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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Opening a can of bloodworms: In case you're making assumptions about me, read this before debating me on social media, plus my political identity & religious views. An open message to liberals & conservatives

Be sure to watch the entire playlist through. When you're done reading this article, summarize what you read in this post plus the videos shown (except for the videos of "Beyond Scared Straight", "Elmo shirt guy" or "Gunnery sergeant Hartman", which you don't need to watch) to me either by P.M. or on the post we're talking on.
(You only need to watch the 1st video up to 12:03.)

This post is made becuase I'm so sick and tired of people (mainly on Pinterest) making assumptions and accusations about me and/or my source people. Thus, I made this purely to deal with those types. I'll be specifically addressing typical liberals and typical conservatives later in the article.

Let's open up the can of worms, shall we (not literally, of course)? And these aren't just any worms; they're bloodworms, specifically the types that can bite (I think the genus depicted below of "Glycera").

Before you debate with me, you should agree to the following terms:

4: you will not make false accusations of me and/or my source people, nor will you use ad-hominem attacks against me and/or my source people. 

3: Subjective labels (ie zealot) are not welcome, nor are they mature. When you use objective labels, make sure you get them right. You can do this by listening to the actual person, instead of what the media says about them. I have aspergers, and you should be doing better than me.

2: you will stay and debate with me no matter what. You will not block or ignore me. The only excuse is time constraints. Failure to do this will have me take screenshots of our messages for a "woodshed" compare and contrast of the statements between me and you, which will be released to the public with or without your consent.
1: by reading this message, if you intend to debate with me, you waive your rights to remain silent; you do, however, have the right to debate. I retain all rights to take screenshots of the messages you send me and share them with the public. There's no turning back. Since I am NOT a law enforcement agent, this is perfectly legal.

If you identify as being a white nationalist, white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, fascist, if you like Hitler, or anything like that, read these: 
U.S. Garrison Militarism: BS "Peking Order", Blind Social Conformity is evil,
Securing the future of caucasians, reducing xenophobia & critiquing fear of Islamic takeover
A few questions to (race & idealogical) supremacists; the feasibility & practicality of race supremacy
Open message to fascists, neo-Nazis & white supremacists; how does your solution work?, 
Why are white nationalists/supremacists, Neo-Nazis & fascists in the comments so often, some theories, a personal story & how to solve the problem.

If you identify as libertarian, socially liberal AND fiscally conservative, paleoconservative, classical liberal, or cosmotarian, then you're not required to read this.

If you identify as voluntarist or anarchist, you only need to watch the video below.

If you identify as an anarcho-capitalist, you only need to watch the video below and the video that comes after it.

Before we move on, visit the links provided to gain  a better understanding as to why I'm talking to people like this.

To self-proclaimed liberals:
Watch this to get your motivation up:

Before we really get started, I am NOT advocating a violent overthrow of the current government, for reasons explained in So You Want to Topple the U.S. Government? and the next 10 videos in the playlist.

Mandatory watch for liberals (optional for conservatives): 
. Also, be sure to summarize what's said in the video. Watch it to gain a better understanding of the following. 

I know how much you value being "anti-racist". I know that hate (and collectivism) is a serious problem around the world, but you should not be fixated on that.

Let's take war, for instance. Are you serious about being anti-war? Or, are you just using it as a catchphrase when it's trendy? Quit trying to defend the leader of your herd (Sanders, or worse, Obama, Clinton, etc). People such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even Bernie Sanders are ALL pro-war. Why are you defending them, and not REAL anti-war people, such as Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or maybe Bob Barr, or while not quite as good, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich or Jill Stein (there goes the "lesser of 2 evils" argument)? 
If you can call my source people "racist" for maybe something the media said about them or even hold social views that I explicitly say that I don't agree with, then is it fair for me to call you a "war hawk" becuase you supported people who were actually pro-war?

When it comes to views on external issues (ie someone who is good as an information supplier but is not endorsed by me on social issue opinions), does it really matter? If so, then do you just accept literally ALL the words of a news anchor, or news writer WITHOUT question?

Along with this, what do you value more; loyalty to government, or true moral-ethical principles?

