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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The silver lining to the Trump presidency, from an independent who doesn't like Trump. #NotMyPresident And so you want to move to Canada?

I am NOT a Trump supporter or even trying to get anyone to like Trump (in fact, I'm developing an article called "Concerns about Trump, & what would probably still need fixing from the Trump presidency" to target Trump supporters), but rather, I wish to help make people slightly more optimistic about what's ahead.

Also, when reading this, you don't need to stop and look at every video, especially the long ones. I reccomend to keep going and come back later for the videos.
(The above image came credit of

I know that many people don't like Trump. And often, they REALLY don't like Trump.

While I am not Trump's biggest fan (he does not earn my endorsement), and I know that he is not principled (most politicians aren't, unfortunately), and is not even pro-personal-liberty outside of gun rights (but what do we expect?), at the same time, we can expect a few positive but hardly ever talked about things to go along with the world getting better.

Now, to make it a little funny for people who need to be told jokes to understand something, here's what a self-proclaimed liberal had to say about this:

Okay, let's say that Trump is the big bag of crap. While I disagree with the bag of crap's social views, sloganeering, how partisan he is, and his overall lack of principle and philosophy, inside that bag of crap, there are actually a few things that are actually good. So what are those positive things, pretty much from the smallest to the largest?

First off, Donald Trump opposes NAFTA (which hurts Mexico's economy, especially with government subsidised businesses in the U.S. driving Mexican businesses down and forcing people to the U.S. for better jobs) and the the TPP (

Second, Trump knows economics. He's not a free-market or Austrian economist, but at least he's a businessman. Even Michael Moore agrees.

As for his past financial mistakes, so what? I'm pretty sure that there are many successful people who made mistakes and learnt from those mistakes.

Third, he wants to put in term limits and get money out of politics. Even at least one writer from the left-wing website Alternet agrees:

Being a multi-billionaire, at least he's less likely to be brought out by special interests, which is why so many politicians have little to no real values or integrity and those who have real values or integrity don't get much money or media attention.

Now, with is position on Israel, I'm not sure how much action, if any, that he'll take against AIPAC (he spoke at AIPAC before but this article and its clone claims that Trump "exposed" AIPAC). But regardless, especially with how AIPAC is intertwined with the military industrial complex, taking power from special interests will be a step in the right direction. Even for you interventionists out there, don't you think that it's better to go to war on principle instead of business interests?
And this is nothing against Jewish people (I am against collectivism).

When listening to this guy, question everything he says. I do NOT agree with all of his social views.

And fourth, and most importantly, he is one of the least pro-war candidates and is willing to help Assad fight ISIS.

And if you still disagree...

If you wish to protest, do so in a way that wouldn't harm or disrupt the life of your neighbors.

I reccomend reading Donald Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly .

Now here are a few other good things...

He wants to eliminate Obamacare.

He's not terribly anti-gun as some other politicians;

And hopefully Trump will declassify some more stuff such as the redacted 28 pages (not a guarantee, but just a hope, especially considering how he wants to get Snowden (

As for climate change, I'll direct you to

Donald Trump is what we get for not getting in Ron Paul before.

And don't think that Bernie Sanders was all that great.

Or Gary Johnson...

Bonus: Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul believe that better times are ahead.

For the video below, skip to 26:06.
For the video below, skip to 11:06.

Now, what is it really like in the land of beavers and maple syrup trees?

War and peace:
Sadly, Canada (or at least their government) is not a peaceful as many think. Sure, they spend less than 2% of their GDP on defense, but not only are they hevily involved in Afghanistan (, but also, partisucarly as explained in the CBC news article Let's not kid ourselves, Canada is in the war business, Canada is exporting arms to Saudi Arabia and the government didn't even complain about it.

Is Canada really that socialist of a country? A truly socialist economy would have lots of government control.

The corporate tax rate is actually lower (, and Canada is listed in this article as having one of the freest economies:

How truly good is universal healthcare? I hope that you're willing to wait in long lines.

And are other options all that bad?

Multiculturalism: is it really all that great? And this is not hate rhetoric.

Freedom of speech.
Canada has a few laws on hate propaganda. But isn't there a better way to handle things?
I'd prefer to have groups known to the public online and have an idea of what's going on instead of pulling the wool over my eyes and not knowing what they're doing on the deep web or on the streets.


Before we get into laws, let's see how many people own guns.
As of 2015, there are over 2 million firearms licenses (
As of that same year, there are more than 5 people out of 100 who have a firearms license (

People tend to think Canadian gun laws as "strict". But the media is rarely specific, and, when it comes to "assault weapons", misleading.

