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Monday, January 18, 2016

Why are white nationalists/supremacists, Neo-Nazis & fascists in the comments so often, theories, the ADL connection, a personal story & how to solve the problem. And are Neo-Nazis semi-controlled opposition or just useful idiots?

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For those of you who are deeply involved in the truth movement, you probably have seen a whole slew of Neo-Nazis, white nationalists/supremacists, & characters like that in the comments section of internet videos, social media posts, articles & so on & so forth. If you don't believe me, go to any noticed truth channel, & spend about 15 minutes or so just going through comments, and you should get the picture.

Most people wouldn't get too suspicious to see 1 every once & awhile. But, when you see the comments section of seemingly almost any political video about a controversial topic dotted with the activity of characters that I'm describing, don't you get even somewhat suspicious? 

To be honest, I have yet to find much real information to work on, and my current internet investigation skills are not very good. But, my 2 theories on why this phenomenon keeps happening are:
1: The people I'm describing are radicalized & fixated (especially with the scare of the white population declining combined with the cultural dumbness of Americans & the use of collectivism, a world problem, & dealing in absolutes, as clearly seen in the left/right paradigm, not that there aren't plenty of non-English speaking white supremacists/nationalists and Neo-Nazis), &
2: some to many are paid shills to discredit the truth movement, sometimes using multiple accounts.

I am willing to bet that there is a combination of both. Theory #1 does have at least some merit, & there is proof that Neo-Nazis have coordinated internet attacks. A couple of notable examples are shown in Neo-Nazi gave out internet abuse tips in a campaign against Luciana Berger & Fun With Stormfront. I can also show you a page where the attacks on StormCloudsGathering's video, Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements started, but I do not want to link to it or mention its name because I didn't want to send traffic the poster's way. I also didn't want to bother putting up screenshots of the page because it is so big.

Theory #2 has actually happened in the past with the Anti-Defamation League:
Zionists tied to 'Nazi' organizing
Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?

Similarly, the FBI (and perhaps the CIA) has worked with Neo-Nazis before.
Andreas Strassmeir has been known to work with the FBI in relation to the Oklahoma City Bombing (
Infamous Hal Turner has been known to be an FBI informant (

There was an FBI informant who has been known to organize at least 1 Neo-Nazi gathering: Meet the FBI Informant Who Organized Neo-Nazi Gathering Attended by Jo Cox Murder Suspect in 2000.

I'd also like to add that, as you can see here, the Israeli government has already been known to use internet trolls, which may explain some of the "I stand with Israel" type of content you see when doing the right searches. I also recommend watching the videos below and read Crime, Law Enforcement, And The Age Of Social Media.

I'm willing to bet that's just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps more advanced & experienced people can investigate further. If you have any more information, please comment below.

Now, I do not intend to say that the things described in the bottom video are directly related to the issue this article addresses, but hopefully you'll get the idea of how things may be ran; the powers that be, or at least their intelligence agencies, may be at least part of the radicalization of Caucasians and the white nationalist/supremacist & Neo-Nazi movement. As you can read on Neo-Nazis troll Reddit to recruit ‘Alex Jones-reading kosher retards’, Neo-Nazis have, of course, used social media, image boards, & forums as recruiting tools, with Reddit being a major example. But I am highly doubtful that they can become so high profile like they are now just from that or the jealousy of some of the movement's members.

Before we continue, look at this:

Now, why would the powers that be, or the intelligence agencies trying to control the world's average people run a scheme that not only opposes them, & creates more hatred for the Jewish people, & many of the powers that be are Jewish, but also, lead many of these people in a direction where the powers that be & Zionist influence are exposed further, like in the case of David Duke? Pretty much the closest to plausible reason that I could come up with is that the powers that be know that the truth movement is growing a bit stronger than what they are willing to tolerate, & to an extent where the powers that be are willing to take a few risks to discredit it. 
How many better ways are there to discredit a movement other than to depict it as egoistic race-fixated-&-obsessed white-only Hiterphiles?

This also explains why the types of people described in this article are so tribalistic and act so similarly.
For more details, look at and

I admit that I have a personal story related to this: back in 2012 or 2013 when I joined the truth movement, introduced by Infowars, I didn't know 1/3 of what I know know, & followed in Infowars' footsteps closely. I soon also discovered StormCloudsGathering and followed in his footsteps. While in the truth movement, I saw people blaming the Jews all the time, & that really discouraged me from looking into the subject, thinking that blaming the Jews is mostly made-up nonsense made by Neo-Nazis.

But, in 2014, during Israel's conflict with Gaza, I started to discover how the Israeli government influenced the U.S. government, which started to pull me out of the old mentality that Jews aren't involved in the New World Order, helped along by StormCloudsGathering's video, "The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told". 

I also started to listen to Anthony Lawson, & later, Ryan Dawson

I still listened to Infowars, but not just them and StormCloudsGathering anymore. In December of the same year, I found a video about some truth people, comparing Alex Jones, Michael Savage, David Duke, & William Pierce. It attacked the former 2, & supported the latter 2, and added Kevin MacDonald & Bob Whitaker as recommendations (not that I'll endorse their social views or currently use them as sources). 

I won't tell you the video's name or give a link because I don't want to send traffic its way, though it spurred me to listen to people who I never listened to before. 
I tried to listen to a few of William Pierce's works, but since I didn't hear him give sources, I didn't listen to him so much. 

But, I definitely listened to David Duke, though I did question his social views heavily. I also listened to Ryan Dawson & Anthony Lawson more and more in late 2014 & early 2015. 
Around this point, especially after seeing more and more anti-Zionists that did not hate the entire Jewish people, I was broken free from the notion that all anti-Zionists are also Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, antisemites, or overall unsavory characters
That's about it for my personal story.

