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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mini ramble: Who do I like less & why: the American political left wing or right wing, & George Walker Bush or Barack Hussein Obama?

For those of you who read my content and listen to the content I spread, I do NOT like the polarized American left or right wing. If I had to choose who I like less, however, it would be the left wing.

This is becuase of the left's operating mentality, philosophy (particulary with things such as only being casually anti-war, sometimes not argueing very well, rejecting truth that's too hot, screaming subjective labels such as "zealot" or objective but often wrong labels such as "racist" as excuses to not listen to someone) and lack of emotional control. 

Though my main beefs with the right are being neocons (with things such as being pro-war, and allowing the government to trample civil liberties such as privacy rights or other liberties as long as they don't feel the effects too much in everyday life), and to an extent, social issues, along with their ego's.

Essentially, while the right has plenty of issues, my main issue with the left is pretty much their whole mentality and philosophy in the 1st place, while my main issues with the right are mainly foreign policy and social issues.

Of course I disagree with many Americans who identify as socially conservative, who also tend to be politically conservative (not so much including paleoconservatives or conservatives who consider themselves "libertarian"), at least they're usually more practical than Americans who identify as liberal about it (not so much including classical liberals, who I'm more comfortable with, people such as TheYankeemarshal who I agree with about 98%+ of the time, or people who are more like the founding father type of liberals than modern day herd-mentality or tribalist liberals).
(Start at 3:38.)

As for the extreme right (ie Neo-Nazis, fascists, white supremacists, etc), while they may seem arguably better than the normal left or right in the short term because of their opposition to Zionism and often, war, many are openly authoritarian and, becuase of their authoritarian and extremely tribalistic and collectivistic herd mentality, are not so good in the long term. I do not support them nethertheless.

Now, onto George Walker Bush vs Barack Hussein Obama.

If I had to choose who I liked LESS, it would be Obama. Obama kept a whole lot of Bush's policies such as war, corporate bailouts, corporatism, the Patriot act, aid to dictatorships and the Israeli government, NAFTA, drug war, and so on and so forth. However, Obama signed in the NDAA, INCREASED aid to the Israeli government (, was more supportive of gun control, made the economy (particulary debt) worse and the anti-war movement mostly died out around 2008 and 2009 when Obama got into office, revealing that the anti-war movement was more of an anti-Republican tribalist movement. 

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