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Monday, October 19, 2015

Open message to fascists, neo-Nazis & white supremacists; how does your solution work?

(This is a mirror article of A few questions to (race & idealogical) supremacists; the feasibility & practicality of race supremacy, plus dealing with population decline))
(Got this credit of . And, while I won't all this guy a "madman" for reasons explained on , I'll call him evil.)

For some time, after cruising around on the internet and looking at the truth movement and subculture, I have started to see an interesting trend; I have seen whites in this movement and subculture, for whatever reason, turn to fascism, Nazism, and/or white supremacy. My theories for this is more than plain racism (and some jealousy), and involves things such as demographic change of caucasians over the past few years, a feeling that caucasians are losing (or have lost) too much power, crimes non-caucasians commit against caucasians, and I am sure that there are plenty of others. While I really want to do something about the New World Order and stopping something like the N.W.O. happening again, secure the futures of at-risk ethnic groups and so on and so forth, I personally don't agree with the route that fascists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are taking, and thus why I am critiquing their plans.

I know that this article's target audience just have little to no care for races other than their own, and thus, I won't bother winning them over with morals/ethics, or even mentioning what if they were part of a race that they had to choice of being a part of whatsoever.

 One, tell me how on mother Earth does using an extreme ideology do anything to combat the current New World Order? I am not saying it can't, but aren't there alternatives to it? It is almost like putting a kid on antidepressants for things such as lack of concentration, possibly giving them health effects that they don't need (what they got is better) and perhaps not really looking into other solutions.

Two, why would you want a white supremacy world order? I have no problem with special "homelands" for people to go to if their group is being mistreated (though I prefer that these homelands behave themselves and don't take up too much space). Also, do you even hate big government? Or do you just dislike big government when it is not fully in your favour? I'm guessing it's the latter.

Three, did you know that you might be playing right into the hands of your own enemy (note that, while I don't agree with all of the author's views or the article's language, and I don't attack all Jews, you'll get the idea)?

By the way, I perfectly agree with StormCloudsGathering when he said "Ok in regards to my last post. Someone objected when I mocked "white pride" (because that's somehow better than "white power"). Alright you asked for it. If you are proud of the color of skin you happen to have been born with (regardless of which color that skin is), that is a sign of a shrunken and pathetic intellect. 
My skin is white. I'm not ashamed of that, but it has no bearing on my merit or on anyone else's for that matter. I don't pick my friends based on melanin content. If you do, then get off of my page."

Usually, I don't publically complain about racial/ethnic pride, but I personally despite taking pride in something that you cannot change.
(Got this from

I don't expect to convert many people. But at least I'm not cussing or being ruthless about it, maybe like I should when dealing with these characters.

Here's a comment from StormCloudsGathering from the video above: "Of course other races can be racist. I've experienced it personally from hispanics and blacks when I was a kid (some of the schools I went to were in what most would call the ghetto). This video addresses the racist in OUR AUDIENCE and we don't have a problem with rampant black supremacists comments here on this channel, La Raza isn't harassing white people here but we do on the other hand have a massive number of what can only be called neo-nazis spreading their propaganda in the comments."

So, I am willing to bet you are asking "How else are we going to fight the New World Order"? Well, look it up yourself. But definitely look at Revolution: An Instruction Manual .

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