"That some racist assholes advocate it for completely different reasons and motives does negate the very real suffering of Germans post-war. And same goes for Japan. You don't have to follow the emperor or be a Japanese supremacist to have sympathy for victims of atomic bombs. Why do people have to be either-or so polar?" - Ryan Dawson, from a comment he made on a video made by a white nationalist criticising him.
(Watch the above video until 6:29.)

Some people can call me a hypocrite for listing David Duke's content so much. But, I clearly make the disclaimer that I do NOT support all of his views and that everything should be questioned anyway.
Interestingly enough, as explained hereHitler just might be a Zionist agent.
I don't intend to say that Hitler is a Zionist agent, but it is interesting to look into to see if he might be a Zionist agent.

Here are some comments made by Larken Rose from his video "What's So Bad About Nazis?":

"To all those deluded Hitler admirers, please stop implying that because Hitler spoke out against really bad stuff, he must have been good. Learn to THINK. If there are two serial killers having a fight, who do you root for? How about NEITHER? Hitler was a power-happy sociopathic authoritarian collectivist statist, fighting against OTHER power-happy sociopathic authoritarian collectivist statists. Choosing a side in any such battle makes you a dupe."

"I've seen it [a documentary]. It does a fine job of dispelling a lot of misinformation that was found in the "Allied" propaganda ... and then turns around and spews the same bullshit propaganda from the "Axis" side. It's just statist bullshit from the other direction, which isn't an improvement."

- Larken Rose.

A response I made to his 2nd comment:

"My only problem with the documentary as well is that it's so politicized (which makes historical revisionists look bad and, for average people, hard to listen to), and how it does not truly support freedom; only some concept of "unity" and "racial purity". As for "racial purity", yes, I believe that every ethnic group has a right to exist. But we can keep them in existence without big brother collectivist government that would alienate many people anyways."

In the end, look at what Hitler did to Europe. While Germany wasn't doing too badly for the social majority for a few years, the German government invaded both the Soviet Union & the rest of Europe instead of hunkering down & taking on dedicated, extra-hardened-up defensive positions, & in the end, not only did Germany get torn up them occupied by the allied powers, but also, half of Europe was re-occupied that the central banker owned allied powers & the other half was turned into a Communist hellhole for almost the rest of the century, which is a reason why their growth is so stunted.

Along with that, when the German armed forces occupied France, the Rothschilds survived.

I guess that historical revisionist Michael Hoffman II is right when he said:
"Hitler was a disaster for Germany. He took fully legitimate ideas about organic community and rootedness to the soil and twisted them into a modern counterfeit. In the name of fighting the Bolshevik police state, he created one of his own. In the name of military prowess, he rendered his people defenseless before the merciless devastation of RAF bombers of the British Empire. He crusaded against Communism and ended up Communizing half of Europe. Hitler is the pre-eminent failure and incompetent of this historical era."

(I got the above image from
And the people that this article talks about are not even pro-freedom:

Now, how do we address this problem? As explained on Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements, most of the people described are not convertible. What I advise that you do is to delete the comments of people who post hateful views about broad groups of race, religion, etc, and to avoid mentioning them. If you are unable to control the comments section of your posts, videos, and articles 100% of the time, then block the people that I described. An example of what I did is seen on

As a bonus, I would recommend reading Now, the author doesn't yet have my current approval, but the points that they bring up sound good.

(Only read if you consider yourself a "White nationalist" or something in that manner)
I'm sure some audience members would be asking "How do we secure the future of European culture and the Caucasian race?". While I, of course, am not anywhere near a race/ethnic nationalist, I see their concern perfectly (just because we may be enemies doesn't mean that we can't see the same information). I have a plan to secure humanity's future, protect but I know that it's going to be controversial, and understandably so even though I'm quite careful:

Is the Glorification of Hitler Really Serving the Alternative Media?

And definitely be sure to read U.S. Garrison Militarism: BS "Peking Order", Blind Social Conformity is evil, since it's relatable to the dogmatic culture of the people that this article talks about.

Now, do you agree, disagree, or want to add more? Please say so in the comments!

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  1. I believe much of the current hate 'Nazi's' comes from the well financed "Jewish Protection League".
    Nazi's standing as, right wing individual respecting organizations. JPL standing for those Organisations that promote, group welfare over individual rights.
    I see this whenever I open my TV programing for cable, Netflix etc, and scan through the offerings.
    Always and forever they offer me HORROR stories concerning Germany, Hitler or the Nazi movement. Not once have I seen advertized, 'Hitler the Hero, Rape of Germany or any such title.
    Why ? Because we are being brainwashed by the progressive left wingers to see, only one side of history.
    When it comes to "the News" the left wingers have always known, how important the words and phases of the current narrative is in swaying public opinion.
    There are 16 tons of other examples but I believe the reader either gets it or doesn't, and from my experiences of attempting to have people see the 'truth of an incident'. I have concluded, that the old saying, "none are so blind as those that will not see" is very accurate.
    So if you want to influence a group of readers of some idea,
    1. LIE FIRST
    2. LIE BIG
    3. Use a half truth, statement, because the Truth will keep the lie floating in our collective conscious.
    as an example, "No child left behind" !, or "Hands up don't shoot"

    1. "Nazi's standing as, right wing individual respecting organizations". From what I've seen, not. I've seen Neo-Nazis stand up for, of course, fascism, and even those who are openly authoritarian.

      Otherwise, I'd agree a lot, especially with only showing one point of view, which is not good, as explained in .

      What does not help is the fact that, being such a taboo topic, it's more likeley that only people with an offensive attitude will talk about the topic and we end up getting unsavory characters representing the movement.


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