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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Are all Muslims evil or dangerous?

BEFORE YOU REPLY, READ THE ENTIRE POST. WHEN YOU DO COMMENT, THINK YOUR COMMENT OVER MULTIPLE TIMES BEFORE YOU DROP A COMMENT. No, I am NOT a Muslim, or middle eastern person (I am religiously atheist-agnostic (in simple terms, means that while I don’t believe in a higher being, that belief is not particularly strong). NO, I am not trying to say that Muslims or Islam are a race; it's asinine to outright untrue). I also know that people are going to get mad at me for doing this. If you disagree, state your REASON(S) in the comments (accusations or directly attacking me won't cut it). No, I will NOT defend Islam or any other belief system as a religion, nor will I object to criticism of people as long as that criticism is backed with solid facts (I won't object to criticism of ideologies). But direct hate against people is a problem.
Some recommended (but not required) reading (not that I will perfectly agree with it);

Think that ALL Muslims should be punished, or that all are evil? Well, did you know that you could be literally playing into the hands of our common enemy? As explained in a video called "Motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris", you might be doing the terrorist's dirty work. While terrorism may seem counterproductive at first, in reality, the long term, indirect psychological effects are more important than the immediate direct consequences. Basically, tensions between Muslim minorities & Europeans is what they require (& probably want). Soon after a group gets persecuted, that group would be isolated from the rest of society. Over time, isolation will force that group over time to unite among their own kind, which is the opposite of (voluntary) integration into the rest of society. Over time, this isolated group will radicalize, as their ideology would become the pillar of strength and unity. Historically, this is how persecuted & oppressed groups radicalize. So basically, this will bring more sympathisers, & think of this as the terrorist's long term recruitment program. I had to say this simply becuase I know that many audience members wouldn't be touched by morals or ethics except when it provides a significant benefit to them.

Believe it or not that there has been instances where Muslims have actually helped outsiders (like as you see below, not to mention things such as the Kurds fighting ISIS or how the Muslim brotherhood ruled Egypt for only about a year before being overthrown), & there are muslims in the military fighting, & sometimes, dying becuase they care for countries like America. Members of the target audience of this article is a reason why Michael Whaley left the "All lives matter" movement (as said in a video called "All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter EXPOSED", which made me lose my support for All lives matter). And many in this article's target audience seem to think that it is okay to kill children & elders, seeing those they hate perhaps little more than prey animals. I find it absolutely despicable that those who want to play as sheepdogs (protectors) are actually playing as wolves (attackers), & the often outright hypocritical views on morality & ethics (as in they only seem to care if it significantly benefits them &/or those they like).

This is an excerpt from "Muslims Are Good Folks" from PrisonPlanet (though I have no intention of protecting ideology: only stopping hate from turning violent).
"Islam is not a religion with a hierarchy such as the Roman Catholic Church. In that respect, Muslims are much like Southern Baptists, only more so. Any group of Muslims can build a mosque and hire themselves an imam, or teacher. They are independent. There is no Muslim pope or College of Cardinals. There are no bishops. When an imam somewhere issues a fatwa, which is a sort of formal opinion on a subject, it is not binding. Like Protestant Christians, Muslims interpret their holy writings themselves and consider themselves answerable directly to God – or, to use the Arabic word, Allah.Most of the disputes in the Middle East are secular and political. Hamas’ quarrel with Israelis is not about the fact that they are Jews but about the fact that they occupy Palestine. The objections some Muslims have to Western culture are the same as those some Christians have. They don’t like the violence, the immorality, the pornography and the greed. The conflict one sees between the religious and the secular in some Muslim countries is similar to the conflict in this country between religious and secular folks.There are 6 million or 7 million American citizens who are Muslims. Muslims have been in this country since the late 19th century. If you don’t already, you should make an effort to get to know Muslims. You’ll find that they don’t fit the stereotypes created by mean-spirited propaganda or superficial news coverage."

Do not forget how, before the British left, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in places such as Palestine/Israel, Pakistan/India/Bangladesh wasn't all that bad compared to after the British left when social crap hit the fan (and you should know what happened next). While there were instances where there were unnecessary violence, I don't think we had big Islamist groups or social movements before the creation of al-Qaeda.

