which I think is the incorrect way to help people; more on this later in the article), and I can answer that; he, and other western "leaders" (more like puppets) are trying to cause trouble by forcing people to be together when they're not ready yet or don't want to, and with the controlled mainstream media fueling the fire of hate or just plain brainwashing us average people, takes attention off of the real powers that be.

The following will be based off of information from How the powers that be are damaging decent countries, & keeping Africa, Central, & south America & parts of Asia poor (which should be read to gain an understanding of the following); as NATO is supporting ISIS, refugees are forced out of their home countries like Syria. Instead of sending them to the wealthy gulf states where the cultures are more compatible and religious belifs are similar, or better yet, follow a 5-step plan to truly help everyone (and treat those who harm others, especially raspists, like they would treat a regular person who did it), these refugees are sent to western countries, mainly the European Union, Canada, the United States, Australia, and so on and so forth, where not only are they often given welfare with seemingly few to no obligations (like doing volunteer work to pay off welfare, and the welfare should be temporary, getting education and job training to sustain themselves and do work that others won't, etc), but also, the predominant religion is different, cultures are less compatible, some of the migrants can't control their sexual urges appropriately (people should start packing weapons, like batons, petter spray, tasers, and most importantly, firearms), and this is combined with the Neoconservative media that spreads hate, part-truths, and outright lies (go look at if you don't belive me) that, at the same time, fail to report on what's going on behind closed doors or who is really behind all of this.

Now, what real issues are Obama and many other moron politicians won't cover that is not about, say, our right to keep and bear arms and armor, borders (and maybe Benghazi scandal and the TTP/TTIP)? 
They are NAFTA, the Patriot act, NDAA, SOPA/PIPA, bank bailouts, the Federal reserve, and war. This is why they have to attack each other's character or talk about divisive, yet relatively insignificant issues like marriage or abortion becuase, often, their policies are so similar.

(The above pictures came from

(This came from

(This image came from

We have to stop attacking people on their character, and start to talk about their actions and policy. People using ad hominem attacks on Obama, for instance, while the international mainstream media makes Obama look like an angel, makes all of us Americans look bad.

A very good example of this can be seen on, in which Canadians who don't know bvetter than what the mainstream media presents, think that Obama is a good president!

All that does it, like I said before, makes us look bad and promote the stereotype that Americans have a "F*** U!!!" attitude and loves to give everyone else both middle fingers.
Oh crap, this shirt at least almost backs up my point; Oddly enough, I haven't seen similar images for other flags, NOT that I have any problem whatsoever with the current one.
(The above image does NOT belong to me. It came from If you're the rightful owner, please comment below and it will be removed within 24 hours or less.) 

I'm sure that, if people who dislike Obama actually criticise him on the REAL issues instead of attacking his character, talking about the belief that he's the Antichrist, talking about small issues or things like that, even less people both nationally and internationally would like him.

I don't love people like Ron Paul becuase he's a white Christian; I love him becuase he speaks the truth and knows what he's doing. I don't love people like Ryan Dawson becuase he's a Native American Atheist; I love him becuase he speaks that truth that, sometimes, nobody else will speak.
Likewise, I don't hate, say, the Rothschilds becuase their Jewish; I hate them becuase they use power in immoral and unethical ways (same case for any banker). I also don't hate Mao Zedong becuase he's Asian or Aithest; I hate him for being the deadliest dictator in history (Stalin and Hitler come in 2nd and 3rd place in terms of the people they killed, respectively).

Perhaps the 1st step for the world's people, and especially, but as a 3rd-step (will be explained deeper below) for Americans, to become more sensible is to stop listening to the mainstream media, and to start listening to the alternate media and to start using fact-checking sites. To the left of this blog page, there are 38 alternate media sites that you can use, plus YouTube channels I support (mainly truth channels), and 7 fact-checking sites to use.

The 1st real step for Americans to become more sensible and to clean up our image is to STOP listening to comedians for political information. The comedian's only job is to make us laugh, even if what they say is stupid. And often, the stupid things they say about politics gets into our minds and forms our opinions and even forms the way we debate (no wonder why memes are often favored over creating in-depth articles and videos, aside from the former being easier than the latter 2).

And 2nd, to get rid of the polarized left/right tribalistic paradigm.

And after the root of the problem is removed, then we should be ready to listen to the alternative media and to use fact-checking sites, becuase before we look at the information, we must be mature and strong enough to be ready to see it, process it, and determine what to do with it becuase a lot of the people I see (especially liberals) reject the truth for simply being too hot.

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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