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Sunday, October 16, 2016

My most recommended civilian-legal rifles & shotguns for American Samoa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California, Connecticut, plus airguns for Illinois & Delaware

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In some American states and a couple of territories, the type of firearms that civilians may own are highly restricted. So I decided to list the long guns that I reccomend the most for civilian ownership.

Note that there are, of course, far more options in real life than what is listed here. This is all my subjective opinion. Feel free to leave your recommendations, opinions, etc, in the comments down below. I'll explain my selections at the end.


American Samoa: Kel Tec KSG, Mossberg 590A1 converted to take Saiga magazines, Hatsan Escort BM12, straight-bolt AR-10 with a .22-250 Remington barrel, Lynx Target in .22-250 Remington (though you may have to make due with a Browning X-bolt or Howa 1500 with a detachable box magazine), Troy Pump Action Rifle.

Massachusetts: Tavor, Southern Gun Co lever-release AR-15 and straight-bolt AR-10, Benelli M4 with 5 round magazine and monte-carlo style stock, Kel Tec KSG, Saiga 12, Kel Tec SU-16, Springfield M1A, my AR-15/AR-15 idea with thumbhole stock (I think it might be legal), Barrett Model 95, Desert Tech HTI.

Washington D.C.Benelli M4 with monte carlo style stock, Kel Tec KSG, Saiga 12, my AR-15/AR-15 idea with compliant stock, Steyr AUG (be careful about new laws), Desert Tech HTI, EDM arms Windrunner M96 rifle in .510 DTC EUROP.

New Jersey: Tavor, Benelli M3 with 6 round magazine, Kel Tec KSG, Saiga 12, my AR-15/AR-15 idea with compliant stock, Barrett Model 95, Desert Tech HTI, bolt-action .50 BMG upper for AR-15.

New York: Tavor, Benelli M3 with 7 round magazine, Kel Tec KSG, Saiga 12, my AR-15/AR-15 idea with compliant stock, Barrett Model 95, Desert Tech HTI, bolt-action .50 BMG upper for AR-15.

California: Benelli M2 with 10 round magazine (I'm not sure if the Winchester SX3 with an 11 round magazine would be civilian legal), Kel Tec KSG, Saiga 12, Troy PAR, SGC lever release rifle, MARS VZ-58, Robinson XCR lever release, my AR-10/AR-15 idea with compliant stock & ARMagLock/Patriot Mag Release, Desert Tech HTI, EDM arms Windrunner M96 rifle in .510 DTC EUROP.

Connecticut: Benelli M2, Kel Tec KSG, Saiga 12, my AR-15/AR-15 idea with compliant stock, Barrett Model 95, Desert Tech HTI, bolt-action .50 BMG upper for AR-15.

Bonus (this is no longer necessary becuase of recent legal action):
Northern Mariana Islands: Remington 870 in .410, Browning X-bolt or Howa 1500 in .22-250 Remington, and Troy Pump Action Rifle.

The reasons why I reccomend these firearms so much;

. Browning X-bolt, Howa 1500 and Lynx Target in .22-250 Remington for American Samoa and the Northern Marina islands: becuase the caliber limit for rifles is .22, and .22-250 meets the legal requirement, the rifle would be chambered in a powerful cartidge and still be legal. Even though I recommended the Browning for being a premium model and the Howa for customisation options (especially with the stock), any manual-action rifle chambered for .22-250 with a barrel length of 16 inches or more and an overall length of 26 inches or more will do just fine.

. Kel Tec KSG: it is compact but still holds many rounds.

. Benelli M3: able to be used in pump-action or semi-automatic mode, which is useful for cycling exotic or low-powered ammunition with pump action and being able to fire more powerful ammunition in semi-automatic mode.

. Benelli M2: it can be fitted with a 10 round magazine, and does not tap the barrel for gas so doesn't use a gas system that needs so much cleaning (please take care of your weapons and equipment, nonetheless).

. Winchester SX3: it can take a 11 round magazine that can be loaded with individual shells as opposed to proprietary magazines.

. Saiga 12: it's a semi-automatic, magazine-fed 12 gauge shotgun that can be fitted with a traditional-style stock or thumbhole stock.

. 3 bolt-action rifles chambered for .50 BMG: Barrett Model 95, Desert Tech HTI, and bolt-action .50 BMG upper for AR-15. The former 2 are bolt-action, magazine fed bullpups chambered for .50 BMG that aren't covered by almost all assault weapon bans. The last one is a bolt-action, magazine fed rifle that also is almost never covered under assault weapon bans, and it gives modularity in configuring the rifle.

. Tavor: it is available in state compliant variations, has a good aftermarket for accessories and customisation, provides a compact non-sbr package, and often is not listed as a prohibited weapon like the AUG (as in the cases of places such as Canada and New Jersey).

. Steyr AUG: can be configured to be California compliant, offers a compact package, and has a quick-detach barrel. 

. Troy PAR: it's 50 state civilian legal and comes with a folding stock (a useful feature for, say, a "truck gun").

EDM arms Windrunner M96 rifle in .510 DTC EUROP: it's a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle chambered for .510 DTC EUROP, making it civilian-legal with .50 BMG like firepower in California.


Delaware: IZH-Baikal MP-514K co2 BB rifle, Cybergun Jericho 941, Umarex Steel Force, Umarex Steel Storm.

Illinois: AirForce Condor (in .177), Benjamin Marauder, Benjamin Discovery, Gamo Hunter Extreme (all in .177 cal), Hatsan Edge in .25 cal, SIG ASP airguns, Evanix Max ML in .50 caliber.

More models are more than welcome. For suggestions, please comment below, and I just might feature the particular model you want me to suggest in this article when I update it.

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