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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Loose cannons: Alex Jones, NRA, Ted Nugent, CAIR & Louis Farrakhan

(Long title; Loose cannons: Alex Jones, National Rifle Association, Ted Nugent, & why I do NOT support the Council on American-Islamic relations or Louis Farrakhan)
(Got this credit of Pinterest.)

Because of the many issues that I'm involved in, sooner or later, I'll come across loose cannons. The 4 worst are the Council on American-Islamic Relations/CAIR, Louis Farrakhan, the National Rifle Association/NRA, and Ted Nugent. In my view, Louis Farrakhan's and Ted Nugent's mouths are like "Dirty" Harry Callahan's trigger finger. But worse; 1 is a movie character. 2 are famous public figures.
And, if CAIR and the NRA were countries, they would be like the Soviet Union to the allies during WW2, but for the former, also worse, and I'll tell you why.

First, CAIR; I know that CAIR has been at the forefront on fighting anti-Muslim and anti-Arab hate, but, I view it is a loose cannon, and is a forced and reluctantly accepted "ally" at best, and a low level enemy at worst. CAIR has been linked to "terrorism". Go read , and that is just to start. CAIR must not only denounce, but EXPEL AND SHUN people who have any connection or support for militant groups whatsoever.
When it comes to CAIR's history with Hamas, even though that I know that Hamas is combating the current Israeli government, they just harm too many civilians to have me be at their side, and not all Palestinians even support them
While I do NOT want to support this site, I just thought to throw in this link; .

Also, I do NOT really support Louis Farrakhan for so many reasons that I want you to look up a lot of the bad things he has said before. I won't even begin to say what comes out of his mouth, but he shoves his foot in his mouth like Ted Nugent.

You can call me a hypocrite from "not distancing" myself from shady characters (such as David Duke). But actually, I make the disclaimer that I do NOT always agree with the views or support my source persons. To me, they're almost like a black market dealer who supplies me with the things I need. I might not like them, but I need to get what they have available.

Later, I'll talk about Alex Jones.

Second, the NRA and Ted Nugent. I am not going to attack the NRA on its compromises, but rather, who it allows to represent it; they still show us a LOT of right-wing people. I know that a majority of self defense and right to keep and bear arms supporting Americans are right-wing oriented, though it does not need to be in our image; I feel like that, while doing things such as including minorities, especially with stereotype breakers such as Chris Cheng,, and the fact that gun culture is changing, people like Ted Nugent are allowed to yack away and hardly anyone from the gun community calls him out (except for a few such as Robert Farago on; ).

Onto Alex Jones; I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but he is definitely a loose cannon. Even though his channel is not listed in my YouTube channel's "PLEASE SUB & HELP THE TRUTH!=D"  section, and I'm considering removing Mark Dice's channel from it, I wouldn't say that Alex Jones is totally bad (, but he is undoubtedly suspicious. Again, I do not think that is necessarily bad, just really suspicious.

Sadly, the 2 videos below really hurts my formally strong trust for Jones;

Though in his defense, I'll add in this as well, though I am closer to the side of Truthfulradio than TruthRadioShow;

And be careful about Wikileaks.

Be sure to check out the suspicious things about other mainstream truthers (NOT that I am saying for myself that these are fakes)...

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