Along with cultural factors and sheer population numbers, this is a huge explanation on why Sunni Muslim behavior is so varied. So this is why extremely loving & caring people believe in an ideology similar to that of some of the most violent, hateful scumbags in today's world. There are so many ideologies within the ideology that you can lookup for yourself, similar in the case of non-Catholic Christians.

When it comes to Radical Islam, is it a dangerous ideology? Hell yes! But how did it begin? As you can research for yourself, it didn't really come up naturally, but rather, it was created by INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES: CIA (Corporate States of America), MI6 (United Kingdom), Mossad (Israel), General Intelligence Directorate (Saudi Arabia). Don't simply take my word for it when you can do research.

Can it take over the world? I doubt it. It would cause some damage, but look at the numbers: ISIL/al-Qaeda, & the Taliban, the 2 biggest, most militarily powerful groups. There's quite a few others, but they're smaller & probably aren't as capable of taking over the west, let alone the world. Now, let's add up the numbers of some of the bigger ones (credit of Wikipedia), ISIL (257,900 tops), al-Qaeda (27,315+), Taliban (60,000, 2014 estimate), Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (25,000), Haqqani network (15,000 tops), Islamic Front (Syria) (70,000),Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union (15,00), Army of Mujahedeen (about 12,000), Alwiya al-Furqan (2,000). 

The grand number is: 396,900. Is it a huge number? YES! 
But, there's a catch: not only are some fighting each other (the Taliban is being attacked by ISIS & ISIS is fighting its own parent, al-Qaeda), but also, they are badly outnumbered by Western gun owners. According to GunPolicy, as of 2014, there are 1,989,181 LICENCED firearm owners in Canada, more than 3 times times the number of the members of groups I described. In Germany, there are 2,000,000. Even in the United Kingdom, with very strict weapon laws against civilians, there are 842,665 licenced firearm owners. U.S.A.? Whoo wee, we got firepower!!! And this goes on, & on. Now, this is not counting unlicensed or illegal firearm owners, or those who own exempted weapons such as antiques. So it is highly doubtful that enough trash bags who are willing to do things physically can be gathered up to take over the world.

Now, let's look at history & compare it to what you wish to do. From 623–1050s, Muslims have conquered Asia, north Africa & part of Spain & Portugal. And they taxed people who didn't practice their faith. Was it wrong? Yes. And now, becuase of a number of lowlives are killing people who's beliefs are too different, you want to punish the group they are associated with, by, well, killing people who's beliefs are too different. You are, literally, little to no better than the Nazis, & in some ways, worse becuase you are targeting a whole group when only a fraction has commited real crimes, let alone those that would justify capital punishment. How hypocritical is that? Being a greater evil in history (Islamic conquest is NOT a necessary evil at all). Not to mention how there are examples in history where non-Muslims have also been, at least at times, about as mud low as militant Islamists, like the Contras in Latin America during the latter half of the 20th century, or Latin American drug cartels today. They in themselves were quite bad, killed a bunch of people, cut off heads, amputated body parts, etc. But they didn't have the internet to show everyone else what they have done.Anyway, do the Contras or drug cartels represent Catholics? Well, decide for yourself. I don't think so. I see a similar case with Jewish people, as that just becuase some international banker, influential lobby or other powerful bigshots are Jewish doesn't mean that all Jewish people are like that. In fact, there are many Jews who have little to nothing to do with the types I described, & even quite a handful who oppose the New World Order.
Now, while I won't deny that Islam and Islamists won't get their 15 minutes under the sun, I have high doubts that they will ever win. You don't have to be religious to think so: lookup for yourself how Islam is dying. And, if that isn't enough to comfort you, then read an article called "5 Reasons Globalism Will Fail". If it is questionable that the powers that be can keep the New World Order running, how likely is it that a number of Islamists could establish a global caliphate, especially if there are even Muslims who oppose them (for example, in Egypt, the Muslim brotherhood was in power for like only a year & they were overthrown).
Don't want more enemies? Then give reasonable respect to people who have not commited real crimes.

By the way, I highly reccomend listening to, which talks about the modern anti Islam lobby.

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