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Sunday, September 27, 2015

A few questions to (race & idealogical) supremacists; the feasibility & practicality of race supremacy, plus dealing with population decline)

Got this credit of . And don't blame me that the pic turned out like it did. 
By the way, I perfectly agree with StormCloudsGathering when he said "Ok in regards to my last post. Someone objected when I mocked "white pride" (because that's somehow better than "white power"). Alright you asked for it. If you are proud of the color of skin you happen to have been born with (regardless of which color that skin is), that is a sign of a shrunken and pathetic intellect. 
My skin is white. I'm not ashamed of that, but it has no bearing on my merit or on anyone else's for that matter. I don't pick my friends based on melanin content. If you do, then get off of my page."

Usually, I don't publically complain about racial/ethnic pride, but I personally despite taking pride in something that you cannot change.

Also, I recommend reading "White Supremacists are Zionists", though I do NOT perfectly agree with its language for reasons explained on . Along with this, QUESTION EVERYTHING, including every single thing that comes out of David Duke's mouth.)

I have many questions for racial/ethnic supremacists out there, rather they be Caucasian, African, Asian, Latino, Native American, multiracial or whatever. I know that these people are generally going to be hard to impossible to convince anyway; they have an agenda, and are locked onto it. They have little to no respect or care for people from other races, ethnicities, cultures, places or things in that matter. Absolutely apathetic people. Thus, I know that doing things such as asking the "What if you're in their shoes?" type of question would do little to nothing to convince them. Nor will ethics/morals will. And this article is not quite to convince them, but to merely pose a challenge to these characters and their belief that their group could somehow come out on top. And no, race and religious supremacists are NOT always tightly connected homogenous groups; there are many types.

First off, I'm sure that some racial or ideological supremacists would try to justify their actions by claiming that it is good in the long run. Well, is it, really? Are you DEAD SURE that your plans would work, and that all the conflict that you'll cause and all of the trouble you went through will result in a significant reduction of world conflict (or at least conflict in the places you want) in the future? Humans are not always followers; there are bound to be rebellious people out there.

Second, what makes you so sure that you could get a race war going and actually WIN it? Sure, you, with help from the media, can pick at emotions and REALLY tick many people off. But are you truly sure that you could this supposed race war into full swing, particularly with so many interracial relationships going on and the internet bringing people together in spite of loud individuals (people who post a lot of content)?

Here's a comment from StormCloudsGathering from the video above: "Of course other races can be racist. I've experienced it personally from hispanics and blacks when I was a kid (some of the schools I went to were in what most would call the ghetto). This video addresses the racist in OUR AUDIENCE and we don't have a problem with rampant black supremacists comments here on this channel, La Raza isn't harassing white people here but we do on the other hand have a massive number of what can only be called neo-nazis spreading their propaganda in the comments."

Lastly, how are you going to get all of the people you like to actually go out and fight alongside your forces? I'm not sure how many people could you actually rally and risk so much for the sake of race supremacy. There are guarantees of people from not only other race and/or religious groups but your own who will be opposed to your agenda. Look around; there are no many people who just not into using force to get your way (getting a totally homogenous society). And in fact, not only may they actually fight you, but other enemy groups would probably join them too. Not to mention how poor your public image is anyway.

Oh, and as a bonus; how about population decline? I know that you could increase birth rates by doing things such as encouraging, paying or, if push comes to shove, forcing people to have kids. Though I'm not sure if it is a good idea to make the world even MORE overpopulated . One proposed solution is allowing more immigration, though this is already debated as is. Though don't forget what happened in China (when they were quite gung-ho about having a larger population, no pun intended).

Agree or disagree? Leave you $0.02 in the comments. Also, please post a link to this on race supremacist web sites and in reply to race supremacist comments, and follow my social media pages and subscribe to my YouTube page.
Oh, and before you drop a comment, just to let you know, if you make hateful comments, link to hate or race supremacist sites or things in that nature, I'll simply block you. You're not going to get attention from me to make up for what other people did not give you. 

To go with this, if someone responds to this article on the own website or page, then send me a private message via Google+/YouTube .

(Got this credit of . And, while I won't all this guy a "madman" for reasons explained on , I'll call him evil.))

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