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Saturday, August 15, 2015

My constitution, & declaration of human & natural rights.

Note: amendments with the words "can NOT be changed" can NOT be changed or reformed in any matter. No exemptions. ALL of these rights are given to citizens regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, color, ethnicity, or other characteristics. The people CAN also have rights not listed in the constitution. And please make comments and suggestions; I want to know what you think.

Separation of power; there shall be 3 branches of government to keep each other from gaining too much power.

Legislative; Congress has the sole power to legislate for the United Federation. Under the nondelegation doctrine (must not authorize another entity to exercise the power or function which it is constitutionally authorized to exercise itself), Congress may not delegate its lawmaking responsibilities to any other agency.

Executive branch; Executive power is vested, with exceptions and qualifications, in the President. By law, the president becomes the Commander in Chief of the national military and law enforcement, Militia of several states when called into service, has power to make treaties and appointments to office "with the Advice and Consent of the Senate," receive Ambassadors and Public Ministers, and "take care that the laws be faithfully executed". By using these words, the Constitution does not require the president to personally enforce the law; rather, officers subordinate to the president may perform such duties. The Constitution empowers the president to ensure the faithful execution of the laws made by Congress and approved by the President. Congress may itself terminate such appointments, by impeachment, and restrict the president.

Judicial branch; this branch has the power to decide cases and controversies—is vested in the Supreme Court and inferior courts established by Congress. The judges must be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Senate, hold office during good behavior and receive compensations that may not be diminished during their continuance in office. If a court's judges do not have such attributes, the court may not exercise the judicial power of the Republic.

Amendment 1: the right to keep & bear military arms and armor, and the duty to keep arms and armor. This amendment allows the citizenry to own & use the same weapons as the government. The government, when it comes to small arms (weapons that can be used by an individual) can NOT own, possess, or use Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, which are prohibited (weapons that launch explosive projectiles, may be (but not required to be) regulated but the license for such a device must be "shall-issue", meaning that if a licensee meets all the requirements, they will be issued a license.
This right may only be restricted if there is evidence to show that an induvidual committed 1 or more serious violent crimes, and/or has made serious threats to do so. And, that individual may not have the right to possess lethal weapons. Quick background checks for buying weapons & ammunition are acceptable for individuals who didn't commit the listed crimes. Quick weapon safety classes are encouraged but NOT mandatory, same with weapon insurance. Individuals under the age of majority might not have the right to privately own arms. Individuals with psychological and/or emotional issues may opt out of mandatory weapon ownership if they wish to do so, and thus, may be exempt from the duty to keep arms. But nonetheless, they are still able to have arms if they wish. The sole purpose for this amendment is to give the people a chance against a corrupted government, foreign or domestic, along with any criminals. Shall NOT be infringed. Arms manufacturers shall NOT be sued for misuse of their products, and, in terms of its products, may only be sued for design and/or construction flaws. This does not apply to other types of legal issues, such as safety, employee rights, and/or environmental protection.
Arms distributors and sellers shall not be controlled by government entities beyond requiring shall-issue licenses, security of merchandise and standard regulations on those who may acquire arms.
Shall NOT be changed.

2nd amendment: freedom of expression, press, nonviolently assemble, petition and religion. With the exemption of doing prank calls and/or messages to emergency services, the right to freedom of speech shall not be infringed. Censorship isn't allowed except for vital military, law enforcement or government secrets. There shall be no monopolies on information. Individuals can practice any religion they wish as long as that they respect the rights of others. The government shall NOT make any laws about religion and religion shall NOT control the government. The government shall be secular.
Can not be changed.

3rd amendment: the government can NOT hold an individual for any longer than they "need too" before a trial, ie, the person shall go to trial and should NOT be forced to be held for long periods of time when the court is ready for them. Bail shall not be excessive. If an individual can't afford bail, it must be lowered until they can. Along with this, they should NOT be given cruel or unusual punishment, such as torture, non-consensual experiments, and/or the removal or modification of any body part. Individuals are also protected from double jeopardy and self-incrimination and guarantees the rights to due process, grand jury screening of criminal indictments, and compensation for the seizure of property under eminent domain. Individuals also have the right to: be informed about what's going to happen to them (along with those involved), have the right to remain silent (can't be forced to talk), right to a speedy and public trial, trial by an impartial jury be informed of criminal charges, right to confront witnesses, compel witnesses to appear in court, and assistance of counsel. If an induvidual wishes to, they may talk to their lawyer(s) and/or attorney(s) before any questioning, and have their lawyer(s) and/or attorney(s) present them during questioning and trial. If one can't afford (a) lawyer(s) and attorney(s), they must be appointed before any questioning.
Also, prosecutors shall never withhold information from the courts, judge, or jury.

