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Friday, October 30, 2015

Strange happenings & problems on my school bus. And a few things about bus monitors.

On Friday the 23rd in October of 2015, I suggested to my afternoon bus driver and monitor that the transmission, and perhaps, braking system problems that we had with our bus (Thomas C2, model year currently unknown) that we have been having for weeks, if not months now (there are times when we should stop at a kid's house to drop him off and the bus won't move after that. On Friday the 23rd of October 2015, the driver had to turn off and restart the bus several times before we could move again.) was becuase of sabotage. In the conspiracy, the powers that be (I didn't say "Illuminati" or "Big bankers" becuase I wasn't in a mood to open a can of worms) decided to sabogae one of my modes of transportation to make me easier to target.
We talked a bit, and the bus monitor asked (NOT in an interrogation manner) if I was on some terror watch list or something. I probably said something along the lines of "Probably not" (though I should've mentioned an article called "72 types of Americans that are considered 'terrorists'". And shoot: I supported Ron Paul, have a somewhat negative view of the United Nations, oppose illegal immigration, strongly believe in the right to keep and bear arms and self defense, believe in conspiracy "theories", anti global[ist], my blog and the websites I look at would be, albeit questionable accuracy, considered "extremist", I have a quite a fear of gun control, though I am more concerned about people in other countries getting disarmed, I want to protect the environment and animals, and worst of all (judging from the number order), I want to make the world a better place. I am for individual liberties, however, I don't talk about them much, if at all, aside from self defense and free speech. At least I don't really associate myself with the Patriot movement due to some extreme elements, I do NOT like sovereign citizens because they make conservatives, gun owners and political truth people look bad, and am STRONGLY pro-secularism.), and nor am I a high profile person or even advocated violence (the closest thing to violence that I advocated was self defense).

However, there are quite a few reasons why whatever problems the bus had and the fact it carries a political truth person 5 days an average week was probably a coincidence.
1: if the bus was sabotaged, would the mechanics find out about it? I'm not a mechanic or secret agent (or Terminator like machine or anything in that matter), so I couldn't be sure. Then again, they could always bribe the mechanics to sabotage the vehicle. Though they better keep quiet!
2: isn't there a better time to assassinate or capture me other than when I'm riding in several tons of rolling metal? Sure, I am not riding in an armored car, but the driver can probably push it a bit hard if he/she is in a survival situation.
3: how many potential witnesses do you have to worry about? It may not be too long for an event like this to become well known if enough people do it at the same time.

Open message to bus mechanics: have you noticed any of the problems that I have described on the Thomas C2? If so, please tell me, and be sure to give me as much information (such as year, engine and transmission model) as you can. Thanks.

Thoughts on bus monitors.
A few weeks ago, a lady that rode on my bus sneaked on. The monitor was like "Where is she?", and found out the lady in question sneaked on under her nose. I said to her something along the lines of that the should pay more attention to her surroundings, and that she was the closest thing to a law enforcement or security officer. She said "Thanks for the comment". On one day she was out, I talked to the driver about why I preferred having a monitor on the vehicle with me, which is that she is able to provide help immediately, as opposed to emergency services who would be minutes away when seconds count, though the driver said that regular-ed kids who ride on long buses often ride without monitors and they're just fine. I told her a quote I found, which is "If all your problems are behind you... you must be a school bus driver". When we got to me stop that day she said "Yay. You got home safely without the bus monitor! (that was kind've a joke.)". The day after that, we had a substitute monitor and the driver joked by saying something along the lines of "Hey, now we have a monitor in case of an medical emergency (again, I don't perfectly remember what she said)" (the day the monitor was out, I did say something quite like "A lightly or untrained or lightly or unequipped bus monitor is immediately more useful than SWAT., paramedics or [other] emergency services 5 minutes away becuase they could provide help immediately."). After that, the monitor was back.
Believe it or not, while I only recognise any arrests bus or hallway monitors make as citizen's arrests as opposed to what I would call "official arrests" made by people such as law enforcement officers, security personnel, and fugitive recovery/bail enforcement agents/bounty hunters (if the individual being arrested is a fugitive), I treat them pretty much like I would treat a security guard/officer becuase I see that they serve a similar function and are as close as we got to having security personnel.
I personally think that anyone and everyone working in public safety even outside of law enforcement (security, bus monitoring, hallway monitoring etc), should be well armed, equipped, and most importantly, trained for situations that can arise. If something crazy happens (not World revolution war stories crazy, but still,  you can look up bus attacks in history), I don't want the vehicle passengers' protector to be limited to a handgun in a fanny pack and rifle or shotgun in a bag. At least a tiny handful are armed, such as this Texas Youth Authority bus guard from the movie "Holes".
(Got this credit of Internet Movie Firearms Database.)

I know that a lot of people would disagree with my idea of what public safety workers are and how they should be trained and equipped. Then again, my more tactical idea of this type of occupation probably comes from me watching movies, video-gameplays and, yes, making up stories.

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