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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Black history month: Why are black American neighborhoods & culture so bad? Plus the cycle of gang bangers & baby mamas, & how they're perpetuated by the war on drugs, prison-industrial complex, & government schooling.

It all starts with politicians offering free welfare programs. Then people with a "you owe me" attitude vote them in. Then teen girls and young women get pregnant, and because they get more money on welfare than they would from a husband, go on welfare.

She gives birth to kids who do not have a father in their life. 
The males turn to rappers who embrace crime culture as their male role models, while the females, who are too ignorant to use birth control (as with their boyfriends), get impregnated by their thug boyfriends.
And the cycle starts all over again.

Other factors would be:

1. A Prussian-style, factory-model based government schooling system promoting obedience over critical thinking and practical life skills. I believe that a lot of students resent school, but for some reason, instead of questioning and criticising the idea and institution of school intellectually, they take out and express their frustrations with rebellious behavior and in raunchy rap music. The lack of intellectual questioning, plus the lack of solutions, keeps the cycle of unchanged schools going.

I go over the problems & solutions related to education here.

2. A parenting culture with unbalanced discipline practices.

3. Corruption in big cities, the economic opportunity being hampered by government bureaucracy on what should be legitimate businesses, and ESPECIALLY, the war on drugs criminalizing even personal drug use.

Hence, the problem we see today in black American society

Some people want to construe my mentioning of "wannabe gang-banging thugs and their baby-mama girlfriends" as "racist". Hypocritically, a lot of people embracing, and perhaps promoting, the negative black American caricature are blacks themselves.

Also, white people can be poor through their own bad choices and a culture of under-achievement. One can see this if they go to the rural Appalachian mountains, where some of the white people there are some of the poorest people in the entire United States of America

Monday, January 1, 2018

Why do we see a rise in Communists, Neo-Nazis, Fascists, White Nationalists/Separatists/Supremacists & other authoritarians, & how to solve this problem

The cause for socialist, communist and far-left wing movements is explained in the video below, though solutions aren't discussed in the video (some of what is said can also apply to the Alt-right and modern Neo-Nazi movements):


Change the education system, as outlined in this linked article. Also teach people real philosophy, values, and principles.
Also, get the government to stop with subsidizing colleges/universities and guaranteed student loans since the money such institutions receive are part of the reason why they're overpriced.


Improve economic liberty so people can prosper on their own.


Culture. Promote a culture of humility with general civility, open-mindedness, and striving for intellectual pursuits, in that order. That way the climate about the discussion of politics is more civilized and intellectually deeper.

In my opinion, when one sees their ideological opponents in a negative light, such such-as being dumb, unorganized, unhinged, and so on, they become arrogant, and refuse to listen to ideas they don't already agree with or otherwise intellectually challenge themselves. This is why I believe in more humility in the realm of politics.

I'd also like to touch on the issue of race. It seems like that there are two main camps on the race issue: Don't be a racist and think that race is a social construct and differences don't exist, or be a racial separatist and recognize the biological differences between races. Neither one of these offer a nuanced or outside position, such as talking about the differences between races in more of a scientific than political context, and believing that race in of itself is biological, while how we should handle the issue as a social construct.

Those are my top three domestic concerns, but I'll also mention how to handle immigration and demographics.


Stop starting wars in the world. If we didn't have wars, we wouldn't be having so many refugees.

(Skip to 21:11 for the video below.)


Stop predatory loans to poorer and developing countries. A reason why Africa is so poor
is because many countries are in debt.


Educate, invest, promote economic freedom, and trade with poor countries so they can get onto their feet without total dependence on the developed world.


Control immigration.


Make the welfare system NOT incentivize illegal immigration or freeloading.

Here's a comment I made awhile back on the video The Real Reason Swastikas Keep Getting Removed From Video Games:
"To me, people should see history AS IS, NOT as a POLITICAL THING. In my opinion, censorship actually politicizes history because it's usually politically motivated (unless one doesn't count moralists wanting the government to make decisions for the people).

As for the rise of Neo-Nazis, so what? How many people do you know take them seriously? I think that a lot of Neo-Nazis on the internet are trolls who do little more than muddy the waters on any political issue that can possibly have anything to do with Jewish people, historical revisionism, and/or immigration.

Not only do they already alienate people who don't perfectly agree with them, but also, they barely have real unity among themselves. I've seen a lot of people in those circles debate which race is truly "white" or rather or not Christianity should be practiced or things like that.
I can even show you members of the alt-right who don't identify with Neo-Nazis, as they see Hitler as controlled opposition to the central banks, a contributor to the creation of Israel or something in that manner.

If you don't like the current trend in racism in Europe that stems from immigration issues, then stop messing up countries worldwide with wars and IMF predatory loans, rebuild countries that need help, get control of borders, deport troublemakers, and make legal immigrants assimilate.

If you dislike Nazism, teach people to question what they read, and to adopt the non-aggression principle and individualism with the rule of law.

Sheesh. It's 2017, we have the internet, and I can't believe humans have such a hard time figuring this stuff out. I wonder how many +1's that this comment is going to get."

Do you like my "Read if you're making assumptions about me" post?

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