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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why don't better people run for U.S. President? Plus a compelling explanation of the influence of the military industrial complex & who really controls the mainstream media.

I know that many Americans dislike both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and they are 2 of the most unpopular presidential nominees in American history.
(The playlist below is about how bad Donald John Trump is but it also shows why Hillary Rodham Clinton is worse.)

This really begs the question: why don't better people run for president?

But, in reality, better people did run for president and even now; a could of examples are Ron Paul and Jill Stein.

But still, why won't the media report on them so much?

What looks like complicated question is actually VERY simple: MONEY!

To advertise their campaign, candidates need to raise money. But who's going to give them the money? Simple! Political lobbies (especially AIPAC) and corporations (especially the military industrial complex and big bankers);

I got the above image credit of Fair use while crediting the source is reserved.

Not to mention how 3rd parties are suppressed (not that I want political parties: I prefer to abolish them entirely).

Now do you see why better candidates get suppressed? People such as Rand Paul, John Kasich, Lincoln Chafee, and maybe 1 other guy were ignored becuase they all were not pro-war enough.
The only reason why loose cannon Donald Trump EVER so much as stood a chance was that he had the money to compete; many other candidates and actual honest people don't get big money becuase the people with big money have their own agenda.

This is part of the reason why I push the alternative media so hard. I even made an entire article for human kind with links to a list of YouTube channels and a bunch of sites to support:

Don't like the status-quo? Learn how to bring real change:

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