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Sunday, January 24, 2016

How truth people are indirectly connected, starring Ron Paul, SyrianGirl, Adam Kokesh & Ron Gibson.

Long title version: How truth people are indirectly connected, with StormCloudsGathering/Aaron Hawkins, Ryan Dawson, Michael Rivero, Jesse Ventura, David Duke & WeAreChange/Luke Rudkowski, starring Ron Paul & SyrianGirl, with mentions of ARSONomics, Truthfulradio & worldphilosopher101.
(Okay, Ron Paul isn't really talking with me right now. But nonetheless, he's the star person of the show. You'll see why when you're done reading. Also, find the evidence yourself; look for these people's YouTube channels and type up the appropriate words.)

As you can look up, many major truth people have disagreed with each other and, in some cases, even called others out. But, have you ever thought how they are all, both directly and indirectly, interconnected, even being in each other's extended circles? Just look into the social media and web sites. For example, Infowars has mentioned WeAreChange , StormCloudsGathering has also "Liked" WeAreChange on social media , and you can read up on how all are linked to Oath keepers.

But remember our star, Ron Paul? Well, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Duke, AMTV/Christopher Greene, StormCloudsGathering has, at least once, said to vote for Ron Paul (even though the last one has denounced Rand Paul and probably doesn't support Ron Paul anymore), with all approving him at some point.
Look at the history of these people; Ryan Dawson disapproves of Alex Jones, David Duke disapproves of Alex Jones, StormCloudsGathering appears to not like Alex Jones (, Truthfulradio dislikes Alex Jones (, worldphilosopher101 dislikes Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones only had Michael Rivero on his show once (I think; correct me if I'm wrong), and so on and so forth. But, some of the individuals I have mentioned have endorsed Ron Paul.
Jesse Ventura has been known to praise Ron Paul (and seems like an ally), David Duke has been known to endorse Ron Paul before, Ryan Dawson has approved of Ron Paul before, ARSONomics probably approves of Ron Paul, and, as I mentioned before, StormCloudsGathering has, at least once, approved of Ron Paul (but, again, probably not anymore). Strangely enough, so many of these people, with so many different views, beliefs and ways of thinking, has said something positive about Ron Paul. Interesting, isn't it?

I'd also like to add that SyrianGirl has not only been on Infowars before (, but also, has talked to Ryan Dawson as well ( Isn't it interesting that, while Ryan Dawson dislikes Infowars and Infowars has been known to have many suspicious things against it, Ryan has talked to SyrianGirl, who has been on Infowars.

When it comes to Adam Kokesh, he has talked to many truth people such as Ryan Dawson, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones.

When it comes to Peter Schiff, his info has been shown by both Alex Jones and Ryan Dawson.

When it comes to Ron Gibson, woo wee! He has content from LOTS of truth people!

I'd also like to mention that Alex Jones was on the Corbettreport, and vice-versa (

Now, just to let you know, this is just cutting into the surface of how truth people are indirectly connected.
Also, NO, I do NOT approve of or endorse David Duke as a person. His history (a big part of it being a member of a race supremacist group) is just too spotty for me to trust him with any political power outside of being an information dealer. Also, question EVERYTHING that he says; he has opinions that I don't endorse, and you should expect him to have an agenda or may be lying in a few places such as what he thinks of non-whites.

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