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Monday, March 21, 2016

Repost: Should we support Israel? If so, why or why not? And the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict exposed.

NOTE: BEFORE YOU REPLY, READ THE ENTIRE DOGGONE ARTICLE. I DO NOT ENDORSE ALL OF THE POLITICAL OPINIONS OR BACKGROUNDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO I USE AS SOURCES, AND I DO NOT SUPPORT HIM OUTSIDE OF THE SPREADING OF INFORMATION (in fact, QUESTION everything they say, especially when it comes to things such as immigration). ANY STUPID COMMENTS (OR EVEN COMMENTS WITH POOR GRAMMAR) WILL BE DELETED. POST ENOUGH DUMB COMMENTS AND I WILL SHUT DOWN THE COMMENTS SECTION. ALSO, I DO NOT HATE ALL JEWISH PEOPLE, FOR REASONS EXPLAINED ON , , ,, , & . And NO, I am NOT an Arab, or Muslim, & I don't call myself liberal). I also am not against Israel's existence, just their CURRENT GOVERNMENT. For more info, look up terms like “Palestinian Christians”, “Anti-Zionist Jews” & “Zionist Muslims”. Posting anti-Jewish comments (or racist comments for that matter) will get you blocked.
Heck, I even support certain Jewish groups, such as Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (, Orthodox Jews united against Zionism (, True Torah Jews (, Jews against Islamophobia (, & even Jews against circumcision ( 

If you can't see the videos, look at the 1st 25 videos in this playlist (the 2nd one is not required): .

Why should you pull your support for the Israeli government? As explained in the videos below
(also be sure to watch the next 2 after the one above),

This is before you factor in how people in Israel treat people who are not BOTH Jewish AND Zionist ( ), & seem to actually ENJOY the killing of Palestinians ( Before you make the argument that, to the Israelis,  it would've been a “relief” to get revenge on people that they have been fighting with for a long time, just remember that 2 wrongs (particularly with collective punishment) does not make a right.

Before you self proclaimed Christians out there say that the Jews are the “chosen people” (again, I am NOT attacking them), you better think again. This is the same book that allows cutting open pregnant women's stomachs plus bashing babies on rocks (Isaiah 13:15-18 I believe), ALLOWS slavery (Leviticus 25:44), KILLING KIDS for cursing at their parents (Leviticus 20:9), doesn't let women to teach or have authority over a man (2:12) just to get started. Also, if you really follow the Bible, you better forget about wearing mixed fabrics (Leviticus 19:19), getting tattoos (Leviticus 19:28), eating pork (Leviticus 19:27), eating shellfish (Leviticus 11:10-12), trimming hair on temples or beards (Leviticus 19:27), or having fortune tellers, fortune cookies or horoscopes (Leviticus 19:31). For some extra proof, watch a video called "Why there's no bible on my bookshelf". Besides, books such as the Bible is ultra hard to understand, & I guarantee you that god would've made the Bible a lot easier to understand if he really wrote it.

Also, look at Torah verses Deuteronomy 20 :16-18 , & Deuteronomy 20:10-15 to get started. And go read read , ,
Also, look at the playlist below.

Do you agree with this message? Spread it! Please #spamshare & #friendbomb for #palestine ! Share it with every supporter of Israel you know. Share this on Christian, Conservative & Israel-supporting websites, posts, forums & online communities. And don't forget to copy and save this via things like YouTube playlists, clouds (such as Google drive), & save this on your computer for safekeeping & passing the message to the rest of humanity. And support websites such as,,,,,,, & And be definitely be sure to donate to Ryan Dawson's anti-AIPAC trip (finish it by May the 7th);

I have a question for religious supporters of Israel: So if whoever governs the land does something bad you'll still support them? I have a quick question which I like to call the "Crazy, extreme 2 candidates dilemma" type of question. Here's the situation: everyone is forced to vote. People who don't vote would be caught & taken by the secret thought police to be forced to vote at gunpoint, with NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER.

Candidate A, Jesus of Nazareth Christ, premises to end the New world Order, the spying on average people (particularly acts like the NDAA, SOPA, CISPA & the "Patriot" act just to name a few), take chemicals (like fluoride) out of the water supply, repeal all weapon laws (on civilians without violent felonies) & more just to name a few. 

But, to fight the New World Order, the current Israeli government would get demolished and Israel may get a new one (but it would take time). 
Candidate B, Satan Devil, openly supports the New World Order, weapon laws on law abiding civilians, & threatens to send ANYONE AND EVERYONE who even gives the slightest clue of of questioning Candidate B would be sent to an indoctrination camp for re-brainwashing. Those who can't be brainwashed will be sent to a top secret concentration camp (actually, more like slaughterhouse) & never be heard from again. Candidate B fully supports Israeli government, to the extent that it will receive literally ALL the money it can possibly want, with free military support (as in the military would do everything for the Israeli government, including doing things from deporting Palestinians to antarctica to waging a crusade against those goatf***ing rag headed satanic-pedophile worshiping sand monkeys). When you're at the booth, who would you check? Candidate A or B? You can guess who I'll vote for. Who would you vote for? And you can't skip the vote. If you do, the Secret Thought Police would get you & force to to vote at gunpoint.

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