Would you trust a corporate and foreign lobby controlled government that not only, at best, negligently, or at worst, intentionally, murdered (remember Waco and Ruby Ridge) AND did involuntary experiments on its OWN people (Suspected Biological Weapon Test on Small-Town America (bacteria, not virus)Nazi style human experimentation by U.S. GovernmentProject MK-ULTRA: CIA Mind Control) (NOTHING you just saw was a conspiracy theory. Everything shown is backed up.), not counting the tens, if not, HUNDREDS of millions of people (many of them civilian non-combatants) killed from poorly done (or unnecessary) conflict interventions to poorly or unjustified (and illegal) wars of aggression? 

Also, what do you think is worse; treason, or the #1 killer in human history, democide, or death by government? According to Rudolph Joseph Rummel, an estimated 262 MILLION civilians were slaughtered by governments in the 20th century alone, about 6 times the amount of military personnel in all pre-21st century combined? What is your line in the sand regarding unjustified or poorly justified treason and legitimate, moral and ethical defensive action?
Government is a double-bladed sword; on one side, it can protect our rights, provide basic necessary services and, to an extent, help protect our safety. On the other side, it can also cause an incomprehensible amount of damage.

Sometimes, we have to use unorthodox tactics to achieve the greater good (lookup the term "Chaotic good"). I'm willing to risk getting threatened, intimidated, killed, kidnapped, tortured or otherwise harmed if it means I am doing something good for the human species. Heck, it's practically one of my few true life motivations (to make planet Earth a better place & the human species happier and have animals and nature being treated much better before I leave this place). What matters to me, an individual, doesn't matter quite as much as my species or planet. 

Remember great historical figures such as Ghandi? What if he was so intimidated by the British government and social standards that he got little to no progress done? Chances are, the British would rule over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and so on and so forth to this day at worst, or, at best, held on longer. What if Malala Yousafzai shut up when the Taliban attacked her, and what would've happened to education opportunities for females? 
Plus, what if the troops fighting the Axis during World War 2 were too scared to fight? And the Axis got access to highly advanced technology, such as atomic weapons? Chances are, planet Earth would be a very different place to live. 

I know that everyone has their fears, and fear has kept us and our ancestors, and probably will keep our descendents alive. But, we should not be paralyzed or affected by it so badly that we can't do what is necessary. It is exactly why I want people to watch the video before reading for several reasons. The reasons are that, not only are many Americans aren't up to speed on this (especially those who identify themselves as "liberal" or "progressive", not that I intend to attack all of them), but also, perhaps by human nature & probably made worse by our culture, many are too lazy or even scared to use unorthodox tactics, even when THEIR lives & the lives of loved ones would directly depend on it. 

I definitely do NOT want "Wolves", which are those who prey on others. I don't really want sheep, the average who don't do much good. I want more than porcupines, those who will defend themselves and maybe a few others but will only defend others under rather strict condition. What I want, and believe we need, are sheepdogs, those who will protect others, and willing to put themselves at risk if necessary.

Doesn't this seem a bit ironic, since many of you advocate disarming civilians, but leave one of the most violent institutions in the entire world's history still armed past the teeth? Does that seem like putting the cart before the horse?

Back to how much you value being "anti-racist", don't trust the SPLC or ADL. Look at the 1st 16 videos in the playlist below. You do not need to summarize or even watch these, but you do need to watch these if you have the slightest grain of trust for either the SPLC or ADL.

And get your emotions under control. You don't like it when conservatives are egoistic, and most people don't like it when you're emotional. I have lots of experience debating people on the internet, and I know how to manipulate emotions. But, I often end up getting emotional responses without even trying to manipulate emotions!

Gee whiz. Talk about double standards!

None of these are rhetorical questions; they're real questions that I not only demand to be answered, but also, for you to ask yourself.

To self-proclaimed conservatives (mostly an edited excerpt of The broken/convoluted uses & definitions of "racist". You should also read Philosophy & social issues rant: Savage vs Civilized dichotomy, oversimplification, gray areas, collectivism, hypocrisy & double standards. You do not have to summarize either one of them, but it is a good idea to read them for the purpose of understanding this part of the article).

Also, if you're pro war in any way, shape, or form, watch the video below.

