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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A few YouTube channels I reccomend for left-leaning people to intellectually challenge themselves / My most recommended anti-SJW YouTube channels

Ryan Dawson. Endorsed.
Comment: he does not constantly speak about social issues, but when he does, he is spot-on. He is amazingly well-read and articulate, taking fire from both the right and the left.

Styxhexenhammer666. Endorsed.
Comment: in my mind, he's comparable to Ryan Dawson in how articulate he is, but he doesn't go into issues as deeply as Ryan Dawson does.

ShortFatOtaku. Endorsed.
Comment: I absolutely love how articulate he is. 

Andywarski. Not endorsed.
Comment: I am not yet particularly familiar with his views, so as for now, I do not fully endorse his views. It may be more accurate to say that my endorsement status of him is pending.

Sargon of Akkad. Not endorsed.
Comment: I can see why he is popular when talking about social issues, of which I agree with, though he doesn't talk about particularly important issues such as foreign policy, and is not involved in the truth movement. I have barely started looking into his talks about economic issues.

Angry Foreigner. Endorsed.

Comment: I find his commentary to be logical.

Armored Skeptic. Endorsed.
Comment: N/A.

Bounty Hunter - TigersFace. Endorsed.
Comment: ditto for Angry Foreigner.

TL;DR. Not endorsed.
Comment: ditto for Andywarski.

Top Hats and Champagne. Not endorsed.
Comment: ditto for Andywarski.

PoorOldKilgore. Endorsed.
Comment: she may vistually fit the sterotypes of a millenial, and is an athiest, she does have her disagreements with the mainstream left, with social justice warriors in particular.

Honorable mentions:

Blaire White. Not endorsed.
Comment: ditto for Andywarski.

Kothorix. Endorsed.
Comment: ditto for ShortFatOtaku, except that he is not dedicated to politics or social commentary. He said in one of his videos that he often listens to skeptic channels.

Note: endorsed means that I agree with 9/10 or more of one's opinions and how they articulate them. They're mostly libertarians and classical liberals, and to a lesser degree, some centrists and center-left individuals. Not endorsed means anything less than that, as often with the case of conservative-leaning individuals and outlets.

I created this in response to my current World History teacher (who I'll just call "Ms. Teacher"), and some of the views espoused by her and several students in my class (and a talk between me and a classmate is the reason why I released this post even though it may not be quite complete). There are issues that we don't quite agree on (mainly culture and things such as rather or not things are "that bad" in Africa), but we get along pretty well. We actually get along better than moderates and conservatives and leftists on college campuses. Isn't that interesting?
At least it's arguably better than the case where people such as Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos use social justice warriors talking about silly minor issues and non-issues as strawmen to make themselves look good.

I'm glad that I have someone intellectually to challenge me a little bit on issues. I also personally think that it's good for one to know some people in their daily life to intellectually challenge them, as that it humanizes the debate and perhaps it makes them approach it with more humility.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

2017 Shayrat missile strike anniversary: why did Trump do it?

1. Trump is doing this for his public image, to make him look serious, decisive and formidable.

2. Kushner got into Trump's ear via Ivanka Trump, who told Donald Trump to do something in response to the alleged gas attacks. This was one of Ryan Dawson's theories.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ryan Dawson's YouTube channel is back up!

I am sorry that I did not post this on the same day that Ryan Dawson posted the announcement. When his YouTube channel was reinstated, I was on a field trip in Fairfax, Virginia visiting Washington, DC while on an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps field trip. While I did bring my laptop and had a new smartphone that my father brought me the day before the trip, I don't like to use a mobile device to work on my content, and I used up my high-speed data quickly, leaving me with a slow internet connection when not using Wi-Fi. While I was able to get my laptop and set up my phone as a private hotspot, the internet connection through the phone was slow to the point of barely being reliable due to me using up all of my high-speed data beforehand.

I can now go download Ryan Dawson's content in hopes that he does not get deleted again.

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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