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Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Shooter and the predictable partisan reactions (ANC report, shared video), Orlando: Was It LGBT, Radical Islam, Guns...Or Something Else? (also a shared video), & more


  1. SayNo, it is curious why you get so few comments. I have seen that same phenomenon on a few other interesting and well put together sites.
    If I come up with an idea I believe in I'll tell you.
    But as a personal experience I have noticed with my own commenting.
    There seems to be a 'wave' of agreement which sweeps through the 'netscape'.
    If I post an idea before its time I get ignored. If my idea matches the current wave I get agreement and sharing. If my idea is late on the wave, I get 'likes'.
    One more observation, the closer to the truth the more hate mail I will receive, and the 'wave' seems to be in a parabolic shape.
    Bobby Ingram

    1. Well, thanks for telling me that.

      By the way, like my favourite political commentator, Ryan Dawson, said, "You get flack when you are over the target".
      The quote is from

    2. agreed
      BTW I read (partially) a long debate you had concerning gun control. I joined their club just to comment,
      I took NO sides but just advised to write up your best argument then QUIT typing to fools drunks and idiots, Don't say good bye or anything just quit.
      Bobby Ingram

  2. I don't think there's enough information out yet to make a determination about the motivation behind the Orlando massacre, but I appreciated alternative perspectives. It's my first visit to this site and it looks like there's a lot of interesting information brought together under one umbrella without the preachy attitude, which is refreshing.

    1. I myself am not entirely sure either if there is necessarily enough information to make a solid confirmation on the motivation of the Orlando massacre.

      We definitely should not rule out the possibility of involvement of the use of physic drugs like what we have seen before (, though a lot of us wouldn't know that thanks to the media coming to us from the left blaming guns (and civilian weapon ownership and posession) and, to a lesser extent from the media but still from Americans who identify as being socio-politically conservative blaming Islam and Muslims, with neither side thinking outside the box or below the surface.

      One thing that is clear is that the shooter identifies with both ISIS and Hesbollah. I dislike both, and more importantly, they actually also dislike each other. I think the 2 groups might've even fought each other in the past!
      It's probable that the individual identifies with both just to be part of something scary.

      By the way, yes, I do bring on lots of information. What I want to do is to try to inform the public the best I can in the situation I am in. I want to promote the alternate media, teach people the truth, and how to bring real change while avoiding violence. I wish that I can change culture so people would become more respectful to each other and more reasonable and, when it comes to dealing with problems, not emotionally based.

      But changing culture and mindset is perhaps the hardest thing to do, especially with MTV and political comedians rotting our culture NOT in the sense of losing tradition but in the sense of us having less respect towards others, using jokes and comedy or emotion to come to conclusions, form opinions and make decisions, which is hurting America terribly.
      I'm going to touch on the last problem in a new post that I plan to release in a few days.

      I hope that you enjoy your stay, and definitely thank you for commenting! =D

    2. Good on ya Sayno, its a lofty goal, but it can be done.
      Just keep telling the truth, as YOU see it, let those who disagree have a voice, have a low tolerance for those who attack others.
      ..and keep up the good work, you are an intelligent guy and we need You.

  3. I had a major disappointment when listening to Newt Gingrich during his speech at RNC.
    He delivers 8 minutes of common sense then blurp he tells a big fat lie !
    He claims Iran as the main exporter of terrorism in the region ! Ignoring the wahhabist supported by Saudi Arabia.

    1. Well, don't listen to Newt Gingrich anyway, since he's just another establishment shill and his policy is strikingly similar to Barrack Obama (


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