Before you say "I'm not pro war, I'm anti-terrorism", remember that that's like anti-gunners trying to say "Let's stop calling it gun control and start calling it massacre prevention". Just as strict weapon laws can actually cause massacres, believe it or not, it it the U.S. government's occupation of other countries and improperly getting involved in foreign affairs that is the cause of terrorism, which is supported by NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia (look this up for yourself). Many of you are only anti-terrorism for white Christians, and many of you care less for non-Christians and/or people who are ethnically Arab.

If you do not directly hate all Muslims, you do not need to read this. If you hate Islam and/or disagree with the belifs and/or behaviors of Muslims without hating them directly, you also do not need to read this.

I know that a good amount of you who are reading this are not racists to the point that you would turn someone down or otherwise discriminate against them simply for their race. But, how about what their wearing, rather it be a Kufi or hijab (believe it or not, some Orthodox Christians wear hijabs, and there are Jewish sects who wear burqas, NOT that I advocate hijab or want people to wear face coverings in public)? 

Many of you dislike Muslims to the point where they would discriminate against them when they have not committed a crime yet. But, this does not end here; there are conservatives who ABSOLUTELY hate the guts of Muslims and Arabs (ESPECIALLY Palestinians), and treat Islam, Muslims, Palestine, Palestinian people and the Hamas government (and maybe ISIS) as one element. For some proof, go on the internet and look in the comments section of any political Israel-related content, like this for example. Many of these people have no clue that Arabs and Muslims who support Israel (and that there are Muslims who acted good to Jews and Christians, and are not Islamists like what ISIS or the Taliban has or whatever is in that case. Plus, not all Muslims share that many beliefs or have a similar mentality. I've addressed similar issues hereand StormCloudsGathering has touched upon a similar, related problem here), and that Jews are not perfect.
I know that a lot of stereotypical Christian-conservatives are going to say "How dare you love and support goatf***ing rag headed satanic-pedophile worshiping sand monkeys over god's chosen people!? (whew)".
I never said that I liked Jews any more or any less than Muslims; I am just saying that they are human, and I view them as that. Rather or not you agree with that, one thing is for sure; Jewish people can be just as loving, caring, and kind as Muslims or Arabs can be, but at the same time, can be every bit as hateful, heartless and cruel as Arabs or Muslims can be. Just becuase a particular group of people does not seem innocent to me and/or I disagree with the way they do things does not mean that I'll directly hate all of them.
Jews are humans, and thus, every bit as capable to steal without proper justification (ie survival/emergency), damage things when not necessary, rape, kill outside of defense of self and/or others and so on as any other group in the human species can. This is a fact of life; they are like everyone else, and like the rest of the human species, lack genes that create perfect humans. I have nothing against the entire Jewish people, even though i disagree with some of the things they often do, their beliefs, and even if I hate individuals, I do not hate entire groups. I even have at least 1 Jewish friend/ally on Pinterest, and support Jewish groups such as the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (, Orthodox Jews united against Zionism (, True Torah Jews (, Jews against Islamophobia (, and even Jews against circumcision ( 

(To understand the following, read this.)
By your own logic, if you collectively hate all Muslims for a few things they have done, then you should be out hunting down Jews (including unarmed child and elder civilians), flamethrowing and machine gunning those you can't capture on sight, and taking those whom you do capture and gut them with chainsaws, all WITHOUT trial and in violation of the Declaration of Natural Rights.
But I know that you won't do that, becuase Jews are the "chosen" people according to the same book that allows cutting open pregnant women's stomachs plus bashing babies on rocks (Isaiah 13:15-18 I believe), ALLOWS slavery (Leviticus 25:44), KILLING KIDS for cursing at their parents (Leviticus 20:9), doesn't let women to teach or have authority over a man (2:12) just to get started. Also, if you really follow the Bible, you better forget about wearing mixed fabrics (Leviticus 19:19), getting tattoos (Leviticus 19:28), eating pork (Leviticus 19:27), eating shellfish (Leviticus 11:10-12), trimming hair on temples or beards (Leviticus 19:27), or having fortune tellers, fortune cookies or horoscopes (Leviticus 19:31). For some extra proof, watch a video called "Why there's no bible on my bookshelf" (below). Besides, books such as the Bible is ultra hard to understand, & I guarantee you that god would've made the Bible a lot easier to understand if he really wrote it.

