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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ultimate education reform article list & video list. Problems with public education/schools, & how to fix them.

Part 1 will show the problems. Part 2 shows some ideas for solutions.

The video below is the most important one here, condensing almost all of the problems and solutions into a single 45 minute talk.

Summary: government schools waste time teaching concepts that have little real application for most people, and do so inefficiently with cookie-cutter style collectivized memorizing for tests.
For the most part, government schools do little to nothing to teach actual life-skills, such as growing a garden, fixing machinery, balancing a checkbook or making a healthy meal, or organizing and leading groups,  resolving conflicts nonviolently, and so on and so forth.
They certainly don't teach people logic, how to think for themselves .

Substance to back this summary up are in the videos and articles listed below.

Articles to read and additional resources:

Unplugged Mom

School Sucks project


Fixing Our Local Schools

Seven Ways School Has Imprisoned Your Mind

How Schooling Leads to War

The Schools Are Becoming Prisons

How to Control Society: Education and “National Security”

The Horrors of Public Education

Anti-Authoritarian Personalities & Standard Schools

The Case Against Public School

How Stupid Are High School Students?

Why Public Schools Don’t Teach Critical Thinking — Part 1 (Huffington Post)

Are Our High School Students Dumb? Are Our High Schools Disastrous?

How America Outlawed Adolescence

America's Public Schools Are Prisons

Pavlovian classical conditioning in school

A warning to U.S. about ‘educational authoritarianism’ — from a Chinese scholar (Washington Post)

"Children Are Not Second Class Citizens": Can Parents Stop Public Schools from Treating Their Children Like Guinea Pigs?

Psychology today:

The Danger of Back to School

Schools Are Good for Showing Off, Not for Learning

“Why Don’t Students Like School?” Well, Duhhhh…

Militarism (Narcissism-in-uniform) Stinks by whoever lives it!

Part 1:

Major problems with government/state schooling:

(The relevant part below starts at 50:51. The direct part about school ends at about 1:02:48.)

TED/TEDx Talks:

Are schools prisons, plus student's rights:

If you prefer to read the Rutherford institute's statements about school:

Part 2: Solutions:

There is some talk about making public education better. But the real problem is HOW do we make education better?

Ideally, we'd have home-school for everyone. But, if that is not viably possible, then have school choice combined with charter schools, with maybe a few conditions to receive funding such as respecting student's rights, having a secular curriculum, teaching basic values and principles, and so on and so forth. 
That would force competition becuase now for schools to receive students and funding, they must perform well. A school can't hold a monopoly over a rotting ghetto just becuase of geography (which I find to be terribly unfair to the poor); the kids in that ghetto have an option to go to the same school with the kids from the snobby top-upper-middle class kids in the nice part of town that give a hoot about successful, efficient teaching that truly prepares kids for the future.

Along with this, offer more vocational and apprenticeship types of problems and look at on-the-job training as an alternative to inadequate Jack-of-all trades (more like a Master-of-nothing) style to teaching, which is shown to not work.

Yes, this can cost some money in the short term, particularly with transportation. 
But what will cost more money in the long term? Kids today being apathetic about learning becuase they're made to memorize minutia that has little to no real-life application to the extent that they learn very little that will be useful to their futures, and a lot of potential that these people had when they were little kids is wasted, plus a culture of ignorance, anti-intellectualism and apathy towards real philosophy, vaules, and principles.

Along with that, an ignorant society that sorely lacks creativity, intellect and deep critical thinking.

Also, be sure to pay teachers fairly for what they do, and encourage freedom to experiment with teaching styles and allow teachers to individualize (such as having a kid read a book that they are interested in and doing work that is on their level and at their pace).

While what I described is far from perfect, it is the best that I can realistically come up with. Please do leave your toughs in the comments below.

Ron Paul curriculum:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Military/paramilitary/tactical combat clothing & camouflage substitutes for countries that ban camouflage clothing. Plus 100% cotton combat fatigues (especially for Christians).

Awhile ago, I've found out that in places such as Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, the civilian possession of camouflage is restricted in one way or another.

