Saturday, October 1, 2016

Don't like the mainstream media? Here's some alternate media sites that I would recommend, alternatives to Infowars/Alex Jones, plus the greatest videos & articles of the truth. And how to bring real change.

I know that many people don't watch the news or read newspapers so much anymore, so many look on the internet. There are also people on the internet who want more than big name liberal/conservative websites and blogs or Infowars but are unable to find the right websites.

So, I put together a small list to get started;

The Bilzerian Report (archived version, original site domain has expired and is down)

I especially do NOT endorse all of the social views of David Duke. In fact, I do NOT blame the entire Jewish people, and I'm very outspoken against hate and collectivism. So, as always, question everything these sites and their authors say.

There are so many truth articles that I haven't even started to list them all. But What Really Happened has plenty of great articles.

Here are the videos:

Note: if you're easily turned off by small things that people say, then disregard things that Ryan says about a plane hitting the Pentagon, or rather or not mass shootings were real or whatever; those topics are not as big as the others.

Do you want to being real change? Check out the playlist below;

Why I hardly listen to Alex Jones/Infowars anymore:

(I got the above image from MIC and Mass Media (maps and voice by Ryan Dawson. I was able to get from using Awesome Screenshot Minus & its crop tool.)


  1. If you don't support what has occurred in our political theatre and government programs what can you do ?

    1. Though we should make sure that the next ones in power are better.


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