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Friday, August 21, 2015

So you think that punishing all Muslims (collective punishment) would work? Read this!

BEFORE YOU REPLY, READ THE ENTIRE POST. WHEN YOU DO COMMENT, THINK YOUR COMMENT OVER MULTIPLE TIMES BEFORE YOU DROP A COMMENT. And if you wonder why I used this video, though not related to the topic, I just thought it fit in the best for the kind of issue I’m talking about, along with a video called “Motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris”, which I’m going to refer to later. And no, I am NOT a Muslim, or middle eastern person (I am religiously atheist-agnostic (in simple terms, means that while I don’t believe in a higher being, that belief is not particularly strong) and half Asian, half Caucasian. Though both are trivial, and the only reason for mentioning this is to cut down the people throwing around accusations and stuff in that matter. And NO, I am not trying to say that Muslims or Islam are a race; it is asinine and outright untrue). I also know that people are going to get mad at me for doing this. If you disagree, state your REASON(S) in the comments (accusations or directly attacking me won't cut it). And no, I will NOT defend Islam or any other belief system as a religion, nor will I object to criticism of people as long as that criticism is backed with solid facts (I won't object to criticism of ideologies). But direct hate against people is a problem.
This reverse-psychology work is a mirror of The Chattanooga killings; we need to talk and was based off of Ron Paul's "Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!" political add, and was made with help credit of (I copied, pasted then edited it). By for way, for reasons explained on Why You Should NOT Vote For Rand Paul In 2016, I support RON Paul, not his NeoCon flip-flopping son. Also, I am skeptical rather or not Ron Paul is a "Wolf in sheep's clothing", however, I have yet to see solid evidence that shows that he is one, and besides, he is endorsed by a lot of truth people (such as the "Infowars team", Jesse Ventura, Ryan Dawson, Mark Dice, and, though I do NOT politically support, endorse or agree with this last one outside of information, David Duke. And I do NOT purposefully even "align" myself with him due to his past, so shut about this "aligning" junk. I support and agree with him LESS than you support and agree with any NEWS reporter you listened to).
I also support other truth people, such as Aaron Hawkins/StormCloudsGathering, Ryan Dawson, Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura.

Imagine for a moment that somewhere else in the world (the middle east, perhaps), a Christian terror group rose up and committed hideous acts of violence against mostly poorly armed, equipped or prepared civilians. After a major uproar, sanctions were put against the entire Christian people, regardless of individual guilt, and justified by a few other acts of unnecessary violence, coupled with lies spread through the internet and dubious testimonials of self-proclaimed "Former Christians" who claimed that the collective goal of Christians was to practically dominate the world. So, all Christians had most rights that they used to have are now stolen, services denied without further justification, and were given little real leverage, value, importance, power or anything and everything else that would be going for them. Imagine that both the government and those doing the government's bidding were militant antithest, or worse, Islamic fundamentalist. Imagine they were doing this under the auspices of “keeping the majority of people safe” or “protecting traditional values” or “destroying a savage, devilish ideology.”
Imagine that they operated outside of of the original law, and that Constitutional protections had exceptions for minorities as in that they may not apply to unpopular minorities. Imagine that people were rarely arresting for killing Christians outside of defense. So people can now attack Christians or steal their assets and property, usually with little more than a slap on the wrist. Imagine that they set up death/concentration internment/prison camps for Christians and routinely searched and ransacked entire neighborhoods of civilian homes with warrants that are too easy to get, if warrants were even needed. Imagine if Christians were frightened and angered by such tyrannical and arbitrary enforcement, and started to radicalize as their fuse is burning up.
Imagine if some Christians were so angry about such treatment that they actually joined together to fight back, in defense of not only their beliefs, but their own rights as human beings, because most other people did not care enough. Imagine that these people were labeled terrorists or insurgents for their defensive actions, and routinely killed, or captured and tortured by the true savage terrorists. Imagine that the enforcer’s attitude was that if they just killed enough Christians, the resistance would stop, but instead, for every people on one side killed, more on the other side would take up arms against them, resulting in perpetual bloodshed. Imagine if people were more rational and careful about their decisions. Imagine if they made good choices in the first place and actually prevent this horror.
Imagine if the human species was actually humane.
The reality is that punishing Muslims and/or suspected Muslims is just as morally/ethically questionable, if not, ineffective to counter-productive as Islamic governments (or any fundamentalist government for that matter) were to mistreat minority or dissenting groups. Simply put, when there is a fire, you do not add fuel to it. If you want to build up the membership of ISIS, for example, you would treat Muslims so badly that they are pushed into using violence after getting tired of their treatment. Same goes for, say, the KKK (or the Lord's Resistance Army or the National Liberation Front of Tripura) and Christians or something in that matter. To understand this better, go watch Motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris .
In short, as explained in my "Chattanooga killings; we need to talk" article, collective punishment simply is not only morally/ethically questionable, but may not even work like the way you wish.

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