As a spin-off to my articles 
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However, I'm not putting all "tactical" style clothes that can be found and had here. I'm mainly looking at high-end brands that do NOT contain polyester.
It's okay to use polyester containing clothing if you're just in a sport or, to a limited extent, private security and law enforcement use. But polyester can melt, fuse to one's skin, and seriously effect their quality of life.

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As for body armor and other accessories that are going to be used in places with multiple terrain colors, I would reccomend going for brown, since it is the best single color for use in multiple environments;

More videos about combat clothing:

I am NOT response for what anyone does after they read this article, and decide to wear clothing articles like those described here while being involved in illegal, unethical and/or questionable activities.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

DailyStormer's damage to the truth & anti-Zionist movements must be addressed. Plus Andre/Andrew Anglin's logical contradictions & libel of Ben Garrison

I'm going to talk about some very divisive subjects here, & it is common for a lot of people to jump to conclusions & not read a whole article or finish a whole video.

Take a deep breath. Seriously. If your attention span is short, please do take brakes if that is so necessary to finish the article.
And you do NOT need to watch the videos; they are for pure substance.

I've been wanting to make an article specifically talking about this for well over a year. I've mentioned the DailyStormer (DS) & its owner, Andrew Anglin in my article in response to the late 2016 "fake news" craze (they're all the same article under different names) (
So about that viral list of fake news sites; How Russian Propaganda Really Works in the West), & I've talked about Neo-Nazi, White Nationalist/Supremacist, Facist & Alt-right related circles in this article. Now I gathered enough information to have a dedicated article that talks about.

First off, what type of information does the DailyStormer promote?

If you go to the website, you'll see that most of the information shown is either non-white people attacking white people or committing other types of crime, or reporting on things that Donald John Trump or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin do that the author likes.

I'd like to compare the DailyStormer with another infamous site: BareNakedIslam.
Both BareNakedIslam and the DailySormer would probably hate each other's guts with the former being vehemently pro-Israel (I wonder if it's actually some Zionist operation that puts attention on Muslims to take attention off of the Israeli government), & the latter being fiercely anti-Jewish. 

Despite their different views, their style of reporting, commentary, & politics seem similar to me becuase of how anti they are to certain groups, especially dehumanizing those they dislike & treating disagreements as if they are colluding with the enemy.

Now where did we hear that kind of logic before?

Seriously though.

Instead of describing it in the abstract, let's look at two articles about pretty much the same story, & before you go to them, guess which one came from which site:

Since I couldn't find an article about the story from a particular alternate media site that I support, I'll show an article from a mainstream site (even criticizes them but I remember the link to the article on Antiwar):

I can show more sources, but that's one example in which there is noticeably less of a spin in the reporting style & commentary.
I find it disappointing that a mainstream media source shows the whole story better than two alternate media sources.

Speaking of the two leaders, Trump & Putin, DailyStormer seemingly depicts them as heroes of the white race (though I have not confirmed rather or not that is the intention for the latter), literally calling Trump "The Ultimate Savior".

I will definitely say that Andrew Anglin does not want to show the fact that both Trump & Putin are both Zionists, & seemingly even goes to quite a length to defend their actions. Just look:

Compare that to how James Corbett criticizes Vladimir Putin or how Ryan Dawson (who reluctantly supported Trump as being the lesser evil to Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders) openly criticizes Donald Trump (Ryan has also made videos criticizing Trump's foreign policy).

Now maybe the people who listen to the DailyStormer may find out a spec of truth about Russia's supposed white nationalism if they find out that the even a Russian web host & government agency doesn't like them. Interestingly, Alex Jones, someone who Anglin hates, says that both Trump & Putin are freedom fighters. So these two enemies really have something in common.

However, Anglin seemingly goes after ANYONE who has a significant disagreement with him.

And this extends to even truth-tellers that expose more important information than the folks at DailyStormer (The Hitler Test“Storm Clouds Gathering” Libertarian Shill Brilliantly AttackedFailed Loser Ron Paul Attacks The Leader!).

