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Sunday, April 3, 2016

A little criticism about David Duke's bias & minor accuracy, along with human psychology, sociology & social issues regarding homosexuality

For those of you who looked at my YouTube channel enough, while I do use David Duke as a source quite a bit and I do link to his website , I do NOT agree with many of his opinions. 

And, as explained in the videos below, you REALLY have to question some the of the things he says, and touched upon in this article, he is quite biased. This is NOT limited to his association of openly hateful race supremacists (many prefer the label "nationalist"), which discredits the truth movement, makes it even harder to talk about political truth if Zionism, Zionists, Jewish supremacists or powerful people who are Jewish and alienates people from joining certain parts of the truth movement. This issue is further explained in Why are white nationalists/supremacists, Neo-Nazis & fascists in the comments so often, some theories, a personal story & how to solve the problem.

And, let me know if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, while David Duke may not be a fan of the Ku Klux Klan anymore and implies having a non-positive view on the KKK as said in David Duke Responds to CNN - Speaks to Trump & All Americans, I have not seen him fully renounce his membership or directly denounce the KKK and has membership on a white supremacist forum.
(For some reason, Blogger seems to be bugging out, which is why these characters are blue.)

My response to the Race and Reality playlist (which is indirectly talked about in the above videos): when it comes to culturally diverse places being violent, Duke has left out countless factors, such as standard of living, economics, availability of services, education, substance (ie drug and alcohol) use, presence of chemicals, law enforcement effectiveness, population age and even what counts as a certain crime & data manipulation just to name a few. 

There are rather diverse places that are not that dangerous or poor. For example, Lilburn and Duluth, Georgia, in Gwinnett county (which I'm a current resident of) are pretty diverse, yet rather safe. However, they aren't really "big cities" like Detroit, Michigan.

Besides, I believe that people should be allowed to choose which groups to be around and not to be around. I do not believe in using the force of the state to force people to be separate or together.

Warning: taboo topics ahead. This is not for ultra-sensitive.

My response to Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution: while Duke may bring up some good looking points, like many people, it is not without bias. For example, he points to the entertainment media and claims that it is degrading the moral values of America, and while he does use some evidence, I agree that parents weren't as good as they used to be (Epic Parental Fail) and 'Black' subculture is a Hollywood creation does talk about a related issue, I question how much tangible damage is being done as claimed in the 1st video mentioned. 
Teen birth rates have been declining. There are 11 states that had a rate of 30.0 to 39.9 in 2014. 23 states had a rate of 20.0 to 29.9 in 2014. All other states have a rate of less than 20. U.S. teen birth rate was 24.2 in 2014.
Despite things such as the social liberalisation of sexuality and growth in popularity of pornography, teen birth rates have actually went DOWN. Also see Fewer American Teens Are Getting Pregnant, and No One Knows Why, and Teen pregnancy rates level off in Canada, study shows.

Teen pregnancy has declined from 59.9 per 1000 females ages 15-19 in 1990 to 24.2 in 2014. Teen pregnancy has declined since 1990 from 100.3 per 1000 females ages 15-19 in Hispanics and 166.2 per 1000 females ages 15-19 in blacks to 38 and 34.9 respectively. Teen pregnancy has declined at a faster rate for hispanics and blacks than for whites.

As shown in the other infographic in, many of the states that have a teen birth rate of 30.0 to
39.9 are actually in THE BIBLE BELT!!! How come such socially conservative places get such high teen birth rates while more socially liberal places such as New Hampshire (my favourite state in the union) has comparatively low teen birth rates? 

How Do Sex and Power Abuses Lead to Terrorism and War? (I do not blame conflict in the middle east or Africa for sexual repression or things like that, but this gives some ideas),
Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature (same as for the case above),
What Motivates Sexual Promiscuity?.

As explained in the articles above, sexual repression seems to cause more problems than it solves. This may also explain things such as why men in sexually repressed cultures in the middle east do blatantly immoral, unethical and outright ridiculous and crazy things such as raping animals (goats in particular), have militants attack grocers for having "immodest" vegetables, or, while less crazy but still very much immoral and unethical, have involuntary sex with females, and so on and so forth (no, I do not hate all middle eastern people or Muslims. However, just as I believe in punishing evildoers, I believe in at least deporting or making troublemakers work for their victims as punishment for their crimes, and I strongly believe that some aspects of some cultures are better than others).

