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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Open message to muslims & non-muslims; rant on hijab. Is the niqab appropriate or good? Should you force your daughter to wear hijab? And is the hijab, niqab or veil oppressive?

(Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the images seen here whatsoever. If you are the owner of any of these, please let me know in the comments and I will remove them as soon as I see your comment.)
(If you're wondering why I put wrote words under captioned pictures, I did it so non-english reading readers can read them, as that I plan to share with with Muslim and hijabi communities on Google+ which aren't always in english, (some are Indonesian, for instance)).
From what I have seen, there is a whole LOT of ignorance about the hijab, from non-muslims, especially Americans. My goodness, the IGNORANCE people have about a piece of cloth on a female's head. I'll shortly address what I think about cultural facial coverings later.
Now, this is mainly a political blog (sometime I'll get into prepping/survivalism, weapons, and things like that) and not a fashion one, but due to the socio-political connotations of hijab and the lack of understanding between cultures, this counts.

If you're interested as to which faith I practice, scroll down.

What I think of hijab; I personally believe that it is beautiful, but I do not actively support it. While you can look up the advantages of it, I do not believe that there should be any laws whatsoever regarding it (with an exemption of facial coverings and the use of force/pressure/coercion regarding wearing it).
Speaking of coercion and pressure, I'd like to mention a meme out there that says "Girls without hijab are hot. Girls with hijab are beautiful" (I will not show it here), and I personally disagree with the way the message is conveyed. To me, that is simply too harsh (being sent to hell simply for exposing too much of your body), and thus, inappropriate for promoting what you want. I mean, really? Going to hell (pardon my language) simply for being a female and not covering your head? Why not make memes to Islamists warning them to stop doing crap (such as attacking civilians, implementing fundamentalism and so on) or suffer the same fate?
(Note: I do NOT agree with Prager University's stance on the current Israeli government or GMO's.)

Thus, the question should not be what, but WHY.
Now. I do NOT promote hijab, but I do not oppose it either. I recommend reading , and I like the article because, to me, it actually gives a more balanced point of view than most others. Happyness is extremely subjective.

Not everyone is for extremes: neither wearing a birthday suit (naked) nor a burqa with gloves (fully covered up) is going to be "liberating" to everyone. It is going to be up to the individual and their personality, particularly in the logic they use. If you want to wear a halter top and micro skirt, I support your decision doing so. If you wish to wear an overhead abaya with a floor-length khimar, I'm fine with that as well.

So rather or not something is oppressive actually depends alot on the individual.

Captions: I often hear feminists criticizing other women's clothing on behalf of feminism.
The same person will unironically say "You can dress like that! It's unfeminist! You're oppressing me! You're oppressing yourself! Stop it!" (repeated).
Don't you know when you say stuff like that, you're basically saying "There is a very specific and narrow way to act and dress to be 'right'...and it happens to be what feels comfortable to me."
And you sound exactly like the patriarchy to me.
Captions: Are the 30,999 Israeli women who cover themselves from head to toe including their faces includes in Stephen Harper's statement, "Covering one's face with a niqab is 'Rooted' in a culture that is anti-women"?
Thought bubbles: What is a Tichel? Who wears them? Are they kosher? Do I have to legislate? 
Oops!! Maybe nobody else knows about these Israeli women.

To Muslims (and Jews); if you are going to wear facial coverings in a public place where the culture there doesn't fully understand and agree with, then you are not making a good decision. Not only it makes you look bad (from stereotyping and the culture not being used to people covering their faces in the first place), but obviously, you are practically alienating yourself from other cultures. Now, if you live in a place where people are used to covering faces in public, that is fine. But that is different if you live in a culture that doesn't accept that. Besides, facial coverings can be used to mask the identity of people with ill intent.
Simply put, I don't think that this is the time or place to wear facial coverings outside of places where it is socially acceptable.

The best way that I could come up with to describe this to you and to add a bit of comedy, "What is if a bunch of nudists came to, say, Mecca and started being inconsiderate of the culture there?" (don't worry, the video is "clean"). I feel that this is comparable to what niquabi/burquabi people are doing outside of countries where their behaviour is acceptable.

Now, interestingly, as mentioned in the video below after 3:00, humans often see masks as rather creepy even if it had a neutral or happy expression becuase it covers up the wearer's true facial expression, taking away 1 way to guess or predict rather or not that individual is a threat.
Of course, there are other ways, but you get the idea.

I can somewhat relate this this issue when it comes to civilian arms and armor rights around the world, particularly the open-carry controversy. For example, it is one thing to conceal carry weaponry and wear concealed body armor for the protection of myself, my family and innocent people. It is another thing for me to open carry weapons and overtly wear body armor when I'm not on duty in an occupation where you would normally wear that kind've stuff, such as military, law enforcement, private security, bounty hunting, etc. In the latter case, it would be inappropriate unless, of course, I have to for some reason, especially considering recent events (mass shootings and gun violence) and the fact that not everyone (especially people from cultures where weapons and firearms aren't as prevalent) is that close to the same page with me.

Now, switching gears. Muslims, should you force your daughter to wear hijab? I think it is a very clear NO! Not only do I find it to be immoral and unethical to force someone to follow unreasonable standards in this circumstance but also, forcing, coercing, or pressuring, etc, could cause them to no longer follow their religion and probably would cause more resentment against you. While I, of course, do not hate all Muslims and have no problem with them or anyone in that matter willingly converting to other faiths (including atheism/agnosticism) so long as they respect everyone else's rights, it is not in my interest to have someone become a "Former Muslim" and spread anti-muslim sentiment (no offense but I have no problem with anti-religious talk as long as it doesn't call for violence and, again, encouraging conversion to or from any faith as long as violence, force, coercion, pressure etc, is NOT used). Do you really want to perpetuate the belief that females are usually or always forced to wear hijab? Public image, belief and perception are weapons. It makes little to no sense to give live or even convertable ammunition to those who hate you. 
Besides, as you can read on, hijab just might not be compulsaroy as many think (look out for contradicting or dubious verses in religious texts).

Guy: Your hijab is an offense to the modern human race you, should take it off!
Gal: Your haircut is an offense to the moder human race, you should cut it off!!
Guy: You can't tell me what to do, it's a free country!
Gal: Exactly!
Respect each other's belifs!

As far as friendship goes between individuals, I don't believe that clothing style really matters, but rather, the individual's values, belifs, and wishes. I assure you that friendships like the one between Ahsoka Tano (who wasn't exactly the most covered up character) and Barriss Offee (who dressed on the modest side) (who were, for icing on the cake, different but still fully sentient species) (minus the betrayal from the latter) can exist in real-life (I sometimes make a Star Wars reference).

I know that some people will be surprised, but some enjoy doing things that some others may not. Though it is not necessary at all, I would recommend that some viewers watch the video below after 35:00. Part of true freedom is to allow others to make decisions that we don't agree with, as long as they respect the rights of others. What 1 individual wants to do may not be what another wants to do. The definition of happiness is subjective. There is little to no difference between you wanting to cover up while others want to show themselves.
If you disagree with their lifestyle, don't get worked up over it. I may not agree with your's (I value freedom too much), but I'll defend your right to practice your freedom as long as it's compliant with the declaration of natural rights.

Now, my personal religion; I consider myself agnostic-atheist, which means that while I don't believe god(s) exists, it is not a strong belief. I won't be offended if I was called either.
Plus, I am STRONGLY pro-religious freedom as long as the rights of people, animals and non-hostile extraterrestrials (ie aliens from space) are respected. Yeah, yeah, I know: the last part sounds a little funny. But actually, I was serious.

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