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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A quick list of a few New Hampshire positives. And is New Hampshire one of the most successful states in the union?

As you will see, when it comes to most positive things, New Hampshire is almost always scores either at the very top or fairly near the top. Likewise with negative things, where New Hampshire almost always scores at the bottom or fairly near the bottom.
There's no opinion in the top section: just their bare-bones facts.

All of these lists can be found on

Homicide rate: New Hampshire: absolute lowest as of 2014 at about 0.9 per 100,000, while staying in the 10 lowest for well over a decade.

Poverty rate (by household income): 
New Hampshire: absolute lowest, at just 9.2%.
Washington D.C.: if it was counted as a state, it would have the 8th highest poverty rate 18.4%. But remember that it's pretty much a city.

Unemployment rate: New Hampshire, 2nd lowest, at about 2.9%, only beaten by South Dakota at 2.8%.
Washington D.C.: if it was counted as a state, it would have the 7th highest unemployment rate, at about 5.9%

Income inequality, Gini coefficient
New Hampshire; 4th lowest (Gini coefficient score of 0.425), only beaten by Wyoming (3rd, 0.423), Alaska (2nd, 0.422), and Utah (1st, 0.419).
New York: 2nd highest at 49th, 0.499. Washington D.C.: absolute highest, at 0.532. Remember that D.C. is a city, and cities sometimes have more income inequality.

American Human Development Index rating:
New Hampshire: 6th highest rating, at 5.73.
Okay, maybe Washington D.C. beats New Hampshire for this one at 4th highest at 6.08.

Incarceration/imprisonment and correctional supervision rate:
New Hampshire comes in at 6th lowest incarceration rate (for all ages) at just 362 per 100,000 and the lowest "community supervision" rate at just 590 per 100,000.

Life expectancy:
New Hampshire comes in at 8th highest.
Washington D.C. comes in at only 43rd highest.

Objectiveness ends here.
And New Hampshire is often included in lists of states with the best quality of life.

How's New Hampshire doing as one of the freest states in the Union?

How can economic freedom affect prosperity? Texas vs California:

As I've already shown, states with fiscal conservatism and economic liberalism tend to be relatively successful. So let's look at the case for social freedom.
What's going bad in socially conservative states?

All the top 7 states for incarceration rate are socially conservative.

All of the top 4 states with the highest homicide rate as of 2014.

So should we be locking people up for simply doing drugs or committing victimless crimes?

For you anti-libertarian folks out there, please tell me how New Hampshire, perhaps the most libertarian state in the union, is a failed or failing state.

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