I mean, people such as Ryan Dawson really helped bring to light Israel's & Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11, exposed how the military-industrial complex influences policies, how the war on drugs works, & even exposed the New York City Police Department's corruption (with Doug Valentine), & more.

Apparently, whoever made the "Hitler Test" article is either lying or doesn't know Ryan's opinion on World War 2 is.

Ryan is actually a historical revisionist who questions the Holocaust (partially for historical truth, partially to end the justification for war), why the Allies were involved in World War 2 & even has a nuanced view of the American Civil War.

But he does NONE of this out of any sort of hatred or collectivism. Here's an excerpt of a comment that he made in response to a video of a white nationalist criticiseing him:

"That some racist assholes advocate it for completely different reasons and motives does negate the very real suffering of Germans post war. And same goes for Japan. You don't have to follow the emperor or be a Japanese supremacist to have sympathy for victims of atomic bombs. Why do people have to be either-or so polar?"

And Ryan made an entire article practically about the topic called Sut Jhally will not be coming to LA (his letter to me).

What I find ironic is that the DailyStormer is openly defending known Zionists (one of which is open about his Zionism), yet essentially declares anyone who has the slightest disagreement with him, even if they show facts & evidence of what's going on in the world, including naming names of people involved in Israeli & Saudi supported terrorism, to be an enemy.

I'll also mention that the DailyStormer calls itself "Republican", when it was the Republican party that was actually surprisingly Progressive in the past, opposing slavery, & bringing on Abraham Lincoln (who went on to over-tax & heavily damage the South) & Theodore Roosevelt (who did some domestic policies right, BUT degraded American economic freedom). 

Along with the fact that the Republican party, while they do give positive gestures to policies that typical American Conservatives would agree with, as far as I know, they do not support internet freedom (something that Alt-right & White Nationalist related circles depend on), are not serious about improving gun rights, & are not serious about lowering taxes by a significant amount.

Not to mention how Calvin Coolidge supported minority rights, & Dwight D. Eisenhower plaid a huge role in defeating the Axis powers & also supported minority rights.

Also, I've seen in one of the site's banners (which is seemingly changed quite often) that had a picture of Ronald Wilson Reagan in it. Assuming that it was intended to portray Reagan in a positive manner, let's remember that, while he might've done some things right in his fiscal policy, he was a Zionist & even supported gun controlAt least one Reagan appointee supports homosexual marriage, & Reagan might not have been as religious as popular culture perceived him to be.

I'm not supporting or opposing any political party, though someone please do explain to me what this label is all about to whoever runs the DailyStormer.

Also, I've read that a Hamas leader was to speak at a march in Montana that was proposed by people at the DailyStormer, when Hamas is a militant Islamist-fundamentalist organisation that helps justify some of the Israeli government's actions.

I've found even more interesting information in the article
NOT that I endorse the views of the author or other views espoused on the site.

I have a few theories about why Anglin acts the way he does, mainly being:

1. He won't do a serious, hard criticism of Trump or Putin becuase he refuses to make a retraction, possibly to save face (save his public image of being uncompromising), & perhaps becuase of tribalist politics.

2. He is little more than an internet troll who is using politics to gain popularity & intentionally has a repugnant public image & demeanor to be the outrageous & offensive to society at large.
This is partially inspired by blog posts by Ben Garrison, & I've seen people in White Nationalist related circles question Anglin's demeanor & public image.

3. He is working for some secret agenda.

The talk about Hitler starts later on in the article.

As for Anglin's past relationships, that is talked about here.

How is this effecting the public image, mindset, & who gets attention in the truth movement?

When it comes to public image, the DailyStormer makes it look like that anyone & everyone who dares question Zionism, the Israeli government, mass immigration, &/or is involved in historical revisionism is an anti-intellectual Neo-Nazi. This pushes away much of the public from the truth movement & historical revisionism & members of the truth movement that have not gotten into the power of the Israeli lobby.

