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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Securing the future of all people, reducing xenophobia & critiquing fear of Islamic takeover

Long title: Securing the future of caucasian race, critiquing fear of Islamic takeover & combating fascists, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists & xenophobia

Before I get started, let me say this: I am NOT a white supremacist (or even nationalist) and nor do I hate all Muslims. From the nature of this article, I could perfectly understand why, even though I have directly addressed fascists, Neo-Nazis and race supremacists (, and anti-Muslim people ( before. And before you call me a racist, go read

Before you read, as always, remember to QUESTION EVERYTHING, even what I say or write. If you disagree, I have little problem with that. Everything is my personal opinion at the time that the article was posed and is not intended to reflect the opinion of anyone else unless otherwise stated.
While some of these ideas may sound a bit silly, just bear with me, please. And I do NOT hate all poor people; I know that many of us are just a check away from losing a lot of what we now own. Yet it would be extremely irresponsible to have brats and not even raise them correctly. Along with this, I am pretty sure that overpopulation would hurt us a LOT more than nonviolent and non-forced population control.

For some time, white nationalist groups have gotten some power for many reasons. A few catalysts for these are the population decline of caucasians, the population increase of places such as Africa, and non-caucasian immigration into countries with a caucasian majority (look these up yourself). The primary one I'll talk about is the population decline of caucasians, with the African population increase and number of Muslims coming after.

When it comes to the demographics on caucasians, it's not very good; reportedly, countries with what were once white-majority are said to end up with a white minority.
When it comes to the demographics of Africa, the population is shooting up like crazy, despite the fact that people are still, unfortunately, poor (when will the entire human species use common sense?)
When it comes to the demographics of Muslims, well, it's scary;
While I won't deny the Muslim population increase, look up the words "Islam dying", which does ease the scariness of Muslim supremacy on Earth (and may make antithesist and anti-Islam people alike happy). If push came to shove, we might have to put Muslim immigration on hold, slow down and reduce births and maybe slow down conversion, though hopefully we won't have to do that.

Here is my idea of how to secure the future of the caucasian race, and at the same time, take out a catalyst for xenophobia in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand nonviolently; in poor places where the population is growing faster than it can support it, encourage people to practice abstinence if possible, though definitely also use birth control and contraceptives to slow down population growth. If this isn't enough, try other techniques such as rewarded/paid tube-tying and vasectomies and things like that. I would exclude minority groups and target large groups at first (I don't want groups who already have only a few members to become extinct). At the same time, in places where the population is too low, birth rates are too slow or a particular group of people is too few in number, encourage them to have kids. Though we better be careful.

Now, I'd like to mention that I wanted to have my STOP HAVING KIDS!!! Adopt instead! translated into languages spoken in poor countries. But the creation of my article (which essentially combines the videos) it is slow, not only becuase of time constrictions but also, I am not sure if I would be able to reach enough people, and besides, why do poor people have so many kids? What happened to their decision making? It probably went to schmit.

Do you agree? Disagree? Any ideas, questions, concerns comments or anything in that matter? Leave it in the comments! I love getting feedback from viewers, and I want to learn about new ideas.
Though if I make anyone mad, offend anyone, lose readers or anything in that matter, I understand.

Extra: there are a few articles out there that says that Africa is underpopulated, and thus, needs more people to make their economy better. I feel that perhaps we should set up a population distribution system in Africa to allow people in areas with a high population density to move to underpopulated areas. At the same time, somehow get financial institutions to stop ripping off Africa, set up better education systems, and perhaps even look into re-dividing Africa so people wouldn't be fighting so much. My logic is that if you know someone who's incompatible with you, just don't hang out with them. The state shouldn't be needed to intervene.

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