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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pork based gun oil & R.I.P. ammo; does it make gun owners look or bloodthirsty (& a vid from TheYankeeMarshall)

An excerpt from my personal rant .

One pet peeve I have about Americans are how disrespectful they often are to other cultures. For example, I have read about "Pork based gun oil", which I myself disapprove. While I would not mind it being used against people such as major leaders of aggressive, violent groups or convicted mass murders, I prefer that people not use it in general combat or even self defense. In my view, it is just unnecessary disrespectful to other cultures and beliefs. Before people cry "Political correctness", let me put it to you this way; let's say that a Muslim has committed a crime, and their home is going to be searched, and that search includes dogs. If they don't like that, then I would recommend putting "shoes" on the dogs. But I do NOT want to call off the search altogether for their objection alone.
In a nutshell, avoid offending people if it won't negatively affect your effectiveness. But at the same time, if you have to do something that may offend someone, you will have to do it. This type of issue is addressed in Emotional Manipulation Tactics .

And, I'll let the video below do the rest of the talking, becuase I PERFECTLY agree with it.

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