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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The broken/convoluted uses & definitions of "racist"

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Part 1.
Before we begin, let me tell you something; I am, by no means, a hateful or discriminatory person. I may know that there differences in particular biological groups in human beings, yet I do NOT hate or discriminate. Also, I do not really think that one race is totally superior to another; one may be "superior" in certain aspects while others in different aspects, but never overall superior, ideologically, socially, or morally/ethically.
And I will not talk about I.Q. scores, because not only is there a debate about race and I.Q. scores, but also, there is a debate on rather or not I.Q. is even a legitimate way to measure intelligence. I plan to make articles about not only the Pro's and Con's of diversity but also critique to rather or not there is a true "master race" and my opinion on accepting people as they are as long as they respect the rights of others.

(I agree with most of this guy's views, but not his views on unions, for reasons explained on a video called "Big Media Blindspot: Blue-Collar Blues".)

The way many Americans view and even define racism is often twisted and, I guess you can say FUBAR (which is military slang that stands for "fouled/f*** up beyond all recognition/reason/repair". And I am NOT saying this as in "flawed but all right"). 

From what I have seen, there are fringe elements from the the left and right; both often point fingers at each other. Both want to accuse the other side of being more racist, and often skim over, downplay, and/or even flat out ignore racism from their own side (I will not even show you everything by myself; look at both sides and think about it yourself). Both sides often base their accusations off of mainstream media propaganda, and the polarized left/right paradigm that many Americans have brought into stacked on top of the dismal understanding of history. Well, I'll give you a few examples where both liberals and conservatives need to find out how to expel true racists from their group.

Part 2.
For conservatives; I know that a good amount of you who are reading this are not racists to the point that you would turn someone down or otherwise discriminate against them simply for their race. But, how about what their wearing, rather it be a Kufi or hijab (believe it or not, some Orthodox Christians wear hijabs, and there are Jewish sects who wear burqas, NOT that I advocate hijab or want people to wear face coverings in public)? 

A lot of self identified conservatives, unfortunately, dislike Muslims to the point where they would discriminate against them when they have not committed a crime yet. But, this does not end here; there are conservatives who ABSOLUTELY hate the guts of Muslims and Arabs (ESPECIALLY Palestinians), and treat Islam, Muslims, Palestine, Palestinian people and the Hamas government (and maybe ISIS) as one element. For some proof, go on the internet and look in the comments section of any political Israel-related content, like this for example. Many of these people have no clue that Arabs and Muslims who support Israel (and that there are Muslims who acted good to Jews and Christians, and are not like Islamofacist lowlife scum like what ISIS or the Taliban has or whatever is in that case. Plus, not all Muslims share that many beliefs or have a similar mentality. I've addressed similar issues here, and StormCloudsGathering has touched upon a similar, related problem here), and that Jews are not perfect.

I know that a lot of stereotypical Christian-conservatives are going to say "How dare you love and support goatf***ing rag headed satanic-pedophile worshiping sand monkeys over god's chosen people!? (whew)".
I never said that I liked Jews any more or any less than Muslims; I am just saying that they are human, and I view them as that. Rather or not you agree with that, one thing is for sure; Jewish people can be just as loving, caring, and kind as Muslims or Arabs can be, but at the same time, can be every bit as hateful, heartless and cruel as Arabs or Muslims can be. Just becuase a particular group of people does not seem innocent to me and/or I disagree with the way they do things does not mean that I'll directly hate them.

Though I don't totally agree with what he says, for reasons explained below (not that it's a big issue for me);

Jews are every bit as capable to steal without proper justification (ie survival/emergency), damage things when not necessary, rape, kill outside of defense of self and/or others and so on as any other group in the human species can. This is a fact of life; they are like everyone else, and like the rest of the human species, lack genes that create perfect humans. I have nothing against the entire Jewish people, even though i disagree with some of the things they often do, their beliefs, and even if I hate individuals, I do not hate entire groups. I even have at least 1 Jewish friend/ally on Pinterest, and support Jewish groups such as the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (, Orthodox Jews united against Zionism (, True Torah Jews (, Jews against Islamophobia (, and even Jews against circumcision ( 
Of course, I'll try NOT to contradict myself; 

Oh, and do not forget how many lies were made against Muslims (the answer; hundreds as seen in the link).

Part 3. For Liberals; I have not seen too many racist liberals (with a few interesting exceptions, that you can look up for yourself), but will tell you that there are "liberals" who may discriminate against whites, including downplaying crimes against people with light skin.