As for the mindset, I'd say that the DailyStormer, instead of promoting the gathering of facts, evidence & hints for use in critical thinking & solving problems nonviolently, promotes sensationalism that encourages going after other people on the ground, sloganeering with part truths, blind & unquestioned obedience to a certain authority (which will be explained later on), & agression against literally anyone who says &/or writes something a supposed "leader" dislikes.

This promotes major division in the truth movement, by turning average people against each other, which weakens it.

By extension, the DailyStormer openly embraces extremely partisan labels & pushes them hard. We've seen how, in the past, after both the Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street movements let the mainstream partisan right & left respectively hijack them, with media giving information both sides using the worst examples from the other, alienating many people (especially the more articulate ones) with some of the loudest & most outrageous being their perspective movement's poster child. 
Letting the Fascists & Neo-Nazis represent the Truth Movement is no more helpful than having Communist Social Justice Warriors represent the anti-Zionist movement or Occupy Wall Street.

As for who gets attention, DailyStormer had a higher Alexa ranking than, say, the Anti NeoCon Report. 

What kind of ideas is Anglin promoting?

To give you an idea of what Anglin wants in the long term, see Total Revolution.
A short analysis of it is in this video (I also highly reccomend going into the comments section):

Doesn't it look Orwellian? Can you honestly tell the world (especially your own family, particularly parents & kids), with a perfectly strait face, that you really want that? To me, that's even worse than mainland China (which is already one of the most egregious human rights abusers in recent history).
I find it ironic that the article mentions plans to crush religions "devised and advocated by the Jews", yet ironically, heavily implies wanting to bring back Christianity, which is actually an Abrahamic religion & is fairly similar to Judaism.

In my opinion, that type of dogma & demagoguery is little better than, say, Communism (in its real-life form) or Sharia law, & almost defeats the purpose of the truth movement (which I thought was supposed to be against oppression & in support of human liberty).

If people really want what was described in the manifesto, I would still highly reccomend that they move to mainland communist China, as that their heavy censorship, strict punishment of heretics & people who accept authoritarianism (& perhaps even have Stockholm syndrome) may be enough to satisfy the totalitarian Neo-Nazi types.

Anglin wants corporations to be under full control of the government (I have a feeling that might not go very well), and taxes on luxury products such as "expensive electronics". Considering how quite a few people involved in the Alt-right are into gaming, I'm not so sure how that would be accepted.

At the very best, this is to preserve the Caucasian race & certain parts of Western culture (in at least an extremely authoritarian fashion at that), but I figure that it's just a dictatorship with little more than a White-supremacist theme. 

Funny enough, Andrew Anglin has also proposed a "White Israel", as if he knows that his dream of a perfectly white Europe and North America isn't coming all that soon, & even mentioned a plan to start a white colony in Namibia, even stating, in exact words, "Local Negroes appear to be a peaceful sort of Negro". 
Of course, some of the article's commenters were skeptical of that idea.

Telling from the White Israel idea, it seems like Anglin assumes that just becuase a society is pure white means that it's going to be a utopia (or at least really nice to live in), when West Viriginia is over 90% white but is one of the very poorest states in the Union while Texas is 70% white but one of the most prosperous & fastest growing states in the Union.
Maybe their economic policies have something to do with this.
While homogeneity does make success easier, it is not automatic. Just look in the Appalachia, where in some ways, where homogeneously White communities are in some ways even worse off than Black ghettos. At least these poor Appalachian communities have less worries about the Gestapo trying to keep them socio-politically "in line".

The top 3 factors for economic success perhaps are policy, stability & geography, in that order.
Places can be small but prosperous (such as Hong Kong & Singapore). A place can be landlocked but prosperous (such as Switzerland). But they all must be stable to allow for productivity.

Anglin stated that he hates capitalism. But he wants a "White Singapore". And the original Singapore is literally the world's most capitalist independent country.

Anglin is very clearly willing to lie & use his popularity to destroy people for whatever reason:

The picture from the last article featuring Tina & Ben Garrison is clearly a Photoshop of Ben Garrison & a woman (I do not know her identity) placed on a picture of Bruce E. Stern's gun collection.
The picture in the 2nd last article listed is also clearly a Photoshop becuase the color, lighting & even quality of Ben doesn't match the rest of the picture, & the angle does not make sense either.
Never mind how ridiculous the information in the 4th & 5th articles is.

