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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The European migrant & immigration crisis: my $0.02

I suggest reading Immigration; what I think. By the way, be sure to watch How to Solve the European Migrant Crisis in 5 Steps .
Did anyone notice the fact that nobody is talking about how not only the gulf states not accepting many refugees but also western governments have been destabilizing middle eastern governments on purpose?

First, helping people in poor countries; we simply cannot let in so many immigrants that the system crashes nor should we forcibly deport many people; we must find a balance. With this, I may be more okay with immigration if NOT so much welfare is given to people who come to other countries illegally and/or people who do not make a serious effort to find a good job(s) (and I have no problem with deporting criminals, troublemakers and those who abuse the system). Also, we could at least help people in other countries by sending foreign aid. I have thought about sending in troops to protect them or even training and, to an extent, arming them, though I myself question how good this would be in the long run and thus currently won't advocate it. Even if it may not be enough, it is better than nothing.
Not to mention how bad dependency could be during a crisis.

About having the gulf states take in refugees; I am suggesting looking into this, not only to keep Europe stable, but also, so these people would still hang around others who share languages, religion (for the most part) and at least to an extent, culture. I'm sure that if these people were still able to live somewhere with a familiar language, religion and culture. If I had my way, I may send Sunnis to the gulf states, Shiites/Shias to Iran, and others (such as Christians) to Europe until the violence in Syria winds down. Though it would be hard to send them back once they're comfortable in the countries that they move to, and understandably so.

About western governments destabilizing middle eastern governments; this is bad in the long run. If you think a secular dictatorship is bad enough, wait until you see an Islamic theocracy.

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