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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Some new articles in the works

For those of you who wonder why posts are often weeks in between, well, I am a student. Right now, my, um, teachers are loading me down with homework and I am quite poor to terrible at time management. Combined with the way I come up with ways to write articles, the amount of time between posted articles is HUGE. But, I'll list most examples that are coming soon, somewhat in order.

Loose cannons: Alex Jones, NRA, Ted Nugent, CAIR & Louis Farrakhan (Done)
How truth people are indirectly connected, starring Ron Paul. (Done)
Open message to Fascists, Neo-Nazis & White supremacists; how does your solution work? (Done)
Open message to the world's people; stop having so many kids! ADOPT instead!
Open message to Jewish Zionists: so you think you could get away with the N.W.O.?
Calling out Ted Nugent: Clean up your act or be quiet!
Please, no politics; the politicisation of originally non-political internet videos & articles (Done)
Pro's & Con's of diversity. And accepting people as long as they respect the rights of others.
What do you think are the best DA/SA hammer fired pistols?

Be sure to check back every couple of weeks or so for new articles.

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