Also, the article Shut It Down: Libertarian Cartoonist Ben Garrison Demands an End to Free Speech on the Internet claims that Ben wants to end freedom of speech (something that is not true; see Ben's interview with Anglin to see what his views are), but then claims itself to be satire.
Read in between the lines: I think the "satire" claim was only for plausible deniability, especially how much Anglin brags about being a "troll".

The story of fake Ben Garrison cartoons was also mentioned in the article Israeli-Canadian Thought Police Take Aim…. At Me, in which the organisation B’nai B’rith, which is with the Anti-Defamation League, seemingly also libeled Ben Garrison.

The articles from the DailyStormer reminds me of the content over at the website Landover baptist Church, a satirical forum site.

Ask yourself: do you honestly think that this type of person would make a good leader, or be trustworthy?

There's nothing wrong with some humor, but try not to turn the site into Comedy Central & ran by a (crass) political comedian with a different ideology. Non-serious talk is TOXIC to political discourse.

If one is confident in their views, there is no need to lie. Lying only hurts one's credibility.
And trolling as a famous political figure destroys serious political dialogue. 

So it seems like that Anglin is lying about other people for little reason & having a troll army to practically hound people, just like the Anti-Defamation league lying about people they dislike, Neoconservatives believing that the state should lie to its people or an author at InterpreterMag making libel against peace activists, & I see the troll army being an online version of college snowflakes, leftist militants & related types of people for drowning out intellectual debate & discussion & replacing it with sloganeering.
(I got the above image from

Despite the eyebrow-raising behavior of the DailyStormer & its parallels in the tactics it uses to both the Southern Poverty Law Center & Anti-Defamation League & the Anti-Defamation League's staging of Neo-Nazi activities, I do not see a direct connection between the DailyStormer & the Southern Poverty Law Center & Anti-Defamation League.

How many times do we see dictators use "savior" themes in their campaigns throughout history?

So if there is a person & site that we should thank for making it hard to calmly have an intellectual discussion about the Holocaust or Israeli-Palestinian conflict or whatnot, we have both examples.

About Adolf Hitler: 
This is related to a problem that James Corbett talks about the video below:

I'm glad to see even some people (even many that I would consider my enemies, such as those in the Alt-right) actually questioning what is going on.

As for how to get people into the movement & unite on common ground, read
To see how we can secure the future for every race on the planet, read

Here's some comments made by Larken Rose from his video "What's So Bad About Nazis?":

"To all those deluded Hitler admirers, please stop implying that because Hitler spoke out against really bad stuff, he must have been good. Learn to THINK. If there are two serial killers having a fight, who do you root for? How about NEITHER? Hitler was a power-happy sociopathic authoritarian collectivist statist, fighting against OTHER power-happy sociopathic authoritarian collectivist statists. Choosing a side in any such battle makes you a dupe."

"I've seen it [a documentary]. It does a fine job of dispelling a lot of misinformation that was found in the "Allied" propaganda ... and then turns around and spews the same bullshit propaganda from the "Axis" side. It's just statist bullshit from the other direction, which isn't an improvement."

- Larken Rose.

A response I made to his 2nd comment:

"My only problem with the documentary as well is that it's so politicized (which makes historical revisionists look bad and, for average people, hard to listen to), and how it does not truly support freedom; only some concept of "unity" and "racial purity". As for "racial purity", yes, I believe that every ethnic group has a right to exist. But we can keep them in existence without big brother collectivist government that would alienate many people anyways."

In the end, look at what Hitler did to Europe. While Germany wasn't doing too badly for the social majority for a few years, the German government invaded both the Soviet Union & the rest of Europe instead of hunkering down & taking on dedicated, extra-hardened-up defensive positions, & in the end, not only did Germany get torn up them occupied by the allied powers, but also, half of Europe was re-occupied that the central banker owned allied powers & the other half was turned into a Communist hellhole for almost the rest of the century, which is a reason why their growth is so stunted.

