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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Why is the Czech Republic, New Zealand or Chandler, AZ rarely mentioned in the gun debate?

BEFORE YOU READ THIS, go read "Should we have gun control? Less guns, more? No matter what your opinion is, please read this". And it does NOT contain the usual arguments that you hear in the gun debate. You might learn something if you read it.

In the gun debate, we keep seeing gun control advocates mention places such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and places like that (look it up for yourself). They keep repeating the same so-called "success stories" over and over again in these countries. As with any debate, there are going to be instances where things will be overlooked.

The 2 countries I've mentioned in the title is rarely mentioned in the gun debate. Both allow high-capacity magazines. Both allow civilians to have fully operational assault weapons. Both allow airguns up to a certain power (New Zealand doesn't have a limit, except for pre-charged pneumatic and full auto airguns). And I can go on, and on.
The Czech republic exempts antiques (so pre 1890 cartridge revolvers, rifles and shotguns can be held with no regulation, and new double-barrel percussion pistols, muzzle loading double-barrel shotguns and breech-loading single-shot blackpowder rifles can be held with no regulation other than age) and .22 BB/CB firearms up to a certain caliber without regulation except for age ( Nor does New Zealand require long guns except for "Military-style semi-automatics" or those using magazines with a capacity over 7 rounds for centerfire or 15 for rimfire or appears to hold more than 10 rounds for centerfire or 15 for rimfire to be registered (  And the Czech Republic requires no character references (someone else that the authorities would ask to see rather or not you're good enough to get what you're applying for).

Now, why does this matter? As you can read on List of countries by intentional homicide rate, while both the Czech Republic and New Zealand have an overall intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people of about 0.9, Australia has a overall intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people of 1.1, United Kingdom 1.0, Japan 0.3, and so on and so forth. New Zealand has about 22.6 guns per 100 people, Czech Republic, 16.3, United Kingdom, 6.6, and Japan, 0.6.
I admit that on "List of countries by intentional homicide rate" may not have very high gun ownership rates, however, the 3 countries with the lowest homicide rates are very small and have a decent economy, and the 2 lowest are culturally homogenous. However, let's also throw in Chandler, Arizona, which has a homicide (AND non-negligent manslaughter) rate of about 0.4 per 100,000 people, along with Yemen, which has a lower homicide rate than Washington D.C., even though the former is poorer, has fewer human services and is less educated. I'm not so sure if it is necessarily the richest (or culturally most homogenous) or the most pacifistic place in the world, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of people are armed. Hmmm.

My theory on why this happens is probably becuase 6 corporations control like 90% of the American media. And showing that you do NOT need to be that tight on regulating weapons (particularly centerfire semi-automatic rifles and double-stack quick-detach magazines), and many American gun control advocates, when talking about things such as assault weapons or magazines of a certain capacity, talk almost as if the word "Regulate" or "Restrict" is barely in their vocabulary.
Also, as you can see here, a Canadian gun control advocate shows a bunch of scary or military/tactical-style rifles and wishes to classify them as "Prohibited". Ironically, I'm sure that it is extremely rare for someone to be killed with a long gun in Canada, let alone specifically the weapons shown.
I'd call this trying to fix something that isn't broke, almost like cutting off the tip of a baby boy's you-know-what for anything other than a specific reason. In the case of the Canadian gun control advocate, she wishes to fix a problem that is not there and is willing to expend lots of resources and violate the rights of people whom a majority of which has not commited serious crime(s) against anyone else.

Simply put, what I just shown doesn't fit the agenda.

What both sides definitely forget is factors such as culture, economics, availability of services, education, substance (ie drug & alcohol) use, presence of chemicals, law enforcement effectiveness & even what counts as a certain crime & data manipulation just to name a few.

Bonus: at least I have read the "Common gunsense" blog quite a few times during my patrols, and at least the person who writes it has mentioned the Czech Republic (, and ispretty much the only induvidual who specifically mentions the Czech Republic as opposed to being vauge and saying "Europe", in which the policy and rate on civilian weapon ownership varies a lot. I haven't seen her mention the Czech Republic since.
The Common gunsense writer is a traveler (, and appearently, it makes her think, belive and/or feel a sense of qualification or maybe slightly more legitamacy (if that isn't right, please correct me).

Don't worry, I didn't forget the islands of Kiwi's! Pretty much the only gun control advocate that really mentions New Zealnd that I could find was .

To anyone out there who thinks, believes and/or feel a sense of qualification or legitimacy becuase they travel: I have nothing against anyone else traveling, but NEVER EVER believe that it is is any way, shape, or form a substitute for studying statistics or history.

Wrapping this up, at the end of the day, everyone is guilty of cherry-picking. There is no way around that. Thank you for reading this article. Please follow me on Pinterest (, Google+ (, and subscribe to my YouTube channel (, and please support  Please come back soon! Peace!

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