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Monday, June 12, 2017

Why do Americans tolerate & even support so much war? The top five reasons to explain this.

This is mainly a response to a similarly named question on Quora (which I had a hard time responding to due to my laptop strangely freezing up while answering), though this is also to address the curiosity of people who are asking that type of question.

The reason is, overall, culture, & the socio-political tribalism that's in it. But what is influencing our culture & what is the cause of socio-political tribalism?
Here are the top five reasons for this, & resources to listen to if you want more details (not that you absolutely need to listen to or read them directly).

5: Many American liberals not only hate Russia (not that I like Russia myself), but also, just as their right-wing counterparts, try to defend their team, & support foreign interventionism & even outright warmongering under a "humanitarian" label. A big part of this is the media (which I'll get to later), which affects everyone who listens to it.
I'm going to talk about the right in the next reasons.

4: Many Americans mix-up supporting people in the military with supporting war. This is explained in the video "Memorial Day: What Should We Remember?", & the video "The Hollywoodization Of War- With Guest Philip Giraldi", along with the six videos that come after it in the playlist.

Article to read:
The New McCarthyism.

3: Religious tribalism. Many followers of Evangelical Churchianity belive that today's wars are modern Crusades against the Muslim World, & see Islam as a rival tribe.

Article to read:
Why do so many Americans fear Muslims? Decades of denial about America's role in the world.

Audio podcasts to listen to:
07/06/16 – Jim Hale – The Scott Horton Show
02/12/14 – Philip Giraldi – The Scott Horton Show
05/12/09 – Jeff Sharlet – The Scott Horton Show/
09/30/16 – David Noriega – The Scott Horton Show
Jon Schwarz on the connection between Americans’ fear of Muslims and ignorance of foreign policy.

Many of them seemingly belive that Israel is a levee against Islam taking over the west.

And many belive that everyone in the Muslim/Arab world are the same.

For the video below, skip to 35:08.

This is talked about even more deeply in the video below. For that, skip around 7:28, 10:23, 15:42, 19:42, 26:19, 31:14, 36:35, 46:11, 1:15:15, 1:27:02, & do so whenever the clips of Alex Jones talking starts.

I'd also like to mention that, as mentioned just after 34:32 of the video below, a reason for the hate-mongering against Muslims is that many of them don't like usury, which contradicts what central banks want to do.

On certain sites, especially BareNakedIslam or Walid Shoebat's sites, a lot of the information posted there are actually proven to be part-truths at best, and often outright lies. Many of them try to make it seem like Muslims are attacking Christians & Jews & promote tribalism not unlike Neo-Nazi sites such as the DailyStormer (which I'd like to see a comparison between it & BareNakendIslam).
A friend of mine, Allyson (formerly Allyson Abu-Hajar) created a Pinterest board dedicated to debunking lies spread by these sites;

2: Education. The government schooling system teaches obedience over critical thinking & the version of history that governments want you to know, & little else.

1: The mainstream media. The mainstream media almost exclusively reports on things that the Pentagon, military-industrial complex, and the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee wants the general public to know, so the general public would be ignorant about important events & issues.

I got the above image credit of Fair use while crediting the source is reserved.

"Becuase of the media & the attention drawn by real anti-Jewish people, a lot of people assume that you're anti-semitic if you have a disagreement with the Israeli government, & for much of the same latter reason, that you're Islamophobic if you criticise Islam (even if you do not hate muslims). I myself am outspoken against collectivist hatred in general.

This can be a contributing factor as to why people are so scared to seriously talk about Israel (& to a far lesser extent, Saudi Arabia) in a negative light becuase they don't want to be associated with timid zealots. 

Now why does the American left hate Russia so much? Here's my theory;

1: Russia has been demonised in culture as being "the bad guys" since the end of World War two, even though things have gotten better since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

To see what part the media plays in this, watch the video below:

2: Even though the middle east & much of post-colonialist Africa with heavy Christian influences have this case worse, Russia doesn't treat females& homosexuals particularly well. But, the difference is, that American neoliberals see Russia as a purely white nation, & won't get paranoia of being called "racist" for hating Russia.

I'm sure that some of you will be asking "What does Israel & Saudi Arabia have to do with this"?

The governments of both countries want other countries (most notably the United States of America) to promote their agendas in the middle east.

This is further explained in the documentaries "The Empire Unmasked" & War By Deception.

This video explains how modern terrorism works:

These videos go deeper into the history of modern terrorism;
Note that the governments of both Israel and Saudi Arabia were both members of the Safari Club, & they both hate Iran.

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