Along with that, when the German armed forces occupied France, the Rothschilds survived.

I guess that historical revisionist Michael Hoffman II is right when he said:
"Hitler was a disaster for Germany. He took fully legitimate ideas about organic community and rootedness to the soil and twisted them into a modern counterfeit. In the name of fighting the Bolshevik police state, he created one of his own. In the name of military prowess, he rendered his people defenseless before the merciless devastation of RAF bombers of the British Empire. He crusaded against Communism and ended up Communizing half of Europe. Hitler is the pre-eminent failure and incompetent of this historical era."

To go along with this, German World War 1 Veterans who were Jewish were treated like any other Jew just becuase they were Jewish, never mind the fact they they fought for Germany('s government). Save for a number who were allowed into the armed forces during World War 2.
This reminds me of what happened in the book Truancy City, in which Education City's Government formed a "Student Militia", formed by students who were promised by the Government that they'll get benefits (such as being let out of school or something like that) for fighting the Truancy (rebels). But General Iris, a General from a higher government in the Truancy universe, had members of the Student Militia treated like the other students (like being placed in what are practically full-time, prison-style boarding schools).

Talk about throwing people under the bus.

In the "Total Revolution" manifesto, Anglin describes deploying the U.S. armed forces in the U.S.. I would expect Anglin to also throw people that he doesn't like out, which would eliminate about 40% of personnel (not including the Coast Guard), & there's a significant number of non-Christians so the military would already be thin before real political belifs were involved.

And remember, IF the United States of America gets attacked for real, the vast majority of people in the armed forces, including minorities, would be willing to fight &, if nessasary, die, for everyone's rights, including those who would kill them for being too different in a way that they couldn't change.

In my opinion, one of the reasons why people look up to controversial people such as Hitler, Putin, & Trump & belive that they're truly anti-establishment is that they want a masculine father-figure & to feel good that a powerful person is on their side, even when facts prove otherwise.


I'd like to point out that Israel historically had ties with apartheid South Africa ( I wonder what people from White nationalist & Alt-right related circles think of that.


I'll give Andrew Anglin the honorary title of the Alt-right's Alex Jones, considering how high-profile, frequently listened to & anti-intellectual he is as far as the Alt-right goes.
And the DailyStormer would also be the Alt-Right's Comedy Central, considering how low-brow & popular it is with the overuse of humor. 

I wish that Ryan Dawson, Tarl Warwick, Larken Rose, Shane Killian, & maybe others would collaborate & article & video about the issues mentioned in this article.

If I had the money to do so, I might send money to fund an experiment in which Anglin has his Fascist Utopia (maybe in Putin's Russia since he seemingly loves the place so much), & have that money earmarked to only be used directly for the experiment.
Then let's see how much most people value their individualism & how long Facistan would last. In a real government that's exactly like what Anglin wants, it would have so much power that it would attract power-hungry people & start ruining the experimental (micro)nation to say the very least.

If both Andrew Anglin & William Pierce (the latter of which is a popular figure to people involved with White Supremacist related circles) were alive & active at the same time, I'm not so sure if Pierce would've accepted Anglin for his interracial relationships & his public image.
For those who are unfamiliar, to give you an idea of how extreme Pierce is, he has ideas not too unlike Anglin's (with white separatism & plans for Europe & North America), & literally wrote novels that describe the total extermination of non-Caucasian people, but he still disassociates with the stereotypical "Neo-Nazi skinhead" types.
I don't even know if Hitler would want someone like Anglin to be in his ranks, either.

When it comes to pride in ethnicity, sexuality, gender etc, I belive that society should adopt an "everyone or no-one" policy. This means that society can either;
1. Not allow anyone at all to take pride in their ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc.
or more preferably, 
2. Allow everyone to take pride in their ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc.

This would take some loud extremists of the "white pride" type of movement, & hopefully at the same time, people would not associate the phrase "white pride" with racist related movements.
While I disagree with taking pride in something one can't change, I don't have a big problem with it, either.

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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