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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trivia post: What Happened to Barriss Offee after The Clone Wars & Jedi temple bombing (my theroy)?

Regular visitors of this blog might've remembered my old post, A few parallels between Star Wars & the New World Order, how Barriss stayed in the Jedi order, & more. For some time, I've been thinking about making a renamed repost about my theory surrounding what happened Barriss Offee after confessing to the Jedi temple bombings, but haven't got around to doing so until I seen the video What Happened to Barriss Offee after The Clone Wars? (Theory), hoping that the post's title could draw some extra views from search engines indexing this page.

I'm sure that many of you remember seeing what happened to Barriss in The Clone Wars Season 5 finale. Though as you can read on, not much is known what happened to Barriss after she was caught by Anakin and confessed to the Jedi temple bombing. My theory is that, after the events depicted in the video above, Barriss had a trial of her own, and thanks to pleading guilty and an outstanding legal team, got her sentence reduced to a long time behind bars. 

But, as the war dragged on, the Jedi were desperate for more active warriors, and gave those facing punishment an extra chance. Perhaps Barriss had behaved perfectly while in prison, and, after a lengthy approval process, including permission from a jude, counseling, interviews, interviews of prison employees about her, and so on and so forth, while on parole, was allowed to rejoin the Jedi and be able to possess 1 operational weapon when on missions. However, Barriss wasn't allowed to possess any weapons when off duty, and must agree to being supervised at all times. The permits allowing her to be out of prison may be revoked at any time with or without specific reason, and will be revoked he she was ever caught misbehaving again.

Remember, since all of this happened on 20 BBY, and Order 66 happened just the year after, we would have to assume that Barriss was in prison for only a few months at the most, so her behavior must've acted outstandingly good and 110% squeaky sterile to not only get out early, but also, go into battle with a lethal weapon. 

This is somewhat relatable to real-life. In many countries, military, law enforcement, and security personnel are often restricted from bringing weapons home, of course, varying from country-to-country. This is somewhat relatable to Barriss, after being convicted of committing a serious crime, being restricted from possessing weapons.

A more closely relatable situation is seen in the United States in real life when it comes to convicted felons and firearms. In the U.S., under federal law, it is prohibited for a felon to buy a firearm (not including airguns or even antiques). 
However, some states do have a process for a felon to be legally allowed to purchase firearms again (from what I've read, believe it or not, this is allowed under state's rights), but it is quite lengthy from what I've heard (in Texas, for instance, the process takes like 5 years. Lookup "Texas Penal Code 46.04" for details). I also recommend watching Gun Gripes Episode 70: Convicted Felons and Guns for details, though the video only talks about Georgia (which is, by the way, my home state).

I've seen people who believe that the Seventh Sister may be Barriss Offee, and while she probably isn't, if she is, she may be Barriss with facial surgery, tattoos removed and changed voice. And I've seen someone make another claim, which can be read here:

Bonus: Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano both had an honorary mention in my post, Open message to muslims & non-muslims; rant on hijab. And are face coverings (ie niqab) appropriate/good?, to show that even though 2 individuals may dress almost oppositely (see picture below to give you an idea), that isn't a huge factor as to their character, values, or what they do in life. Here's a segment from that post:

"As far as friendship goes between individuals, I don't believe that clothing style really matters, but rather, the individual's values, belifs, and wishes. I assure you that friendships like the one between Ahsoka Tano (who wasn't exactly the most covered up character) and Barriss Offee (who dressed on the modest side) (who were, for icing on the cake, different but still fully sentient species) (minus the betrayal from the latter) can exist in real-life (I sometimes make a Star Wars reference).

 (This came from"

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