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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Immigration: what I think.

All of this was taken from my personal rant.
In my opinion, immigration should be allowed, just as long as the system can support the immigrants and major troublemakers (such as those convicted of serious crimes such as murder or those who steal when they don't have to do so for survival, ie, if they could get  a job) get kicked out. I am for "balanced" immigration, though you must gauge what "balanced" is. Anyways, while I personally don't have much of a direct issue with immigrants in of themselves, the last people I want to come in are dangerous people, help-refusing substances abusers and so on and so forth. And I don't want people with serious diseases to come in until they get better or they are quarantined so they won't make everybody else sick.
I do not want to overrun or overpopulate any country with immigrants because if they are not yet "ready", there would be too much of a strain of jobs and resources for everyone. Do I want to help poor immigrants and refugees? HECK YES!!! In fact, you do not know how much I want to PUNISH lazy, selfish scumbag lowlifes that run bigshot corporations but treat employees poorly (and have the money from fines go to the people as compensation. By the way, this is a reason why I want a maximum wage  law set in place for company C.E.O.'s and bigshots). But I do not want to overload the system (taxpayer funded welfare in particular), which would ruin things for everyone, both immigrants and non-immigrants. To help people in other countries, programs should be run to help them (like what the U.N. does) in things such as education, healthcare, getting good jobs and so on
I also want to address people who hate on and wish to deport immigrants. Well, while I will not say rather or not (legal) immigrants really take away jobs, I recommend looking up how places such as the United States of America may get into economic/financial trouble without immigrants to do certain types of work . This issue is (at least partially) explained on Would America's Farms Collapse Without Immigrants?. Not to mention that  many doctors are Asian and we already have a shortage of doctors in the United States of America. So if we, say, deport all or at least a lot of Asians, it will probably make the shortage even worse untill non-Asians can fill in (if there are even enough of them to do so). Not mention that many work in the Science and technology sector.
Not to mention that immigrants may also create jobs. Though off course, there should be a balance.
I’d also like to add why I consider myself a supporter of voluntary (definitely NOT forced, and to h**l with forced segregation, slavery and discrimination) segregation and a melting pot as opposed to multiculturalism.
As mentioned in the video above (just to let you know, I do NOT agree with a lot of David Duke’s opinions on things such as immigration or, at least in his past, his views on race, particularly on non caucasians. As always, question EVERYTHING. And in this case, Duke is leaving out other factors such as economics, substance ie drug use, or even the specific groups in question), forcing groups to be together when they really do not want to be together just does not turn out well (in the long run). If groups are able to work together and mix, it is perfectly fine by me and I personally appreciate that. But if groups hate each other to a violent level, then they should avoid getting to close to each other just as if you know someone who you may get into trouble with you may avoid them.
This also reminds me of instances like how some Israelis treat gentiles & Jews who disagree with them and hardcore Muslims mistreating people just to name a couple of cases. I mean, c’mon, people! I get that you may not be fans of outsides, but doggone, if you dislike them so much, how about form a small, gated community with a sign that says “Outsiders not welcome” or “Outsiders unwanted” or something in that matter. And if you dislike certain types of people and you are in a place where the types of people you dislike are too common then, please, move somewheres else. I myself am really for religious freedom, but not the freedom to mistreat other people or force them to do things for you. Just respect other people’s rights and the law and you shouldn’t expect too many issues because there would be less ammunition to use against you. Sheesh.

One way that I have came up with to help combat hunger is to give everyone aquaponics systems (powered by Power4Patriots solar systems) combined with the 4 foot farm blueprint and rainwater collection systems. But this will require a resource investment to fully work.
Oh, and before you cry "racist!" or "bigot!", go read The convoluted uses & definitions of "racist" .

Plus, there are ways to help those in other countries, such as providing foreign aid.

(Note; of course, I do NOT agree with all of Michael Savage's opinions or like him, but here's something I actually agree with)
(I also do NOT ask that it be easier to legally move to other countries. Also, look up "Brain drain", which hurts other countries further.)
Why do I prefer that immigrants assimilate? I am not into forcing them, but the ability to work together is important, ESPECIALLY during an emergency or crisis.

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