Okay, it's a bit of a challenge to get a non-restricted firearms license (even more so for restricted and prohibited).

Okay, let's say that Billy Bob gets his non-restricted license. What can he buy with that license? And remember, he can just walk right into a store, show it, and buy up as many guns as he wants to. So which types of guns can one get on a non-restricted license?

Want a shotgun? They have them!

Want an "assault weapon" that cambered for the .223 "military" (actually, it's mainly civilian) round (just with 10 round "pistol" magazines)? They have them!

Want a full size semi-automatic rifle that's actually more powerful than typical assault rifles, also with 10 round "pistol" magazines? They have them!

Are those rifles not big enough for the job? Will this .50 BMG (restricted in the state of California and a few other places) magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle get the job done?
They have them!

Are you unsatisfied with this selection? There are a few other options.

And remember, NONE of these guns are registered!

Okay, let's say that Billy Bob gets a restricted license. What can he buy with that?

Well handguns, obviously.

But also short barreled rifles.

But things get really exciting when you get into machine guns. If you're well motivated enough and run a firearms dealing business to sell to government agencies or museums, you might get a 12(2) machine gun license ( And I can prove this better than I can say this.

So here's your battle rifle (more powerful but harder to control than an assault rifle).

Here's your real assault rifles, one being compact.

Here's your even more compact submachine gun.

Here's your general purpose machine gun (look how fast this MG42 fires!).

And here's your classic water cooled machine gun with an armored shield.

How many guns can one have? As long as all of them are stored in compliance with the law/regulations, as many as they want!  There's even a story of a man with over 100 guns who was allowed to keep them as that he legally stored them;

And up to 225 pounds of explosives can legally be kept. But it's more of an enviromental regulation than law:

Did you know that it's possible to legally carry a gun?

But guess what? You can get deactivated guns, paintball markers, airguns, antique guns, and even almost all crossbows (except for pistol crossbows) without a license!

So deactivated machine guns and rifles with plugged up barrels are legal.

So rubber ball shooting paintball guns are legal.

So fully automatic blank guns that shoot gases out the front are legal:

So pellet rifles and pistols are legal:

(Yes, the air rifle above is avalible in Canada:

Fully automatic bb (not airsoft!) guns are legal.

New flintlock rifles and shotguns.

And even fully operational antiques:,

But do you know what the ultimate kicker here is? According to, while the number of guns and licensed gun owners went up, yearly homicides went in the opposite diretion.

Let's also take a peek at a few other gun friendly and developed countries.

New Zealand:

Civilians can have fully operational assault weapons with "shall-issue" permits, and getting machine guns, explosive weapons and tanks are easier than in many other countries in Europe. 
With a regular firearms license, one can walk right into a gunshop and buy pump-action (and potentially lever-release) rifles and shotguns with little restriction.
If one wishes to get a firearms license, no character references are required, unlike in Canada, New Zealand, and some other jurisdictions.
The Czech republic allows airguns up to 16 j worth of force, and spring-powered projectile weapons up to 150 Newtons.
The Czech republic exempts antiques (so pre 1890 cartridge revolvers, rifles and shotguns can be held with no regulation, and new double-barrel percussion pistols, muzzle loading double-barrel shotguns and breech-loading single-shot blackpowder rifles can be held with no regulation other than age) and .22 BB/CB firearms up to a certain caliber without regulation except for age.

But guess what about violent crime? And is there a gun or knife epidemic in the Czech Republic.
File:Guns in czech rep.png

Austria's firearm laws are similar to the Czech Republic's (and also allows black powder and airguns), but pump-action (and potentially lever-release) rifles, and double, triple, and quadruple barreled shotguns can be brought without restriction by all Austrian citizens who are 18 years year old or over, and they only have to be registered to a gun shop or gunsmith within 6 weeks after the purchase.
And, as for semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, the license required is one of the easiest to get in its class in Europe.
But we don't see too much violent crime in Austria, do we?

Also read:
and as a bonus, 
Surprise! We’re more conservative than Americans
Keep in mind though that marriage is not a big issue to me: however, I personally believe in permitting all consenting adults to marry if they so while.

So Canada is America's liberal utopia? Give me a friggin break! I spent hours working on this article just trying to educate people who might not even get all the way through. And this has to be one of the biggest slaps in the face to people who ever thought Canada was some leftist progressive utopia.

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