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Monday, November 28, 2016

Simple ideas for the ultimate comfortable but practical law enforcement & security uniforms, the friendliest looking uniforms, along with uniform color & material considerations

For some time, I had an interest in law enforcement and private security uniforms (mainly work uniforms, NOT formal dress uniforms). Now, I want to put out these ideas that could potentially help the job of those in uniform a little easier.
This is all purely my opinion. If you have your own, including any ideas, recommendations, suggestions, or requests for cheaper alternatives, please comment down below so that everyone can benefit.

Idea 1: navy blue polo shirt (as much cotton as possible to prevent melting in hot environments) on 100% cotton navy blue BDU pants, navy blue or urban digital TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform pants or Crye Combat multicam black pants.

Idea 2: navy blue "Urban Force combat shirt" or, perhaps better yet, navy blue or urban digital "TRU 1/4 ZIP COMBAT SHIRT" on navy blue or urban digital TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform pants or Crye Combat multicam black pants.

The reason for having the polo shirt in idea 1 is that there are companies out there that would print words, designs, images, and images onto polo shirts, along with polo shirts often being relatively cheap compared to combat or police style shirts, and being overall comfortable. 
As for the combat shirts, while they may not be quite as comfortable as polo shirts, they give MUCH better protection than polo shirts, and they are also available in camouflage patterns such as urban digital camouflage. Combat shirts are more 

The reason why I have thought about navy blue is becuase blue is a calming color, which can help de-escalate violence. However, if you don't think that's significant, then urban digital or black multicam would work to help conceal the wearer or at least make them look cool.

As for uniform markings, I reccomend having patches on both shoulders of the uniform shirt (for both quick identification and advertising), and big identification patches on the vest that looks something like what officer Dominick Izzo is wearing. For the polo shirt, do the same, but have the badge printed or embroidered on one side, and the company's/agency's name, title, and information about the wearer (ie rank, title, badge number).

And a bonus for people working in EMS:

The ultimate friendly-looking uniforms, plus the Minnesota legal version, & matching body armor to go with both of them:

Horace Small Deputy Deluxe shirt in light blue:
Body armor to go with this: Blauer Polyester Armorskin in blue (
TruSpec Tactical Response Uniform pants in khaki color:

100% cotton Blauer shirt in white:
Body armor to go with this: Blauer Polyester Armorskin in white (
Horace Small New Dimension shirt in light green:
Body armor to go with this: Blauer B.DU Armorskin in navy blue:
XFIRE TRU pants in green:
I recommend this the most for EMS personnel or security-patrol personnel at medical centers during peacetime because white represents purity and cleanliness while green, as said in the article Why are hospitals associated with the colour green?, "carried associations with nature, growth and recovery".

I do not recommend wearing dark green shirts unless the wearer is in some sort of tactical unit or going into dangerous situations such as shootouts or battles because dark green looks rather militaristic and law-enforcement like. A reason why light green may be great because it looks so different from tactical law enforcement or older style military uniforms, and some can say that green is closer to being a natural-looking color than blue.

Minnesota legal version for privacy security/patrol (
100% cotton Blauer shirt in white:
Body armor to go with this: Blauer Polyester Armorskin in white (
Gray bdu pants made out of ripstop cotton (I couldn't find 100% cotton yet), though 5.11 TacLite TDU pants would also work:

As for the ultimate tactical security uniform for Minnesota, I'd recommend getting black DriFire Fortex and/or NFM combat shirt and pants, a black ballistic vest and helmets, and perhaps for snowy conditions, white NFM clothing covers.

This idea is most recommended for emergency medical services, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics, along with security-patrol (and law enforcement) agents operating in schools, daycare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, pediatrician's/family doctor's offices, and minimum security juvenile detention centers. But this is for peacetime only, because these uniforms weren't designed to be tactical; they put form over function (looks over tangible practicality), so to speak.

The ultimate British Colombia compliant police uniform:

Blauer Duty Polo Shirt/Performance Patrol Polo
511 Fast-Tac™ TDU®
TruSpec 24-7 Series® Men’s Dress Shirt
TruSpec Short Sleeve Tactical Shirt
Class B 5.11 Stryke™ PDU® Shirt
Women's Class B 5.11 Stryke™ PDU® Shirt
Propper™ Tactical Dress Shirt

Class A 5.11 Stryke™ PDU® Pant
Women's Class A 5.11 Stryke™ PDU® Pant
Spiewak SPDU22
Horace Small New Dimension Plus® Trouser
Flying Cross Deluxe Tactical Pants

Special uniforms & miscellaneous items:
ClawGear Mk.III Combat Shirt
ClawGear Operator Combat Shirt
Spar-tac Combat pants ARES
ClawGear Raider Mk.IV
511 XPRT® Rapid Shirt
511 XPRT Tactical Long Sleeve Shirt
511 XPRT® Tactical Pant
TruSpec BDU shorts
TruSpec Outerwear
5.11 Tactical Uniform Jackets

Flame resistant clothing:
DRIFIRE head + neck gear

Why I do not recommend polyester or nylon:

While usually not too common in the civilian world during peacetime, it is possible to get into situations where the uniform would be exposed to extreme heat such as a fire (rather it be in a burning building or vehicle wreck), including open or "popped" flares.
In fact, this led to the United States Marine Corps restricting wearing polyester (and nylon) t-shirts for concerns of burn injuries:
Marines Ban Under Armour.

Some recommended reading on how uniform color affects people's perception:
The psychological influence of the police uniform.
I highly recommend wearing an all-dark uniform if you're working unarmed security because a dark uniform conveys more authority. Since the world is crawling with idiots who wouldn't listen to an armed sheriff, let alone an unarmed security guard, may as well do something to convey a little more authority to those types of people.

Playlist about law enforcement/security EDC and duty belt setups (it's work in progress):

You can find more content by searching up phrases (minus the quotation marks) such as "unarmed security edc", "unarmed security duty belt", "law enforcement edc", "law enforcement duty belt", and so on and so forth.

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