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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mainstream media & religious voter guide issues are ridiculous.

Long title version: Mainstream & issues are rediculous

As explained above, the mainstream media does not talk about truly important issues (except for gun control), and as a result, many Americans do not think or talk about the real issues.

Now, non-religious American voters have it bad already, and I've seen almost all. However, I haven't truly seen it all yet until I started to look for Ron Paul's approval ratings and I've cam across was astounded at how they depicted Paul. 
I did some more searching into the site, and looked the "Beliefs", and "Platform" sections, and let's just say that just looking through those pages was mortifying for me.

As of Paul's foreign policy, I hate China's government too. With Russia, I am concerned about their influence in the world (lookup on how Russia may set up its own New World Order).
For Islam, actually, it's nowhere near the threat that many think it is, and would die even quicker if some of the activity propping up more radical sectors are removed.

The other issues are not only relatively insignificant from a secular standpoint, but also, I'd like to add that it is a violation of natural rights to force prayer or religious study or to limit speech except in extreme cases (ie non-educational videos depicting real abuse). Anyone who has done real research about internet pornography doesn't have such one-sided views on the issue, and would probably see the way its presented on the site as bogus.
I'd also like to mention that the "Under god" part was added way after the revolution, and you can read up on how the founding fathers were pro-secularism, and some even voice not-so-religious views (
(None of these images belong to me. All belong to their original creators. The sites that they came from are linked above.)
Though the "Under god" issue definitely is going to the the last one I'll get into becuase it is so small in comparison to the others.

The main problem that I have with these types of people is not their views; it is them wanting to use the force of the state to impose their views and way of life onto others.

I follow more of what Ron Paul's true believes becuase of his voting history, involvement in the truth movement and overall intelligence.

I should've seen this all coming; the stereotypical views of an American Christian Conservative. In reality, their attention to important issues (or lack thereof) is usually not all that different from their Atheist Liberal counterpart; often, they pick sides and people like a sports team and celebrity event.

We can go to all of the websites mentioned in the long version of this article's title, search up the issues mentioned in the videos above, and they have little to no talk about these issues. Other than foreign policy (at least sort've), the only important issue that they would actually talk about is gun control.

Now, what can we do about this? First, hunt down the email addresses of people running sites like the ones mentioned above, take aim, and shoot them with a link to this article (I do not like real-life violence).

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