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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Concerns about Trump, & what would probably still need fixing from the Trump presidency, & how will Trump's detractors affect Canada, from a Trump supporter. And hold Trump's feet to the fire. #TrumpPledge

(The above image came credit of

I know that some people, particulary those within conservative circles and the truth movement, feel safe after the election of Trump. I even made the article The silver lining to the Trump presidency to show the more overzealous Trump citics the good things that can come out of Trump's presidency (and I think it would help if you Trump supporters out there would share it).

However, does this mean that Trump shouldn't be scrutinised?

(The 3 videos below are the most important of the article. Combined, they're less than 20 minutes long.)

First off, I'm unsure about how much Donald Trump opposes business bailouts.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, unlike, say, Ron Paul, he has an ego (not nearly as much of an issue as actual, tangible policy), and is authoritarian and doesn't seem to have a real operating philosophy.
This probably explains why Trump actually wants to reauthorize the NDAA and Patriot act, and why he dislikes Edward Snowden and wants to persecute whistleblowers; 

Do not tell me that conservatives are pro-freedom outside of economics.

I do not believe in insecure borders or uncontrolled immigration (

And the drug war is a complete scam and failure (we can use drug tests as one step to prevent welfare abuse).

(Notice how Coulter called Alabama a "nice state". Though I'll mention that Alabama had the 11th to 9th highest homicide rate as of 2014 (, 4th highest incarceration rate, and the 19th highest community supervision rate (

Third, I'll also mention that, while Trump is, without a doubt, less warmongering than the majority of politicians at the federal level, we should not even lay back and let things happen: keep the pressure on politicians no matter what, and in the case of Trump, it is not a guarantee.

Fourth, my 2nd biggest problem with him is that it doesn't seem like that he'll take a strong stance against the Israeli lobby, even though he may otherwise hurt special interests:

All in all, while I know that there will be silver lining to his presidency, I predict that little change in the problem of big government will actually come from it in the short term. But hey, little change will be better than none.

At the end of the day, I do not want to see a repeat of apologists trying to justify or beat around the bush (not a reference to anyone with the name "Bush") with their celebrity of choice like what we seen with Obama supporters, who assumed that Obama was anti-war but it turns out that he was still pro-war with political correctness, a more refined vocabulary, and better marketing department.

Again, hold Trump's feet to the fire, and take the #TrumpPledge.

How will people who dislike Trump for the wrong reasons affect other nations, mainly Canada?

I'm worried that Hillary supporters and the less intelligent Trump detractors will end up hurting Canada, with overall increasing big government, and specifically, making bad immigration policies worse, making weapon laws stricter, and so on and so forth.

P.S: when I call myself a "Trump supporter", I mean a reluctant one at that.

(Considering how Trump attacked McCain, this doesn't apply as much anymore.)

And for icing on the cake, Trump has endorsed ( Neocons Paul Ryan and worse, John McCain, the latter of whom supports Syrian rebels (, is overall a traitor (he collaborated with the North Vietnamese), and even endorsed Hillary Clinton (not to mention how Trump has hung out with the Clintons before)!
(It's not necessary to watch all of these videos; this is just extra information.)

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