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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why the United Nations do not recognise the right to self defense or to keep & bear arms & armor & allows human rights abuses & interesting facts & an explanation

Warning: divisive issues ahead.

As well all know, the United Nations is often championed and praised as the greatest protector of human rights and greatest helper of the world's people of all time. However, as with anything well championed and praised, there is almost always something negative about it that we don't hear about as often.

Let's take the Israel-Palestine conflict, for example. 
Depending on who you listen to, the State of Israel has violated at least 28 resolutions (according to someone who's probably an Israel supporter) and at most, HUNDREDS (the latter source was from 2007, so it's probably dated). Saddam Hussein's Iraq (not that I like Saddam) reportedly violated just 16 (I literally counted that twice to make sure that I got that number right, and this is coming from a probably biased source).

Why is this important? Compare what happened to Iraq (got invaded) to what happened to Israel (nothing, except for verbal condemnation and reportedly still receiving more American foreign aid than Africa).

Before you say something along the lines of "the U.N. is anti-Israel", then consider how the Democrats and Republicans oppose each other on stage, but behind the scenes, are buddies (, and how the antiwar movement mostly died out in 2008 after Obama took office mainly out of tribalism and labels being valued over real principles. And remember how bad the media is.

(Note: I do NOT agree with or endorse all of the social views of the creator of the above video, particularly for reasons explained on

Not to mention how western governments are backing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (this should already be common knowledge). And add up how around France was voting to give Palestine statehood, the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened (, after Shinzo Abe planned to give $100,000,000 USD to rebuild Gaza ( 2 Japanese hostages were taken (albiet probably faked), and the 2011 Norway killings happened after Norway put some type of oil restrictions on Israel and how Anders Behring Breivik was associated with Israel (

Do you think that any of the incidents and suspicious cases depicted above were pure coincidences? I don't.

(Also watch: War crimes only for some. West has immunity.)

And how about Article 29 the United Nation's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"? Let me elaborate (the following will be an excerpt from "Should we have more gun control? More guns, less? Why & why not? No matter what your opinion is, please read.").

"Look at the very government the United States is living under right now, which is already brought out by corporations, foreign lobbies & international banks: the "Patriot" act, giving law enforcement the ability to search a home or business without the owner's consent or knowledge & access to business, library & financial records. National Defense Authorization act gives the military the ability to arrest, kill &/or hold literally ANYONE with NO trial & COMPLETE IMPUNITY. The CIA has conducted mind control experiments, where the CIA has conducted what it exactly sounds like. The Guatemala syphilis experiment & Tuskegee syphilis experiments, which you can do research on yourself, Where in the former, people often took part involuntarily, & in the latter, people were lied to. Oakville, Washington clear blobs, a probable government experiment. Department of Homeland Security buying about 1.6 billion buckshot shells & hollow point bullets, which are too expensive for training, but good for fighting, & the latter is banned for use in war, but perfectly legal for use on civilians, & besides, the DHS only works domestically. In the past, the U.S. government has, at best, negligently, & at worst, intentionally killed its own civilians, like in the Ruby Ridge & Waco sieges, & has knowingly killed civilians, like in the drone strikes going on for years. Nothing is a conspiracy.
Tell me what the United Nations is doing about all of this. Show me where in school's history books is this highlighted in. TELL MEE!!! Now how much trust do you have in them now to do anything real? NO! Lookup an article called "The United Nations Exposed: Who Is In Control?" to see who's really in control of the UN. Again, hardly an unbacked conspiracy.

There are historically & factually accurate examples of letting the fox guard the henhouse (or having politicians being told to not mistreat their people & have no one other than themselves or people who are controlled by them enforce the rules). We should NOT solely rely on laws & the legal system: you can read up on how, on paper, people living in places such as the Soviet Union & communist China might've had rights on paper, but not in practice. This is what I mean by letting the fox guard the henhouse: how are we sure that they're not going to break the rules? And how are we sure that if they do break the rules, how do we make sure that they get a sufficient consequence?".
Essentially, the United Nations seem to want to keep the world's people "On a short leash".

Now, here's some information about who's really in control of the united nations: Hmmmmmm.

If the United Nations truly cared about the world's people (which I'm sure it doesn't and only acts like it does for public relations), then it is the most INcompetent organization in history. If a few average individuals can put 2 and 2 together, why can't an international organization with thousands of human members and had a budget in the billions of dollars put 2 and 2 together?

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