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Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally: The video version of the ultimate argument for the responsibility of self-defense & right to keep & bear arms & armor is out!!!

After a total 2 weeks and a day of work, my masterpiece is COMPLETE!

After such as long time, after a lot of irritation, fustration work and effort, I have created a video that could potentially help fellow human beings across the world gain the right to keep and bear arms and armor, and thus, self defense.

I firmly believe that no human who has not commited unnecessary violence against other humans or animals should be deprived of the right to self-defense or to keep and bear arms and armor.

What motivated me to make this was to try to help fellow human beings worldwide to get the right to keep and bear arms and armor and adopt the responsibility of self-defense.
But, more directly, my motivation came from the irritation and fustration of seeing gun-control advocating videos pop-up in my internet searches, having gun-control advocating comments looking popular in the comments section of internet videos, and the big-name media blaring out anti-gun messages to the world's people. Instead of putting my head into the ground and practically giving up, I channeled negative feelings into a positive cause.

This is not to simply help people who want to legally own and possess arms and armor in the United States of America and Canada; the situation is getting better for both. This is actually made to help people worldwide, even though the target audience would be people in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries. But, I would be more than happy if the video was translated into other languages.

If you like it, please share it!!! Long live the natural right to self-defense and to keep and bear arms and armor!

Links to images used in part 1 (again, nothing in repeated. Links will be in the description of the original video):,,, (couldn’t find picture of protest, as that this was done after making the rest of the slideshow),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Part 2:, (couldn’t find image of Mahatma Ghandi),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'_Party_of_Korea (the picture depicted in this slideshow is porbably a cropped version of this one),,
Part 3:,,,,,,_organization_and_structure,, (couldn’t find picture of African troops),,,,,_Jr._Montgomery_arrest_1958.jpg,,,,,,, 
Part 4: (cropped screenshot of FBI information piece from,,,,

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