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Friday, September 11, 2015

A few things that bug me about American culture

An excerpt from my personal rant.

One culture that I also have big pet peeves with is, believe or not, American culture. I’ll barely get into the left/right paradigm. I’ll get into arrogance, ignorance and outright stupidity later. But what I will get into is how some of us are seen as “bloodthirsty”, and “think that an enemy is needed” and all of that jazz.
I’ll date this back to the USS Maine explosion. In a nutshell, a American ship exploded, and the Spanish, who were rivaled with Americans at the time, were blamed, and we went to war. Interestingly enough, it could’ve been as simple as a boiler explosion. If a steam engine is not properly maintained, it can detonate from too much pressure and/or heat. This was probably known back in the day of steam locomotives. But, for reasons that you should research yourself, the Spanish were blamed.
Fast forward to more modern times, I suggest you read Israel's Racism Breeds Hateful Atmosphere for American Muslims. This makes me concerned, which is explained on A warning to today's people (especially Muslims).
When it comes to the stereotypical arrogance, ignorance and outright stupidity that fellow Americans seem to have. 
I’ll start with overall knowledge; I cannot flipping believe a kid knows more about things like weapons and weapon laws than grown adults. It is absolutely aggravating that, for years now, mainstream media people have been calling civilian/private security legal semi automatic rifles that look too much like real military/law enforcement/dealer sample only assault rifles even though they do not function like the “real deal” and sometimes don’t even interchange all mechanical parts nor are they easily convertible to fully automatic (as in the case of a 1981 BATFE ruling on machine gun parts, and post 1993 AR-15 bolt carriers). 

A lot of people also want to restrict these so-called “assault weapons” for private possession or ownership by civilians (which is rather incoherent for reasons explained on Connecticut Shootings What No One Dares Say), but seem to not notice the fact that most assault weapon features are cosmetic, and that the only feature that can even be considered to be the “game changer” may be magazine capacity or how fast magazines can be changed, the former of which is highly disputed.

Another area of blatant American ignorance is the knowledge about other cultures. For example, at school, I’ve heard classmates call headscarves “burqas”. And a lot of anti-Muslim people want to ban the hijab, which I feel is hilarious considering that Sabains, or, more closely, some orthodox Christian females wear headscarves which look very similar in style to the Islamic hijab. I mean, what the heck is going to happen? A group of so called “Christians” attack a group of females wearing what looks like hijabs, only to find out that they attacked orthodox Christians (then again, most of the people that hate on the hijab are not orthodox Christians). And I actually mention this issue in my World revolution & war stories (though you must go to ). There is also a bunch of ignorance surrounding groups like Haredi Jews, and I can think of the same scenario involving them (so much for the chosen people, eh?).

Yet another specific issue I have are stereotypical American liberal’s seemingly shocking, and sometimes, blind loyalty to the United States government, even when they OPENLY KNOW that the government that they live under are doing morally/ethically questionable things (like being brought out and working for corporations and mistreating civilians). I do not know why this is the case, though I have a feeling that they are, for some reason, mentally weak in some areas.
And I will say that I view it as absolutely preposterous to stand with an institution that has killed and opposed so many people and to take serious action against or even question that institution is somehow morally wrong. And as if calling something "treason" means a difference in the real world, and as if it only applies to the people, not those who oppress the people. In short, I HATE it when people choose laws and rules over morals and ethics, and value the life of a predator over the lives of innocents. By the way, I am NOT calling for an immediate overthrow of the current government for reasons explained on So You Want to Topple the U.S. Government? .

All in all, I am sure that there are many factors that go into this. Just to name a few, I’ll mention the consumption of Fluoride, Alcohol and unnecessary drugs and perhaps even mercury and chemicals in vaccines.

Okay, I'll admit that I am no expert and am not exempt from ignorance (I once called Mehindi desighns "tattos" plus something else, which you could read on ), I'm not rediculous about it (though you must gauge what "rediculous" is).
One other pet peeve I have is how much other cultures are disrespected. For example, I have read about "Pork based gun oil", which I myself disapprove. While I would not mind it being used against people such as major leaders of aggressive, violent groups or convicted mass murders, I prefer that people not use it in general combat or even self defense. In my view, it is just unnecessary disrespectful to other cultures and beliefs. Before people cry "Political correctness", let me put it to you this way; let's say that a Muslim has committed a crime, and their home is going to be searched, and that search includes dogs. If they don't like that, then I would recommend putting "shoes" on the dogs. But I do NOT want to call off the search altogether for their objection alone.
In a nutshell, avoid offending people if it won't negatively affect your effectiveness. But at the same time, if you have to do something that may offend someone, you will have to do it. This type of issue is addressed in Emotional Manipulation Tactics .

And, for the same people who approve of this simply because the target group is, intentionally, Muslims, this is somehow morally or ethically justified, I wonder if the same people would object if, say, ISIS were forcing Christians to wear clothes with mixed fibers (Leviticus 19:19), eat pork (Leviticus 11:7-8), eat shellfish (Leviticus 11:10-12), trim hair on temples and beards (Leviticus 19:27), and get tattoos (Leviticus 19:28). This issue is mentioned in Are MUSLIM Shooting Targets OFFENSIVE?  , and I'd like to mention an article called " Jan Morgan: idiot, bigot, or both? ".

By the way, this issue reminds me of "Dragnet episode 115; The Gun", and what you can see between 18:56 and 19:40.

I'd also like to add that I feel like that, due to a difference in mentality, American conservatives are, at least arguably, more likely to alienate outside groups than people in other socio-political "camps". I won't get deeply into this except for throwing in the "Southern Poverty Law Center's job well done " playlist (don't worry, the name is just link bait), and videos from #7, being "Pro-Gun Arguments (Do's & Don'ts) " to #13, being "Gun Owners: Stop Baiting Police (Rant) ".

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