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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

South Africa confiscating White-owned land. Is this a good or bad idea, & what will happen next?

It seems sad that people seem to either have forgotten history, don't understand it, or are so angry that they let the emotions get the better of them.
Does anyone remember what happened to Rhodesia/Zimbawe? That place turned from having a government that was not good for a lot of people to a government who was good for pretty much no-one. A once relatively not so bad place in Africa turned into one of the poorest countries on the face on planet Earth, with severe poverty and terrible starvation.
#Zimbawe Begs White Farmers To Return As Country Plunges Into Famine
Zimbabwe pleads for cash to stop mass starvation

And being one of the worst countries in the world for economic freedom is not helping this.

One group is going to have to take the last hit, say "enough is enough", and all major groups involved must agree to end the cycle of hate. That is the only way that cycles of misery will end.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

RED ALERT! YOUTUBE PURGE! YouTube purge deletes Ryan Dawson's channel & the videos with it. What do we do now? Plus why you should backup content.

If you regularly listen to the alternate media, you probably have heard of YouTube purging channels with libertarian, conservative, conspiracy, and other alternate-media related content. At first, I thought that it was just a few conservative-leaning channels and gun channels getting deleted, then soon reinstated.

Buy boy, oh boy, was I WRONG.

This morning, while I was working on a post for my Quora blog, Liberty, Peace, & Prosperity, when I went to the link for The Divine Right of Self Defense - Mike Adams documentary, the video turned out to be deleted, along with the rest of the Health Ranger channel. 
I went onto my main channel, and discovered that my favorite political commentator, Ryan Dawson, had both his main (Ryan Dawson/Rys2sense) and alternate (RyDawson) (I remember that Ryan stated that he opened his alternate channel to get around YouTube messing with his view count and montenisation) YouTube channels deleted, offically for violating the rules.

On this Facebook post, it is it shown that Ryan has just received his second strike on March 2.

On a Patreon post titled "They erased my YouTube channel", he states "Apparently while I was dealing with this cluster fuck airline problem they erased my YouTube. I had thousands of videos. All of them were gone. I had no computer and no way to download any of them. They didn’t email me or wait for appeals. I wasn’t even given a reason for what violated their policy or which video it was."

And in a comment he made on the aforementioned post and this Tweet, he stated that he could not even acess his Gmail account.

All of the posts that I have linked to have been saved on

This was not the first time that Ryan's channel was outright deleted. He used to run a channel called "Ryantineocons", but it got deleted in late 2008 or 2009 by the Anti-Defamation league.

This is a huge blow to the truth movement, and it is also a huge blow to me. I'd estimate that about 80%-90% of either other people's content I share or content I share to elaborate, backup, and provide substance for is in the form of Ryan Dawson's videos. Now I have lost most of my ability to articulate and backup points that I make.
Had I simply saved Ryan Dawson's important videos to my computer, I would be much better off. 
Fortunately, I did save some of Ryan Dawson's content on my own channel, and the little-known channels JoelAkaRaider, rubixluciferRySchoolv3ktör147 and chalkboardwarrior (the last of whom is Ryan Dawson's brother) also saved videos from Ryan Dawson's distant past, along with a few other people who reuploaded Ryan Dawson's videos.

This also does not come at a good time for me. Friday of this week is when my school is sending report cards home, and I have school projects and homework to get done (coencidentally, I am finishing up a new article that I wrote about school and education).

By the way, YouTube censorship has so far became so ridiculous that I've even seen videos criticising the alt-right and/or white nationalism get placed into a "limited state", such as in the case of ContraPoints' video Why White Nationalism is Wrong and Philosophy Tube's White Supremacist Propaganda Vs Truth. I'm guessing that individuals who affiliate with aforementioned criticised ideaologies have mass reported a video to the point where YouTube moderation has placed it on "limited state" just to quit getting spammed reports.

I can't just let this force me to give-up and get out of politics or at least serious political issues. I have to keep going.

In response to this, I have opened accounts on other websites, and here are the links to those accounts;
I am going to be on Gab, but i got around to it late as my father was about to head for work. I need a phone text message verification for it, I don't have my own smart phone right now, & I'm dependent on my father to do the phone verification.

I also plan on opening a non-Gmail account to handle new e-mails (and possibly linking my non-Google accounts with them) and switching to a privacy-based browser to prevent bad things happening to me.

PLEASE archive pages on or, and bookmark and save links to the archived version of my channel and this blog:*/*/

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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