You probably want to prohibit the practicing of Islam regardless of how respectful or not individuals are to the rights of others, yet many of you hypocritically demand that your beliefs are forced upon others, and as I said before, you may be about as bad as your enemy, and perhaps worse than your enemy's predecessors.
(I got this from

I'd like to add that it is a violation of natural rights to force prayer or religious study or to limit speech except in extreme cases (ie non-educational videos depicting real abuse). Anyone who has done real research about internet pornography doesn't have such one-sided views on the issue, and would probably see the way its presented on the site as bogus.

(None of these images belong to me. All belong to their original creators. The sites that they came from are linked above.)

Not to mention how you get P.O.'d over people from developing countries coming over to European Christian majority countries, yet don't talk about the actual root of the problem.

Again, talk about double standards!

While you're at it, get your ego under control. You don't like it when liberals are emotional, and most people don't like it when you're egoistic. Don't be like angry in-your-face Casey from Beyond Scared Straight.

(Watch this from 3:38 onward.)

Now, what IF I caught you committing violence against civilians (ie shooting up a Mosque)? Here's what I'll do to you assuming I'm able to do this;

1st, advise you of your Miranda rights, like this:

"Sir/mam, you have the right to remain silent. Anything this you say from now on CAN/MAY be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to privately talk to a legal team before questioning, and have them present with you during questioning. If you can't afford one on your own, I'll help you get one if you wish. You can decide at any time to exercise any of these rights and to not answer any question and to not make any statements. Do you have any questions, concerns, or other comments?"

2nd, While you're in the holding cell, I'll make sure that you have good food to eat and clean, safe water to drink (you may end up getting nutraloaf, but only if you act violently enough).

And 3rd, after your trial, I'll make sure that the punishment you receive does not exceed the crime you commit by a significant margin, nor is it cruel or unusual, particulary relative of the crime(s) you've been convicted of.

How many of these rights will you give to Muslims, Arabs, or those other people you hate? For the most part, I can only assume that you won't give them all of these rights.

To everybody; what you just read is just with me, and I'm actually quite nice when those interacting with me are being reasonable and practice good self-control. There are plenty of people out there who have the mentality of, if you disagree with them, they'll flip you off with both fingers and shout "**** U AND KISS MY ****". I am not one of them, which explains why I haven't really name called in this article.

(Got this from

By now, many liberals would be crying their eyes out, screaming their vocal cords out and tearing their scalp from their skull, and conservatives are crashing their keyboard after getting their ego hurt worse than a violent gang member getting locked up in a pink cell.

And, liberal OR conservative, you're lucky that I didn't get someone like Deputy John Lyle to communicate with you. 
Or even worse, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Warning: harsh language in the video below.

(The video below is a bonus to represent typical liberals/conservatives coming into a debate against someone like me thinking that they're going to win using regular tactics, and coming out find out otherwise, just like misbehaving brats coming into a youth intervention program thinking that they're tough, and coming out finding out that they aren't quite as tough as they once thought. And no, I am not like the inmates or criminals, nor is this a threat or intended to be one.)

I wonder how many people will react like the Elmo shirt guy.
In his defense...
Or be like Triggly Puff...

Now, onto my political affiliation: I consider myself to be a socially mid left and fiscally right libertarian. If you disagree with libertarians, go watch Is Libertarianism really corporatism?, and Capitalism (the video below and the video that comes after it).

As for my religious belifs, I consider myself to be a weak-agnostic-atheist. Simply put, I personally lean towards not believing in god, yet won't say that others can't make contact with god.

Don't like me and/or this article? Please, go ahead and drop all of your thoughts in the comments section below. Let all of your emotion, hate, resentment, bitterness, ego, and so on and so forth flow into your comment. I would like to see how liberals and conservatives would react.


  1. Whoooaaa Daddy, Your presence certainly has exploded.
    Since we agree mostly on most stuff I'm glad You've put so much effort into educating humans.
    Good luck on all that you do.
    Bobby Ingram (owner 99%ers)

    1. Thanks for the reply!
      It gets a bit boring when nobody comments and that's a reason as to I'm glad that you commented. Congratulations!


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