So, in some cultures, it seems that, if a guy can't have (consensual) fun with females, then he may try animals or non-consensual fun (for him) with females. Also, if a female shows too much skin or looses her virginity before marriage, she'll be in some deep schmit. And, if a person of either gender is caught touching their, er, you know what's, they may also be in deep schmit. This is one explanation as to why involuntary body modification in these areas are so prevalent in certain cultures.

Also, sexually repressed cultures, such as the middle eastern or Inis Beag seem to be more unhappy than more sex positive cultures such as the Mangaia, Trobriand islanders, Marquesas Islanders, or, and perhaps especially, hunter-gatherers. Then again, happiness is extremely subjective, and other factors aren't included. But, what do we expect from trying to suppress nature?

“If man attempts to suppress the animal side of his nature by a sheer effort of conscious will,
nature finds a hundred unexpected and unpleasant ways to take its revenge.” – Christopher Dawson (NOT to be confused with Ryan Dawson), found credit of

When it comes to sexual violence such as rape, lookup the words "Porn up, rape down".

As explained in the video above, accurate sex-ed seems to actually combat things like teen pregnancy better than abstinence-only "education". Though, as a libertarian, I, reluctantly, would leave it up to parents to decide what program to put their kids in even though on a personal level being educated at all things, including human sexuality, is a good thing.

Pretty much the only caveat to the information just shown is the increase of births to unmarried women and people with HIV/AIDS (look it up), which I'm not sure if the liberalization of civil unions (I don't think you have it call it "marriage") would make it much worse, and I'm willing to bet that this can be combated with safe sex practices, access to contraceptives and so on.

As for the issue on non-straight people, watch the video below.

I have yet to see a solid, tangible argument against homosexuality, with the most common being "it offends god", and the best being "homosexuals are more likely to get STD's". For the former, I personally do not believe in having the state be the enforcement arm for the most powerful being in the universe; god should be able enforce his rules on his own.

Assuming that homosexuality is evil only becuase perhaps the devil/satan created it (assuming he exists) can be argued to saying that anti-smoking campaigns are evil because the person who led the 1st anti-smoking campaign had a garbage sense of morals and ethics (Adolf Hitler). If the devil/satan created homosexuality (again, assuming that he exists), unless there is evidence that is solid to the secular point of view, 

Even if homosexuality was unnatural, perhaps so are people with blond, red or dark brown hair or blue eyes should be treated for being mistakes of nature; the latter two are, at least, sometimes seen as mutations by the scientific community ( Does it really matter?

As far as unnatural things go, was it entirely bad for us to move out of our ancestor's hunter gatherer or primitive agricultural lifestyles into more modern lifestyles?

And as far as natural things are concerned, are things such as lead, arsenic, mercury, venom, or other poisons good, or are natural diseases or disasters, or violence between beings significantly less bad just becuase they're natural?

Also read:

(As a bonus, I'll mention the article, 6 Reasonable Arguments For Why Gay Marriage Will End Civilization, which doesn't feel very convincing to me and I am not even sure if it is serious or satirical. As for the slippery slope to the legalization of bestiality, which I do NOT want legalized, I really question the logic.)

I'd also like to mention that the Japanese are seen as rather sexualized, but from what I can tell, they're just fine. 
Hungary seems to be against the Rothschilds and New World Order, but is pretty open to pornography and sex doesn't seem too taboo.
And, (unorganised) prostitution is legal in Poland and Hungary (

I can understand cases of EXTREME individualism, such as abusing living beings, distributing or creating content depicting real abuse for non-educational purposes, and so on and so forth. Though as long as the rights of others as respected (which isn't the case just described), I don't have big issues with what someone does in their life.

And as a bonus, I'll mention Philosophy & social issues rant: Savage vs Civilized dichotomy, oversimplification, gray areas, collectivism, hypocrisy & double standards.

Before social conservatives get mad at me, well, let my favorite political commentator add his 2 cents, from 16:40 to 17:07:

When it comes to my personal opinions on how human sexuality in a culture should be, I prefer not to talk about it in public at this point beyond social issues.

As for How We Can Defeat Zio Globalism!, Duke also fails to mention that, despite the increase in playing violent video games, at least in the United States of America, murder rates are, since 1996, overall, going down. He also doesn't mention the drugging of America, and claims that, during his time, America had no gun laws. While I am STRONGLY pro self-defense and right to keep and bear arms and armor, actually, America has many local, state, and federal weapon laws. You can find this out by doing a little research on the topic.

So as you can see, Duke is accurate for the most part (inaccurate mainly on a few small things), yet very much biased.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the reason why David Duke has his views on issues relating to sexuality is becuase he is a social conservative and, as usual, resents what goes against the values and belifs they want to keep.


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