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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Open message to students in Illinois on social media law

Alright, students in the state of Illinois! It is time that you take back your rights of privacy and free speech! A few months ago, a law has been passed to allow schools to force students to give their private social media and e-mail passwords to schools all in the name of “Preventing bullying”.

Well BULL_**_!!! For those of you who know history, they always do this kind of stuff to monitor the masses more easily, and perhaps in our case, getting you used to giving up your privacy to legally questionable “authority”. Now, since not many of you may be into this kind of stuff like I am, I won’t dig into too much of why this is wrong anyways other than saying that it would be, at least arguably, an overstep of state government and school systems power.
But I will say that it is not constitutional. Simply put, look up the 1st and 4th amendments of the United States constitution. 
But wait, there’s more!
The “Patriot” act and the NDAA also violates the same document that confirms so many rights with the violations bringing at least questionable results. I can get into the rather interesting origins of terrorism, but that’s another topic.

Anyways, some of you may be saying “So? What do I have to hide”. For those of you who say that, you might be missing the fact that if we allow this sort of stuff to happen, we may end up in the “point of no return”. To see what I am talking about, skip to the 2nd last paragraph.
This is not the first time that schools had done rather dumb stuff to students. Go read and find about about some principal who screamed “terrorism” for mere civil disobedience. I mean, Seriously? A bunch of kids dressing up in a way that does not obey rules is an offense that they can be literally indefinitely detained without a warrant, trial or charge? Really, people (like if Mahatma Ghandi, Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King were TERRORISTS without using violence)? And how would the world be like today if we did not have women’s rights and civil rights advocates doing what is necessary? Yes, civil disobedience was necessary before to bring change, and it still is now. No, it is not the same as starting violence or escalating violence (when not necessary) (both of which are wrong).
I’d also like to throw in that student disobedience is not that old of a concept anyway ( Heck, I even did this once (
So, are you still not motivated? Please watch 
The only thing I ask of you all is that you keep an open mind, and at least finish watching the video. But before you take action, you MUST overcome any fear related to such actions. Otherwise, you won’t be mentally prepared for what could come next.
And no, I am NO calling for an armed rebellion or overthrow of the current system for reasons explained on (look through videos #6 to #14).
To get some legal help, contact the American Civil Liberties Union (, National Lawyers Guild (, Center for Constitutional Rights ( and so on.
Please spamshare and friendbomb this post to every single student that lives in the state of Illinois you know!

Unless you want to hunt me down, you do not need to read this last part.
So, you hate this message, huh? Do you want me to be silenced?
If so, then look at my profile, and find out which school I go to. Go ahead and check out my social media network, find out who I am, and do what the heck you are going to do to me.
You can contact the school I go to. Send law enforcement to my home to intimidate me. Detain me. Arrest me. Heck, drag me out into the night and execute me or send a assassin(s) to get me for doing things quite a few others have done.
But you will not stop the great awakening. I am a tiny slither of it; there are dozens, if not, hundreds, of other 
people just like me doing what I am doing. Not to mention that you might cause someone to do something like call Infowars and spread the word. Even if you really control Infowars, once the word spreads about me falling, your forces better get gittin on shutting us up. 
This is Infowarrior Kriss Ite (not my real name) signing off. And remember, YOU are the resistance!


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