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Monday, June 13, 2016

Open message to Muslims in America: should we trust the Democrats & join the liberals? What other movements, ideas & parties should we trust, support &/or join?

Also be sure to read the article Should American Muslims Reconsider the Liberal [Democrat] Alliance? since it goes well with this.
To clear everything in advance, as you can probably tell, this article is directed towards Muslims living in the Corporate United States of America/U.S.S.A., though others are more than welcome to read.

To get the audience's reading motivation up, watch the video below.

And to understand what I'm really talking about, watch the videos and follow the links as shown.

Many Muslims in America today have identified and/or supported the American socio-political left, and often, the Democratic party as well. There are a few reasons, such as the way many liberals who are tolerant towards Muslims, and the Democratic party's self-proclaimed ideas of tolerance and openness towards Muslims, along with another reason (which I'll get to later in this article). I'll address which other political ideas to support, movements to join and rather or not we should support any political parties, and how to bring REAL change.

If you support and/or identify with the Democratic party, you should be asking yourself the stance on the issues. The one you should care about the most is war and human rights in Israel/Palestine; is the Democratic party anti-war and do they support Palestine?

The answer is, HECK NO!!! They are just about as pro-war and supportive of the Israeli government as the Republican party is, they are just not as open about it. And they are every bit as brought out as the Republicans with differences on only minor issues.

Along with this, they are probably only acting tolerant to be popular and to get more votes for themselves, while still getting money from the Zionist lobby (I do NOT have a problem with the entire Jewish people, and they are not all that different to me).

While I do NOT agree with all of the opinions or social views of the author of the video below, the video below shows just a mere sample of how Zionists and Jewish supremacists (not, it is not all Jews) are messing with Muslim-majority countries. I'll get back to how the powers that be are forcing refugees from Africa and the middle east out of their homes in search of better places to live.

Also not to mention other issues; the war on drugs, the rights of whistleblowers (people who speak the truth), the North American Free Trade Agreement (which hurts Mexico's economy and forces people from Mexico to come to the U.S.), the Trans Pacific Partnership (follow the link to see why it's bad) the "Patriot" act (which infringes on our right to privacy and actually does not keep us safe), the National Defense Authorization Act (which literally gives the military the power to detain, arrest, kill, or even hold someone indefinitely without trial for something as easy as an accusation of belligerent activities), bank bailouts (which props up financial institutions that should've failed and billionaires), the Federal reserve (which is actually privately owned), and the 2nd amendment (follow the link for details).

Continued, if the Democrats really wanted to help you (or at least parts of your families suck overseas), they would also do things such as working toward ending the Neocolonialism in Africa and, pretty much as I said before, creating wars in the middle east. Both of which are forcing refugees like you or people you know out of their home countries and into better intact and developed western countries while at the same time the media is promoting collectivism and spreading hate about you with sensationalism, part truths, and even outright lies (look at to see what I mean).

And if these politicians were honest, they (especially Hillary Clinton) would be talking to you like Deputy Carr in the video below (not that I am anti peace officer). 0:34 onwards represents politicians when they're running for office, and 0:45 onwards can represent what they become when they start receiving big campaign contributions from special interest groups and people, and IF they were honest about things.

And Mr. Rose explains outstandingly how politicians see us (I don't identify as an anarchist, but I agree with much of what he says);

Should we trust the political left either? NO!!! Their hearts may be in the right place on domestic policy, but many of them are apathetic to entirely messed up on foreign policy, especially with acting anti-war when a non-left-wing president is in office then quiet down about war when a left-wing president is in office, revealing that they are actually only anti-Republican and not truly anti-war.

And not to mention their stance of issues, like gun control,

, which is often based off of the views of the politicians, celebrities or the left-wing mainstream media (yes, this includes the internet for those of you who don't watch the news but use the internet instead). I'll let Massad Ayoob (no, he's not a right-wing yacker) explain what I mean, from 5:50 to 7:41;

And, some liberals are ignorant about the importance of freedom of speech as well.

And many are also ignorant about economics as well.

I'd also like to talk about welfare. Some of you are honest enough to not believe in free welfare, some of you don't, and so on and so forth.
Why does welfare matter? Let's begin with practicality.
As explained in the video above from 5:25 to 7:00, becuase welfare incentivises failure, and when people, say, decide to have a bunch of kids to get welfare, not only are they draining money out of the government's budget, which could be used to do other things,
but also, the parents who do this often only have kids to get welfare, and often, the kids are raised poorly, which hurts society, especially in the long term;

If you're still apathetic, then let's talk about public image. When immigrants go on welfare and give little to nothing back, often, it will make their public image look even worse. A good example of this can be seen on
I should not link to such a website to explain this! I can also take DuckDuckGo (it doesn't work on Ixquick/Startpage), put in "" into the search bar, put in the domain name of, say, a white supremacist website, and put the word "welfare" in front of "", and see what those characters think of immigrants on welfare. They'll be even angrier at people like you and are more likely to stereotype you as being welfare hogs, even if, of course, it is not true for everyone.

Now, onto solutions, which parties and people should we trust and support and which media should we listen to.

First, we should NEVER accept big-government into our lives.

Second, I believe in doing away with parties in politics and go for a non-partisan Republic. You can start by becoming an independent. 
Simply put, parties are too easy to manipulate as a whole by special interests, and when people join them to get better chances of winning their campaign, the party would create what's called the "Ron Paul rule", which I'll describe as a rule made by a party to keep a disliked member of the party from winning political office, most notably in the case of Ron Paul, and while I don't like the next guys, Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders.

Third, we need to listen to the alternative media and to use fact-checking sites, becuase before we look at the information, we must be mature and strong enough to be ready to see it, process it, and determine what to do with it becuase a lot of the people I see (especially liberals) reject the truth for simply being too hot.
I created an entire article about alternate media sites to listen to:
Don't like the mainstream media? Here's some alternate media sites that I would reccomend.
As for the people we should start listening to, they are (with information about them in their names, shown as links), Ryan DawsonStormCloudsGathering/Aaron Hawkins, and Ron Paul.

And fourth, finally we can bring real change while avoiding violence. Instructions for this are in the playlist that includes the 1st video seen in this article.

As for disagreeing with libertarians on things like the privatization of government agencies, it's okay by me; not all libertarians are for privatizing or eliminating government agencies, nor are all libertarians for total deregulation of everything.

And besides, just as Malala Yousafzai is a different type of Muslim than, say, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, or Ron Paul or Aaron Hawkins/StormCloudsGathering are different types of Christians than, say, Fred Phelps, or that Ryan Dawson or myself are different types of atheists than, say, Joseph Stalin or worse, Mao Zedong, there are also different types of libertarians, albeit not so extreme.

I also reccomend watching the video below, NOT becuase I am I'm perfect agreement with everything that the author says, but becuase of the behavior of Muslims in the west that leads to anti-Muslim collectivism & people not caring for Muslim issues.

If you have any questions or even if you disagree with me, please comment below and I'll be more than happy to talk with you!

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