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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Uniting Americans: the common ground principle

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Can we all agree that all of the wars the U.S. government is involved in right now is wrong, and that we should at least stop with the interventions? If yes, good. This is by far the most important issue.

Okay. What if we're both anti-war. Would you agree that sending out armed men in blacked out uniforms and automatic weapons (SWAT teams) to bust people for marijuana is at least a waste of taxpayer's money & law enforcement resources, & at most, is wrong, & that drug usage should be treated like a disease as opposed to a crime? If yes, good; oppose the failed drug war, decriminalize drugs (at least), & change how government agencies treat people who take drugs.

We're both anti-war & anti drug-war. Can we agree that the privately owned federal reserve is a fraud, & that the central banks are an enemy to humanity?

We're both anti-war, anti drug-war, & anti-Federal reserve. Can we agree that the big bank bailouts was a scam to keep billionaires afloat?

We're both anti-war, anti drug-war, anti-Federal reserve, & anti-bank-bailouts. Can we agree that the NDAA & Patriot act are both wrong, & that indefinite detentions & assassinations, & spying on civilians without warrants or probable cause is wrong?

We're both anti-war, anti drug-war, anti-Federal reserve, anti-bank-bailouts, anti-NDAA, & anti-Patriot act. Can we both agree that TPP/TTIP & NAFTA are both scams to help corporations stay wealthy? Good!

Can we agree that all humans have inalienable rights, that no one & nothing should ever be allowed to take away?

And above all, can we agree that the use of force, threats, coercion, & so on and so forth, except for the defense of self and/or others, is wrong? 

(Also read When is violence justified? | StormCloudsGathering & Six Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the Non-Aggression Principle, the latter article of which gives detail, insight, & information not presented in the former article.)

Now there are a few other issues (economicsgun rightsclimate change, etc) that I wish that we can agree on. But those are not as essential as the other issues I brought up.
I highly recommend checking out the Facebook page The Common Ground Movement, which actually does better than I do when it comes to promoting common ground.

If you want to bring real change, look at the playlist below (the 1st video is for motivation; the other important ones are the 5th to 14th or 15th).

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