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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So about that viral list of fake news sites; How Russian Propaganda Really Works in the West

"Truth is truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it" - Anonymous.

"You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it." - Malcolm X.

To prove to you that I am NOT a Russian agent or even a fan of Russia, see this article and this article (both of which are the same, just with different names).

A few of you might've found out of U.S. intel is pushing a Putin-Trump conspiracy theory:

Expecting my audience to be cruising around for information and becuase I underrated its importance, I didn't report on it. But all of that changed when I saw the heading for that looked exactly like what you would see here: .

Then I went onto, and things started to get real funny.

If you look in the list, you can see that sites such as,, and, all of which I link on my blog (though you may not be able to see it on a mobile device), and I routinely link to and post StormCloudsGathering's content.
And they are thrown into the same category of sites like VeteransToday and Infowars, and even collectivist fear-porn based sites like the DailyStormer and BareNakedIslam. I'll talk about the last 2 later in this article.

There's a response to a PropOrNot reference video:
HomeNews ‘We were playing with them’: RT exposes pro-Trump Kremlin trolls on Samantha Bee as hoaxers .
I don't intend to say that there is no Russian propaganda or trolls going around, though I definitely will say that I'm not sure if reporting early on the truth about Benghazi (compare to ) is propoganda.

It seems like that all it takes for a site to be listed as "Russian propaganda" is to have any sort of support for Trump, which many of the sites that I know in the list have.

Not to mention how I also remember CNN talking about "fake news" this past week.

I wonder when they'll talk about U.S. government propaganda:

Back to PropOrNot, they think that BBC is credible:

But wait, there's more! I guarantee you that there is no way that they'll talk about the influence of the Military Industrial Complex on the mainstream media;

I got the above image credit of Fair use while crediting the source is reserved.

Let alone AIPAC's or the CIA's influence on the mainstream media:

James Corbett's response to the site (I was going to mention that I have found none of the supposed writers' identities yet, but Corbett pretty much does that for me):

But the kicker here is that, if these sites are supposedly so pro-Russia, then why is it that only RT (and maybe Sputnik) get major funding? If these sites were true propaganda sites, then they would be getting major money.

And speaking of money, here's the official story on why Google started to stop giving advertising money to alternate media sites and some YouTube channels: 

This also reminds me of how groups such as the SPLC and ADL tries to defame activists and other dissidents, but kill their own credibility. I've been able to assemble an entire playlist about this (only the 1st 24 videos below are relevant).

And do you want some more alternate media sites? I've already done that!:

Don't like the mainstream media? Here's some alternate media sites that I would reccomend.

I'm going to link this article on Reddit, and I hope that this blog makes it on the list!

So what do you think of this article and PropOrNot? Please tell us in the comments section!

My personal opinion on grouping in these alt-media sites with BareNakedIslam (BNI) and the DailyStormer (DS).

Both BNI and the DS would probably hate each other's guts with the former being strongly pro-Israel (I wonder if it's actually some Zionist operation that puts attention on Muslims to take attention off of the Israeli government), and the latter being fiercely anti-Jewish. The way I see it, both sides use dehumanising fear porn to get attention, and are right wing horseshoes of each other much like Social Justice Warriors and Neo-Nazis are left vs right.

Skip to 34:32 for the video below.

Skip to 8:48 for the video below. If we hate each other more, we'll do less against the system.

As for DS, it denounces people such as Ryan Dawson and Michael Rivero for failing to love Hitler (, a clear false ditchotomy fallacy. For more information, I'll redirect you to
And here's some exposure about Andrew Anglin:

Here's a sample of Anglin's fallacies;

I personally think that, much like Alex Jones, VeteransToday and other mainstream conspiracy people had made 9/11 a tar baby topic and how Neo-Nazis really helped make issues such as holocaust revisionism and more importantly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a super tar baby issue, BNI, Walid Shoebat and other hardcore right-wing anti-Muslim people had made it hard to criticise Islam, and especially with fear porn drawing in more people, rational and credible critics without a hyper political agenda, people such as IntrovertedSmiles have a hard time getting through to people who, while they do not like or support Islam, do not hate Muslims either.

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