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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top 4 countries to found my micronation in, plus issued firearms for those micronations

I'd like to start a micronation when I get older, with its own constitution. There are going to be quite a few factors as to why I made my choice, which will be covered as we go down.

Before we get into this, I am NOT calling to overthrow any of the governments of these nations. Just becuase a micronation would have its own milita doesn't mean that we'll act violent outside of the defense of ourselves or innocent civilians (sorry other militas and other armed groups; we probably wouldn't support you).

#4: United States of America, specifically in the rural west (especially Texas).
The good: which gives a micronation located here the most firepower, already large population, lots of space, and a standing on weapon rights that is pretty much the best among 1st world nations (though not as good as, say, Pakistan. I agree with many parts such as background checks, even though there is plenty of room for improvement, along with the NFA and 922r regulations).

The bad: the federal government is corrupt beyond all repair, a dumbed-down and socio-politically divided populace (which is not good), not safe from a world war and will be hit very hard from an economic crisis, not to mention a rather challenging citizenship/permanent resident gaining policy.

Issue firearms: Glock 20 , ARAK-21/31 with Hanuman bullpup stock, Barrett M107, semi-automatic PKM, semi-automatic M2 Browning, various machine guns we could get, Anzio 20mm rifle, various rocket and grenade launchers (the last 4 are all NFA items, and the latter 2 are especially restricted).
Guns for prohibited persons who didn't commit a serious crime: various antiques, Colt 1858 revolver (both handgun and rifle) reproductions, 20-gauge double barrel, 75 caliber blunderbuss, .54 caliber Sharps rifle reproduction, air pistols such as the Umarex Desert Eagle, Evanix full-auto air guns such as the Umarex Steel Force and Air Ordnance SMG-22, big-bore air rifles such as the AirForce Texas, among other makes and models, such as like what you could find on
Some videos to explain what I'm talking about for the latter: Gun Gripes Episode 70: Convicted Felons and GunsGun Rights & Scarlet Letters (Keeping Guns From Felons)Firearms & Felons, Pt. IIConvicted Felons & The 2nd Amendment (repost)The Young Turks Misfire on Guns.
So as a result, not very surprisingly, we would have the most firepower in the list, almost arguably exceeding Uruguay becuase there are less caliber restrictions (at the cost of restrictions on full-auto's).

#3: Australia, specifically in the outback of Queensland or somewhere in the mountains.
The good: lowest overall homicide rate on this list, PLENTY of space, particularly in the outback, especially when the aren't so many people around, firearm licenses are "shall-issue", and certain antiques aren't regulated. Immigration laws aren't that tight from what I know
The bad: rather tough weapon and even body armor laws, especially with the transport and storage of all live firearms and the storage of certain categories of deactivated firearms (D, H, and R at least, not that it would be required to own them), and the strictest arms and armor laws on the list.
Issued firearms:
Various antiques for those without permits.
Category A: Adler A-110, perhaps the Chiappa Triple-magnum as well. For small pest control, the Henry Octagon is recommended.
Category B: Remington 7615 (main battle rifle), Mossberg MVP Tactical .308 ("scout" rifle), Barrett MRAD in .338 Lapua (sniper and light anti-material rifle), Weatherby Mk 5 in .460 Weatherby (substitute anti-material rifle, as that rifles chambered for .50 BMG are category "R" and functional ones can't be held by civilians).
Category C: whatever shotguns collectors can get ahold of, .22 magnum variants of the Ruger 10/22, Benelli M3, Fostech Origin 12.
Category D: ARAK-31 with custom Head Down lower (recommended, going to be rare due to the fact that there are relatively few Category "D" license holders in Australia).
Category H: Glock 20.
If possible, we would get 20 round PMAG's, put -10 round limiters in them to make them civilian legal for Queensland and keep +5 round extensions with us but not insert them until necessary.
So as you can see, we would have some of the least firepower out of all of these countries.

#2: Canada, particularly rural British Columbia.
The good: 2nd lowest overall homicide rate on this list, quite open immigration policy, not that bad of a standing on weapon rights, and the Cascadian independence movement may help us.
The bad: doesn't have that good of a standing on weapon rights (particularly on the transportation of certain classes and especially when it comes to PAL holders' homes being searched), and armed security is regulated a little tightly (

Issue firearms:
Unregulated: various single-shot muzzleloading flintlock blunderbusses, Traditions Sidelock, Pedersoli 75 caliber musket, Crosman M4-177 downgraded to 495 fps, Air Arms S410F Carbine Super-Lite .22 Cal, Evanix semi-auto rifles, Umarex Desert Eagle, Umarex Steel Force, whatever break-action .177 and .22 calber spring rifles we can get ahold of (for conversion to black powder), whatever pistols we can find on
Non-restricted: Tavor, Robinson XCR-M, GM6 Lynx, semi-automatic MG42, KelTec KSG.
Restricted: Glock 20, KelTec PLR-16.
So as you can see, we have a moderate amount of firepower as far as this list goes, expected of a land that borders gun nut central of the so-called "free-world".

The last, but definitely not the least,
#1: Uruguay.
The good: it has an easy immigration policyis a bit safe from western economic troubles, little corruption, an actually pretty good human rights record, which isn't surprising considering that, at least presumably, machine guns up to a certain caliber are civilian-legal and has the 9th or 8th highest per-capita gun ownership rate, albeit many are illegal according to
The bad: not a whole lot I would really think of, except for having the highest homicide rate on this list (at about 7.9), along with somewhat unclear weapon licensing regulations (I didn't get my hands on too much info), caliber of rifles (and to a short extent, pistols) are actually quite limited (go down to "Gun Regulation" and then "Restricted Firearms And Ammunition"), and it is uncertain rather weapon permits are "may-issue" or "shall-issue" (which is not surprising for 3rd-world countries as that their governments may not always be clear about this type of stuff). If it's "may-issue" both by law and in practice, unless we can get ways to make the authorities issue weapon permits to civilians who fits all of the on-paper requirements, we have a bit of an issue. But if it is at least de-facto shall-issue, then we shouldn't have too much of a problem.

Issue firearms: FN Minimi (main machine gun), ARAK-21, AR-10 re chambered for .243 Winchester (both service rifles), Blaser R8 in 6.5x68mm (sniper rifle), MP7, Modern Sub Machine Carbine (service machine pistols). We could also probably get out hands on the Kel-Tec KSG, AA-12 (if we could have someone buy the manufacturing rights and make it) and Fostech-Origin 12 (all would be service shotguns).

 As you can see, while a micronation located in Uruguay would have an enormous sacrifice is stropping power, it would also have an enormous gain in rate-of-fire, which would hopefully allow us to fight our way to weapons that launch projectiles with a little more "umph" behind them (that part was a reference to

If you were to start your own micronation, which country(s) would you found it in, and why? Any questions, concerns, suggestions or advice? Please leave your comments below!

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