4th amendment: children have the same court rights as adults do equal ability to appear in court against anyone (even their own caretakers), and the right to be free from ALL abuse and/or neglect. Physical abuse can be purposeful serious injuries caused by the abuser and examples are bruises, scratches, burns, broken bones and/or lacerations. Sexual abuse is defined as NON-CONSENSUAL contact and/or interaction with genitalia, anus and/or breasts. Forcing cosmetic surgery and/or religion is NOT allowed either.

5th amendment: right to access decent quality resources. People have the human right to access and provide their own clean water, food, shelter and decent clothing. People should be able to use technology, such as wood gasifiers powering aquaponics systems filled by rainwater. And, intentionally dumping dangerous chemicals into a water supply is TERRORISM. Creating and/or genetically engineering foods will at least be tightly regulated, and ALL genetically modified organisms must be labeled (can NOT be changed). With this, also comes the right to free education & training. There shall be no monopolies on healthcare.

6th amendment: the right to equal chance and equality: it is illegal to prevent anyone from voting or getting resources regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, color, ethnicity, or other characteristics.

7th amendment: stopping corporations from controlling the government. It is illegal for politicians to take bribes from corporations. Individuals may give politicians money for political reasons, but the politician MUST give a financial disclosure. The formation of political parties shall not be allowed either. Whatever the case, politicians and government officials MUST disclose who gave them any money or assets.

8th amendment: prisoner’s rights. Prisoners shall have the right to voluntary exercise, a library, and decent food. The food doesn’t have to be good tasting, but at least good enough to keep the prisoners reasonably healthy.

9th amendment: currency. Currency shall only be issued by the government. No other individual, group or organization may ever issue legally recognised currency.

(Repealed) 10th amendment: taxes and salary caps. To prevent corporations, groups and/or individuals from not paying taxes, there will be national sales taxes as opposed to income taxes. If this isn’t enough, then the government is allowed to establish income taxes but the people must get things in return. Politicians do NOT need to be wealthy, just earn enough to survive and be reasonably healthy. Corporate CEO's (defined as a owner of a corporation. A corporation is defined as a legal business structure that establishes the business as being a separate entity from the owner(s). This means that the assets, income, debts, and liabilities of the business belong to corporation, not to the owner(s).) must also pay their workers well (at least have the CEO's earn NO LESS than, say, 40 times what the least paid worker earns. The only exemption is perhaps if more employees are coming into a company and their pay be reduced to accommodate more workers). There must also be salary caps for CEO's of corporations that shall not be excessively lax. The government shall put restrictions on how much money C.E.O.’s may store abroad, rather they are a citizen or are running business in the nation. This amendment can be changed to fit the needs of the present and future.

11th amendment: worker's rights. Workers must be treated with reasonable decency within the company or agency they work for. Specifically, they must be issued required safety equipment for their job. They also must be paid and compensated for injury and/or sick leave. This applies to pregnant women.

12th amendment: education. In public schools, students must be taught at least how to not only do basic math, read and write well, but also how to grow a garden (with and without aquaponics), fix machinery and vehicles, balance a checkbook, make a healthy meal, organize and lead groups and resolve conflict nonviolently. All of these MUST be taught. It is also encouraged to learn how to question an ideology, think for oneself and live off-grid. Students should also be told about EVERY atrocity against civilians done by the government in deep detail.

13th amendment: disabled people. If possible, the government should help disabled individuals if possible. It is also illegal to discriminate against individuals with disabilities.

14th amendment: immigration, culture and collective punishment. Immigration is allowed, but only so if immigrants do NOT collapse the economy, do NOT severely affect it in a negative way or does NOT cause excessive, uncontrollable violence. The government shall NOT force integration or segregation; the people must decide for themselves. Groups that are compatible and wish to integrate voluntarily can. Groups that are incompatible with others and/or does not want to integrate should be allowed to segregate or separate themselves voluntarily. This is done to let cultures survive and prevent unnecessary fighting. There shall be a melting pot, defined as "letting races, cultures, or individuals assimilate into a cohesive whole". Collective punishment shall NOT be enforced; individuals shall be punished only for the crimes they committed, not for the crimes of any group(s) that they are in and/or related to. This includes deportations, in which a group cannot be forced to leave as a whole; only individuals shall be punished for their crimes, and the sentencing for those individuals must follow due process. However, this does not allow people to discriminate against others. May not be changed.

14th amendment: right to revolution. Government being instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the private interest or emolument of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government. The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

16th amendment: animal rights. Animals must never be allowed to be abused, neglected, or mistreated.

17th amendment: chief law enforcement officers shall be elected by the citizenry of their jurisdiction.

18th amendment: if a politician EVER violates the constitution, they MUST be punished. At the least, they should get heavy fines, a jail sentence no less than 6 months, or, for repeated offences, barring from political office for multiple years.

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