 In my view, it is WRONG to discriminate against any race as a whole, and is just as wrong as vise versa. Along with this, a few Obama supporters even call people "racist" for disliking or disagreeing with Obama, which is just like calling people who, say, dislike someone such as, say, Jefferson Davis for example is a racist.

Not to mention the blatant political correctness that American "liberals" have for Muslims, (illegal) immigrants, and, while I'm reluctant to say this, black (and, to an extent, Latino) people (or ANYONE else for that matter). I am for treating EVERYONE EQUALLY, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, color, ethnicity, or other characteristics, and giving people special exceptions for things such as ethnicity or beliefs, and/or stereotyping is just plain wrong. Sure, I may disagree with certain cultures and the mindset with certain groups, but I am not a huff-puff hater about it.

Part 4.
I will definitely say that there is irrefutable evidence that people from both sides has used race in some way, shape, or form (essentially as a tool and/or asset) to further their agenda. This is just ONE of the things that bothers me about American liberals and conservatives.

And unfortunately, everyone is slightly racist, but fortunately, not to a point that I consider dangerous.

Are you part of any of these 2 groups? Then go and call out those who ruin your image!

I'll mention that people can accuse me of being racist becuase I have used shady characters (such as David Duke) as sources, rather or not I agree with their political views. Then again, I have to expect that as that I kind've invited the question of "Hey, are you a racist or what?", just like if I wore a tutu in public and have people asking me rather or not I'm a ballerina.

In short, let's say that I'm a law enforcement/security officer, would I care if an individual is wearing a 3 piece suit, tie, a hat and has Payots (curled hair), or wearing a white Thawb and Keffiyeh or Kufi, or a tank top and torn jeans, or suit and tie minus the hat and Payor punched someone for no good reason? Probably not enough that I won't arrest them.
I hardly care about what they look like alone; what I truly care about is the content of their character (remember Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech). If I arrest someone and they say something like "I am a man/woman of god" or "I'm part of god's chosen people and thus I'm above human law", then I'll probably say something along the lines of "My job is to enforce human law in my jurisdiction (law enforcement)/establishment rules (security), not (insert deity name here)'s law. Tell what you just told me to the judge".

Kind've reminds me of what happened when a Chinese mainlander made a claim to a Hong Kong police officer that the former was a communist party official.

I've also seen people, mainly liberals misuse the word "bigot/bigoted/bigotry", even though it, in simple terms, means really hateful and/or intolerant. I have also seen the Southern Poverty Law Center use the word "extremist" a lot, and I feel like that they use it not always becuase it is honest, but rather, because it sounds scary.

There are many variables for the mentality of the people I run into, I’ll mention the consumption of Fluoride, Alcohol and unnecessary drugs and perhaps even mercury and chemicals in vaccines (not that I oppose vaccines entirely, but rather, I want safety and quality stands to improve by removing protections given to the pharmaceutical industry).


Part 5. Going on a tangent (and this is an excerpt from my personal rant), one HUGE pet peeve I have is how much people value human life over things such as faith or how they were killed. For example, I see Christians on Pinterest with the "Christian/Jewish Persecution & News" board, Muslims with the "SUFFERINGS OF THE MUSLIMS!" board (though I'll admit that I am part of the latter), and people saying things like "Stop gun violence" instead of "Stop all violence" or "Black lives matter" (or related sayings, such as "White lives matter", "Red lives matter" (Native American), "Blue lives" (law enforcement, especially police) matter, "Brown lives matter" (Latin American and perhaps middle eastern and North African), "Yellow lives matter" (Asian) and things like that) as opposed to "All lives matter" in general. I hate valuing human life in any way other than what each one does. I simply feel that it is asinine to value lives simply over faith or how it was ended or things like that. This issue is explained on NRA News Commentators Episode 2: Dishonest Solutions and the last paragraph of Zionism, The State of Israel & the Rise of Antisemitism . I mean, guess what? When you take the "gun" out of "gun violence" or "gun death", there is still "violence" and "death". When you take "Christian", "Jewish", "Muslim" or something like that out of "Christian persecution", "Jewish persecution" or "Muslim persecution", you still have "persecution". At least I feel a little relieved when people break away from stereotypes like what you see on and .

A few things that bug me about American culture; .

Links to anti-fascist websites;,,, . Links to anti-racist websites;,,,,,,,, .

And please note that I may not always agree with all of the views of the people running these sites.

Soon, I'll be posting a couple of articles that challenges the practicality/feasibility of race supremacism and the views of race supremacists. So, do you disagree with me? If so, please, go ahead and put me in my place in the comments, just no racist comments or comments that promote hate against groups.

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