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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another video project: Who should we be voting for 2016?

As some of you already know, just this monday, I released my Ultimate argument for the right to self-defense & to keep & bear arms & armor, and while it was a relatively little challenge (compared to real life events, like maybe joining the military someday), however, it helped make me feel good about myself and what I'm doing for humanity.

Now, despite the fact that, so far, my article, Which candidates should we be voting for in 2016? And selected candidates by positive position on major issues, has over 100 views and counting, I do not feel that it is enough. I want to spread the information further. Thus, I am going to create a video version of the article becuase it is so important to inform the American people as to not only who should they vote for, but also, get more people to look at real issues that the mainstream media won't bring up and hopefully change the way Americans, and perhaps, the world does politics forever.

In the short term, this is intended to keep up support for Gary Johnson enough to keep him in the race, and to get more people to support him, along with Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura and Bob Barr, and to get people to stop supporting politicians like Hillary (supporting Hillary is ridiculous to me).

I'm planning to call it "Who should America vote for president in 2016, & Selected candidates by position on important issues".
Here's the pre-release poster:

I'm going to do the slideshow-video the same way as the 1st time I done it with the released version, but the process should be easier since I learned quite a bit from the 1st video-slideshow I made, plus the fact that I already have some decent music available to me.

Expect updates over the next 3 weeks, as that it should take me about 1 week to create the slideshow, and some extra time to do editing to the slideshow, film, and adding of music.

Also, just like before, expect a grand release, and once it's uploaded, it'll become the flagship video of my channel.

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